Pump Trades Scam Software – Don’t Trust BS!

Pump Trades is a new binary scam that’s just launched. If you’re looking for a review of Pump Trades and want to know the truth then check my review out below. I’m sharing all the details and exposing the Pump Trades scam. Keep reading and discover the real truth.

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Pump Trades – Another Binary Scam

So just as I think binary scams like LazyTrader and Nuvo Finance are dying here comes a brand new one called Pump Trades. To me this just looks like your typical binary scam. They made a big song and dance on their JV page about how great and different it is, but ultimately it’s just another binary scam to me that you need to avoid. Upon closer inspection I found it to be a complete lie and joke. If you sign up to this you’ll lose money, the people behind this scam system have been behind many others too!

Pump Trades Scam Software - Don't Trust BS! 8

One thing I noticed about the Pump Trades scam which not exactly new is the use of actors and fake testimonials. One thing you always see with these binary scams is a bunch of fake people in their videos. They usually claim to be some special CEO or the creator of some magical software but ultimately they are liars. These are not real people and not the people they claim, the truth is they are just actors, hired for a few bucks to make the video look good and make the scam look real when it’s not.

I’ve seen so many of them over the past few months after reviewing over 100 scams. The biggest scammers out there spend $1,000’s on their┬áscam websites to make them look good. I’m talking hiring supercars, mansions and even private jets to try and fool you into signing up and investing in their system. The only reason they do this is to convince you that what they have to offer is legitimate but it’s really not. Pump Trades is not a legitimate system, it’s another nasty scam no different to the others.

Pump Trades – How Does It Work?

If you sign up to Pump Trades the minimum amount you will lose is $250. You’ll be sold on how you can make a fortune and all you need to do is use their binary options software. They claim their software will help you make easy money. The truth is you will watch their video and sign up, then you will be sent onto another page. After you watch a few more videos you’ll be prompted to sign up to their trading broker. This is the broker they recommend. Why do they recommend them? They only reason they recommend this broker is because that broker is the one they have partnered with on the scam. This means that the broker is scamming you too, not just the owners of Pump Trades.

Once you sign up you’ll need to make a deposit of $250 and then you will finally be able to access the Pump Trades software. At this stage most people think that they have hit the jackpot and they are about to get rich but don’t get too excited, or start spending that money yet before you’ve made it. Once you actually start trading, in other words just activate the software you will soon notice that it’s a scam. The software won’t make you easy money, it will actually lose money on purpose! Yes this is part of the scam, you see the broker wants you to lose money because they pay the owners of the Pump Trades website for sending them new customers (e.g you).

So what happened, where did your money go? Here’s what happened… the owners of the scam website Pump Trades get paid to refer you to the binary brokers. When you sign up and make a deposit they get paid. The broker ONLY makes money when you lose money. They already paid out a commission to the scam owners of the Pump Trades website, so now they need to make sure that you lose your money. If you make money, they are the ones that will lose. So they rig the trading software so that it loses on purpose. Job done, you got scammed!

Pump Trades Conclusion

It should be clear that I am not recommending this scam system.

Pump Trades is just another binary scam that won’t make you a penny.

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Pump Trades Scam Software - Don't Trust BS! 7

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