Quantum Cash Machine – Another Huge Scam!

Quantum Cash Machine just went live and it’s without a doubt a huge scam. Don’t believe a word that the Quantum Cash Machine website says as it’s a joke. You won’t make a penny from this BS system and today I’m giving my full review sharing the REAL truth. Keep reading an get all the details on this new system.

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Quantum Cash Machine – Exposing The Truth

So what’s the real truth when it comes to the Quantum Cash Machine? I’m happy to share the full truth which is the guy you see in the sales video above he’s not even a real person. This guy is an actor and he’s getting paid to talk a complete load of BS to you about this system just like the actors in Click Money System another scam. Don’t believe anything this system states because it’s not free, and it won’t help you to make $1,200 every day. I mean seriously, do you really think you can just click a couple of buttons and generate that kind of money? I’m guessing you don’t, in fact I think you are smart because you are here reading this review while other gullible people get suckered into this system.

Quantum Cash Machine is just another scam website that makes money by referring people to binary options brokers. You see the system is not free, you need to sign up to the binary options broker that this website recommends and then make a deposit of at least $250 to actually start trading. They make the Quantum Cash Machine website super hyped up so that you are more likely to sign up because you’re thinking you can make money. In truth you won’t make a penny and these guys don’t care. The truth is they don’t actually have a system that will help you make money trading binary options, they just tell lies to get you to sign up to the broker they’re recommending. That is really how simple this scam is!

The people behind the website actually get paid very nicely for referring you to the binary brokers. I’m talking $250 to $500 in commissions for referring you. Now you might be thinking okay why is it a scam? Well the real scam occurs when you actually sign up and make your deposit because when this happens you will get access to a trading software “Quantum Cash Machine” however it won’t work as advertised. It will actually trade on autopilot for you and it will trade away your money to nothing. Within a few hours, days, weeks at the very most you’ll be left wondering what happened when you log into your account and see a big fat ZERO!

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Quantum Cash Machine – Truth About Brokers

The truth is when you sign up to this system the brokers pay out a huge commission to the owners of the Quantum Cash Machine website for referring you. Sometimes the brokers pay over 100% commissions which means if you sign up and deposit $250 they might pay out $500 to the person who referred you. How does that make sense? Let me explain… the brokers make money when you LOSE money. If you sign up and start making a fortune trading on their system they will be out of pocket so they make sure that never happens. In fact they are able to pay out $100’s in commissions to the person that referred you because they know based on their history that they will on average make MORE money from you. So how does it all work? Okay here’s the scenario laid out, you sign up and you make a $250 deposit. For arguments sake let’s say they paid out $250 (100% of the money you paid in) to the person that referred you (the owners of the Quantum Cash website). Now you start trading with $250 however technically that money doesn’t exist as they paid it out in commissions, therefore they NEED you to lose because if you start making money they will lose money. So they literally make sure by rigging the software that you lose. The software you access is actually programmed to lose, so there’s 100% certainty that the broker won’t lose money. It’s highly unethical and a huge scam!

Once you’ve lost all your money they’ll call you up and they will tell you that they will give you access to a far better software but you need to deposit more money. They’ll try and get you to deposit as much money as you can afford and they’ll even encourage you to deposit everything you have. I read a report that one person in the USA had lost nearly half a million dollars to a binary options broker scam! It’s a real shame but the truth is you just need to avoid binary options because it’s a dodgy industry that you can’t trust. Quantum Cash Machine is a scam, but the brokers are just as bad and they will take you for everything you have.

Quantum Cash Machine – Conclusion & Recommendation

I’m not recommending this system as it’s a complete scam. It won’t make you a penny!

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