Profits Passport Review: Is David Dekel Legit?

Welcome to my review of Profits Passport (found at

It is a new make-money-from-home system that comes with many unrealistic-sounding promises.

For example, you are promised that you can easily make more than $30,000 USD if you join it without having any prior experience.

If you would like to learn how Profits Passport REALLY works and its pros and cons, you have landed on the right page.

I have comprehensively reviewed the program to provide you with all the details you need to decide whether it is right for you.

Before I start…

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Profits Passport Review 2023

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Introduction to Profits Passport

Profits Passport is a new marketing funnel system launched by David Dekel that requires no experience and expertise to start you off on a journey to making money online. It works in a straight-forward and hassle-free way.

Profits Passport

The creator of the program purportedly does all the work for you. All you get to do is pocket the commissions.

Once you sign up for the program, you are allegedly going to be shown how to start receiving $2,000 cash payments straight to your mailbox.

In addition to that, the program is then supposed to show you how to make up to $16,500 in extra commissions on auto-pilot.

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Who Is the Creator of Profits Passport?

Profits Passport is designed by David Dekel.

The program comes with a short introductory presentation where you get to see David Dekel explaining how the system works.

He tries to persuade you to sign up for Profits Passport by making many claims.

For example, he states that the system is already 100% done and fully functional. He says that it is ready to start delivering profits (commissions) as soon as you join it.

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How Does Profits Passport Work?

Profits Passport has an easy-money, done-for-you business model that looks fake.

It is designed for amateur and inexperienced people who are looking for simple ways to make money online using a sales funnel.

Unfortunately, if you fall for the promises, Profits Passport will not help you achieve any real success. It reminds me of Automatic Home Websites and Commission Shortcuts, which also promised the world but failed to deliver on their promises.

They essentially are affiliate marketing schemes but often are filled with up-sells and even MLM style structures. Others like wealthy affiliate already have stiff competition.

The Profits Passport website showcases a bunch of fake benefits. The most prominent one is that the program is Complete and 100% done for you and it can help you Earn MULTIPLE Commission Checks. A good example is this claim that I grabbed from the webinar page:

“This system is unique because I DO THE WORK… while YOU get to keep all the commissions… (just like all the members you see below)

There is nothing complicated or technical for you to do, if you can copy and paste and click a few buttons you should be good to go…

I give you the exact ads to use, show you were to get traffic and heck… you even get some free traffic to get you going fast… yes… you can even do this with free traffic.”

He promises to show you how to get going and use free traffic to earn all those commissions. He doesn’t explain how you will accomplish that.

In addition to that, David Dekel also mentions that the system is Easy Peasy and that no “fancy” internet marketing, tech skills or previous experience are required to follow his strategy. You are supposed to earn HUGE commissions without exerting any effort.

If you buy into those fake claims, you will be asked to subscribe to the program by providing your email address. Once you have shared your email address, David Dekel sends you an email full of vague promises.

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How to join Profits Passport

If you want to join Profits Passport, you have to follow a series of steps to get to the program. The first step is to get to the page that has a header that reads, “SECRET SYSTEM: Discover How To Make $2,000… $4,000… and $6,000 Commissions With 100% Free Traffic.”

Click on the “Yes! I Do! button and you will go to step 2.

Profit Passport

Step 2 involves providing your email address where they send instructions on how to get started.

Profits Passport

Once you have received the email, you will find yourself on another sales page that is full of testimonials of people who claim to have used Profits Passport to attain financial freedom.

Profits Passport

There’s a video of David Dekel talking about the program and the benefits that you may get if you sign up for it.

Since I accessed this page in January 2023, you’ll notice that there’s a statement at the top indicating that the page will expire on Thursday January 19. I don’t think that’s true and it could have just been placed there to give me a sense of urgency.

I don’t think the opportunity to join David Dekel’s Profits Passport will vanish as indicated. This strategy is quite common with “make money online” programs and I often find it disingenuous.

After this page, you get to the webinar page by clicking a big yellow button that says “Get on the webinar.” The webinar page looks like this:

Profits Passport webinar page

And when you click the “Join Now” button, you are finally taken to the sales page:

Profits Passport sales page

On this sales page, there are more details about the program. For example, David Dekel has listed the bonuses you get from the program when you sign up for it:

  • BONUS #2 – FREE $2,000 LEVEL “BUMP”
  • BONUS #4 – Use My YouTube Videos
  • BONUS #5 – Use My TikTok Videos…
  • BONUS #6 – I Hook Up YOUR Buyers With MY Bonuses
  • BONUS #7 – 5 Night “Couples Getaway” Luxurious Hotel Stay In World Famous Cancun, Mexico!

