Profit With Jack Scam – It’s 100% Scam!

Today I’m taking a look at Profit With Jack which is a relatively new system claiming it can help you make money. I’ve been checking it out and the signs are not good, in fact I’m branding Profit With Jack a scam and if you keep reading below I’ll explain why I’ve come to that conclusion.

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Profit With Jack – A REAL Scam

After taking a closer look at the Profit With Jack system it’s clear to me that it’s another scam. The website has all the signs of a scam as they have fake endorsements on it but really that’s not the reason I came to the conclusion. The real reason I came to the scam conclusion is that the whole Profit With Jack system is just outdated. The guys behind this system will know that what they are selling does not really work, however it comes across as genuine to a complete newbie.

The sales video talks about how you need a website and they will give you a profitable website, and their up-sell videos offer services that are simply years out of date. 1 of their up-sells offered after you purchase their initial product offers submission to search engines so that you can get more exposure for your website. This was an old scam from years ago where your website would be submitted to 100’s of search engines which would help you get more traffic. Let me ask you something, how did you find my website? I’m guessing it was probably via Google. Maybe you found me via Yahoo or Bing but 95% of people come via Google and certainly nobody comes from any other sources apart from social media, so submitting to “100’s of search engines” is just a complete scam. They charge $97 for this service and it won’t help you one bit.

All in all after taking a closer look I believe that the whole system is outdated and won’t really help you make money. The creators of this system make their money selling you this system and also they probably promote other peoples products as affiliates but they certainly don’t make their cash actually USING their system and for that reason and the fact the product in general is outdated my verdict is that Profit With Jack is a scam.

My Conclusion – Avoid Profit With Jack

Profit With Jack won’t help you make a penny and if you get sucked into the crappy up-sells you’ll lose even more money.

There are good systems out there but Profit With Jack is not one of them.

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Ps.. Other similar scams are Click Money System and Profits Eternity.

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