Is Project Jacob AI Legit? [Imre Gams]

Imre Gams is a currency trader and over the past few weeks he has garnered attention within the financial newsletter circles.

Jeff Clark, the famous options trader, tapped him up as an analyst and appears to have promoted him to edit his own research service.

And this is all based on a trading system Imre developed called

It is the subject of his new pitch together with Jeff Clark where they promise that the timing of’s predictions aligns with an impending $39.6 trillion market shock, making it imperative to understand the stakes involved.

We sat through his pitch and did thorough research into Gam’s strategy and in this article, we will explore what the hype around Project JACOB AI is and provide insights on Gams’ approach.

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Key Takeaways

  • The presentation around Project JACOB AI appears to be part of a marketing campaign to promote Gams’ new Currency Trader service.
  • Imre Gams is a 14-year trading veteran who has developed a pattern recognition system called JACOB AI to identify opportunities in markets.
  • Gams is now focused on forex trading, citing favorable conditions due to inflation, geopolitics, and shortages causing currency volatility.
  • His strategy relies on technical analysis, particularly Elliott Wave cycles, to spot recurring patterns and market turns.
  • He has launched an advisory service called Currency Trader through Jeff Clark Trader, where he provides forex trade recommendations.
  • Currency Trader service offers access to trade alerts, training guides for beginners, and educational resources on forex trading.
  • There is limited information on performance history since this is a newly launched newsletter. Caution should be exercised as with any investment.
  • VERDICT: Imre Gams is an experienced trader now focused on forex and providing guidance through a new advisory service. Returns rely on the accuracy of his technical analysis methodology. Performance is unverified thus skepticism is warranted until a track record emerges.

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What is Project Jacob AI?

Imre Gams has developed a pattern recognition system for identifying hidden market opportunities and has collaborated with a secretive tech company to train an AI named JACOB.

Imre Gams Project Jacob AI

This AI, having learned Gams’ technique, now identifies opportunities known as “JACOB Waves.”

The pattern-recognition system has previously predicted notable gains on Tesla, AMD, Arista Networks, and Bitcoin.

Through Imre Gams’ new advisory service, regular investors have the opportunity to access’s recommendations before institutional investors.

He also talks about a $39 trillion opportunity that he calls, simply, “The Greatest Trade of All Time.” This report – written in plain English – gives you his recommendation for profiting from the coming dollar “stealth crash.”

Why is Imre Gams Trading Forex?

Imre Gams is currently engaged in forex trading, capitalizing on the favorable conditions created by factors like inflation, geopolitical conflicts, and persistent shortages.

He perceives that the inflationary pressures in many countries, leading to interest rate hikes, are causing significant volatility in currencies.

Imre sees this as the beginning of a substantial shift in global monetary policy, the likes of which haven’t been witnessed in over 14 years.

Recognizing the immense potential, he has decided to share his proprietary forex trading system, developed and refined over his extensive 14-year experience, with the public.

That’s by signing up for his research service called Currency Trader.

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Who is Imre Gams?

Imre Gams is a 14-year trading veteran with experience in managing money (for himself and for clients) and working at a leading proprietary trading firm.

After starting out managing his own portfolio, he joined a proprietary trading firm where he was appointed to work as a performance coach. He has trained over 3,000 professional and aspiring traders.

With a background in managing substantial investment portfolios, Imre specializes in technical analysis and is known for his expertise in chart-reading skills.

He joined Jeff Clark Trader to edit a new advisory service called Currency Trader, where he will be offering trade recommendations in the forex market, focusing on short and intermediate-term movements in major currencies.

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A Closer Look at Imre Gams’ Currency Trader

Imre Gams’ Currency Trader strategy aims to achieve significant returns by monitoring and capitalizing on the fluctuations in currency exchange rates occurring throughout the week.

Through it, Imre provides regular trade recommendations with detailed instructions for entry and exit.

The key advantage lies in the uncorrelation with the broader stock market, allowing for potential outperformance during bearish cycles and still delivering substantial returns in more stable market conditions.

Imre’s strategy relies on technical analysis, particularly emphasizing Elliott Wave cycles.

