Profit With Us Scam – Avoid This Scam!

Profit With Us is a brand new website I have just heard about and I’m here to tell you it’s a huge scam. Don’t waste your time or money on this scam, instead you can read this post where I am sharing all the details on why you need to stay away from Profit With Us.

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Profit With Us – ‘Scam’ Overview

So what exactly is Profit With Us all about and why am I calling it out as a scam? The reason is actually pretty simple. The Profit With Us website is your typical scam that offers zero value to you but will happily take as much money as you let it. This scam starts off with you visiting their website and watching the video talking about how much money you can make. They make some very bold claims. After taking a closer look I soon realised that I had seen the video before. This is in fact not a new scam, it’s essentially just been rehashed.

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If you take a look at the screenshot I have posted above you’ll see a video which looks like a news video. It talks about how people are making money working from home and how you can get started. This video has been used on a number of websites in the past, and is not new. The Profit With Us website is the only “new” thing about the whole scam. It’s really quite similar to others I have exposed recently like Complete Profit Code.

How Does Profit With Us Work?

So perhaps you are wondering how the Complete Profit Code works, or a better question, how DOESN’T it work? Chances are you heard about this scam from an email. Email marketing is a great thing however many of the scammers use it to spread their scams. Really what they are doing is not email marketing but actually email spam. They will spam your inbox with emails promoting their systems and also they will get their affiliate partners to do the same. This is usually how these kind of scams spread and is most likely the most popular method of spreading the Profit With Us scam website. Once you click on the link in the email you’ll end up on their website where you can start watching the video.

To learn more about need to enter your details which include name, email and phone number (although the phone number part is optional). The reason they do this is so that they can follow up with you via email and also sell you more products and services. Once again there is nothing wrong with doing this, many legitimate businesses (myself included) collect peoples name and email addresses in order to share more information. For example when you get on my email list I share my no.1 recommendation with my subscribers and also email new reviews and scam updates to warn my subscribers about new scams.

After you enter your details on the Profit With Us website you’ll be forwarded to another page where you can watch a longer video. The video will look like this:

Profit With Us Scam - Avoid This Scam! 13

The guy in this video has appeared in other videos. Chances are he is a paid actor who has been hired for this video. He’s appeared in another similar video for a website called Cash With Matt. I can’t give you proof he is a paid actor, maybe he is the real owner behind the website but in my experience I doubt it.

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According to their checkout when you purchase Profit With Us it will cost you $97 and then you will get a “Done For You Income System” and you will get personalised help and support. You even get access to a one on one mentor and a 30 day money back guarantee or “satisfaction guarantee” as they call it.

Profit With Us = Mobe

After looking into this website it has become clear to me that this is another system promoting Mobe. Mobe is a business opportunity created by Matt Lloyd. I put together a full review of Mobe here in case you are interested to learn more. I am not going to go into the details about Mobe, however I do not recommend them as a company and here are the reasons why:

  • I feel there are better alternatives out there (see my no.1 system below)
  • Expensive and requires 5-figure investment
  • MLM (I am not a big fan of MLM companies)

Those are my honest views and my opinion. If you want to learn more about Mobe just hit that link above and you can read the full review where I share more about the company, what they offer, who the creator Matt Lloyd is and why I don’t recommend them. By the way I don’t believe Mobe is a scam (even though I am calling Profit With Us a scam). It’s all about how a company is marketed. Websites like Profit With Us essentially tell complete lies in order to sell you Mobe which is why I expose these websites.

Profit With Us – Conclusion

Obviously I am not going to recommend this system.

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