Then, there’s the “create an account” page that you get to after that:

Profits Passport login page

Once you sign up, you will get to the dashboard.

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What is included in the Profits Passport Members Area?

The members’ area looks like this:

Profits Passport member area

You also get your affiliate link:

Profits Passport Affiliate Link

There are different levels and each has a fee. The three levels are:

Economy Class

Here you pay $2,750 ($2,000 + $750) and you get the following benefits:

Economy Class

Business class

In business class, you have to pay $5,000 total for the following benefits:

Business Class

First Class

First class is the most expensive one and you get the following for $7,250:

First Class

This is essentially an affiliate marketing campaign where you promote David Dekel’s Profits Passport program on social media and other avenues.

There is an emphasis to promote the program on Facebook and YouTube. Therefore, you have to create accounts on both platforms.

David provides you with video tutorials on how to promote a program on Facebook and YouTube and you get those when you sign up for the program. You also get YouTube sales videos you can use as examples.

You even get a Facebook Cover to use:

Cover Photo

And an example of the typical post you will be using to promote the program:

Social Post example

The challenge that comes with promoting anything on social media is that you will face stiff competition particularly from people who are already established and have a base.

Making money off of these will take a lot of dedication and you have to be patient to ever get there.

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Profits Passport Reviews

On the webinar page, there are a bunch of reviews from David Dekel’s clients who claim to have benefited immensely from his program:

There’s this one by a guy called Paolo who claims to have used the power of David’s system to start getting non-stop $2,000 commissions and other income stream commissions to earn enough money to buy a new Range Rover.

Profits Passport review

Here is another user who claims to make $4,000 a day with the Profits Passport system:

Profits Passport review

And another of someone who made $11k in their first three weeks:

Profits Passport review

There are many other testimonials like these and you get the impression that they are not particularly genuine. Why? There are no negative or passive reviews.

Granted that David Dekel would probably not share negative reviews on his sales page, it is strange that all of them are over-the-top positive.

There is a caveat to all this and it is neatly hidden away in the earnings/income disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page. Part of it reads:

“Any proof of income and/or results and/or success stories displayed on this site are not typical and are not to be interpreted as income guarantees.

The average affiliate makes $0 per year and you will likely to make no commissions at all.

This site does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with the website / system, information, tools or strategies.

Testimonials from members that may be provided in emails, videos and other media on the site or media that is sent to you are just examples of what is possible.

Your earning potential will solely depend on your individual effort, skill level, and dedication, commitment and efforts.

The techniques and strategies provided on this website may or may not work for your specific situation and are not to be interpreted as a guarantee or promise of earnings.”

David Dekel admits right there that the average affiliate who joins the Profits Passport program makes $0 per year. That’s concerning and a huge red flag.

It also implies that the testimonials that are shared on the page are not genuine because if they were, the average earnings of clients wouldn’t be zero.

Profits Passport Pros

  • Profits Passport requires no technical experience or expertise.

Profits Passport Cons

There is a lot of unanswered questions about Profits Passport.

For example, David Dekel does not outline the subscription policy succinctly to enable prospective customers to know what they are getting themselves into.

Profits Passport is not a free program. Although David Dekel says that he has already done 100% of the work for you. It is quite evident that he will charge you a fee to become a subscriber of Profits Passport and then use that to pay other subscribers (while keeping some of it to himself, of course).

Is Profits Passport Legit?

Profits Passport is not legit.

Although there are many red flags, I find the promise that it can help you make up to $16,500 in commissions on auto-pilot to be very unrealistic.

Profits Passport falls under the category of fraudulent online money making systems that are designed to swindle people of their money. Most of these systems are usually full of bogus claims. Profits Passport fits the bill perfectly.

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Profits Passport Verdict

Profits Passport is not legit. It is designed to entice you to register for a non-existent “money making” system that does not have any real benefits. Therefore, I would advise you to stay away from it.

But all is not lost because, fortunately, there are online systems that actually deliver on their promise and help you earn a passive income through a diverse range of income streams. I know of one such system that I am willing to let you in on. Keep reading to learn more.

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