In investment circles, Elliott Wave Cycles refer to a technical analysis method used to analyze and predict financial market cycles, particularly in stock markets. This approach is based on the Elliott Wave Theory, which was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s.

The theory proposes that financial markets move in repetitive cycles, and these cycles are reflected in the price movements of financial instruments.

The key concepts of Elliott Wave Theory include:

  • Waves: The market moves in a series of waves, consisting of impulsive waves (trending upward or downward) and corrective waves (pullbacks).
  • Cycles: Waves are part of larger cycles, and these cycles can be further divided into smaller sub-cycles. The idea is that market movements are fractal in nature, occurring at multiple time scales.
  • Five-Wave Structure: An impulsive wave, representing the direction of the main trend, typically consists of five sub-waves. These are labeled as 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Imre Gams Project Jacob AI

  • Three-Wave Structure: A corrective wave, representing a counter-trend movement, consists of three sub-waves. These are labeled as A, B, and C.
  • Fibonacci Ratios: The durations and lengths of waves often exhibit relationships based on Fibonacci ratios.

Traders and analysts who follow Elliott Wave analysis use these principles to identify potential turning points in the market, predict the likely direction of future price movements, and understand the overall structure of market trends.

It’s important to note that while some traders find Elliott Wave analysis useful, others criticize it for its subjectivity and the challenge of consistently applying its principles in real-world trading.

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What is included in Imre Gams’ Currency Trader?

When you subscribe to Imre Gams’ Currency Trader research service, you receive the following benefits:

  • One year of access to’s top recommendations, totaling 52 opportunities with significant potential.
  • Imre’s Forex Starter Guide, offering clear guidance for beginners entering the $7 trillion-per-day currency markets.
  • How to Place a Forex Trade: A step-by-step method for placing a Forex trade, allowing you to set up your account in 5 minutes and execute your first trade in 30 seconds using Imre’s recommendations.
  • Five Rules for Forex Trading to enhance your understanding and increase your success in the markets.
  • The Currency Trader Manual, a comprehensive guide to Imre’s service, providing essential information for getting started in currency trading.

Imre Gams’ Currency Trader Price

It is supposed to be $4,000 but they are offering a discount where you pay less for a limited period.

Imre Gams Project Jacob AI

Here’s what it says on the order page:

And with this special one-time offer, you’ll pay just $1,695…

WARNING: This offer is exclusive to Project JACOB attendees.

It will expire at 12 Midnight on Thursday, November 30th!

Therefore, if you are a fan, you better act fast to take advantage of that.

Money Back Guarantee

Note that there are NO CASH REFUNDS.

What they offer instead is a “satisfaction guarantee.”

Here’s how it reads on the order page:

You’re protected by our 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t find Currency Trader perfect for you in every way, simply contact us within the first 90 days of your membership. We’ll issue you a full credit that you can apply to any of our other research services or the research services of our corporate affiliates. Please note: we do not offer cash refunds.

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Verdict on Imre Gams

Imre Gams’ currency trading strategy, grounded in Elliott Wave Theory and pattern recognition, offers a systematic approach to navigating the complexities of the forex market. The emphasis on identifying recurring patterns, guided by the Elliott Wave principles, provides a structured framework for traders seeking to make informed decisions.

The benefits of Gams’ system lie in its potential to uncover trends and reversals, enabling traders to capitalize on market opportunities. By leveraging pattern recognition, investors may gain insights into potential price movements, enhancing their ability to make strategic and data-driven trades.

However, it’s crucial for you to approach Gams’ strategy with a balanced perspective, acknowledging both its merits and limitations. While pattern recognition can be a valuable tool, it’s not foolproof, and the forex market is inherently unpredictable.

We believe traders should exercise caution and combine Gams’ insights with a comprehensive risk management strategy.

We should also point out that the presentation of “Project Jacob AI” is a marketing campaign for Imre Gams’ new advisory service as he joins Jeff Clark’s company as an editor. As such, there is no track record of this specific advisory service.

Before considering any subscription, you should thoroughly research the newsletter, understand its investment approach, and evaluate its potential fit with your individual financial goals.

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