What is Ren Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030]

Looking for a Ren Price Prediction?

Ren is powered by a decentralized network of Dark nodes that use secure multiparty computation to run privacy preserving applications. REN is a utility token that provides security to the network.

Ren (formerly Republic Protocol) describes itself as a private and interoperable liquidity layer for decentralized finance that enables users to freely move value between blockchains in zero-knowledge while maintaining complete privacy.

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What is Ren Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030] 7

REN Crypto Price Prediction

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What is REN (Reliability Encased Network)

The Ren protocol (previously Republic Protocol) is designed to provide interoperability by allowing people to transfer cryptocurrency across different blockchains. It lets anyone lock cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Zcash (ZEC) into the Ren software and mint the ERC-20 equivalent tokens RenBTC, RenBCHand RenZEC in a 1:1 ratio on Ethereum.

Ren Price Prediction

Software developers Taiyang Zhang and Loong Wang founded REN in 2017 called Republic Protocol, which was later renamed REN in 2019.

REN moved on to become the single open-protocol that facilitated movement in between blockchains. The Republic Protocol was born intending to devise a protocol for independent crypto-asset blockchains to communicate effectively and having the potential of non-disclosure and complete transparency.

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How Ren Works

To comprehend how REN works, it is essential to understand what “Dark Pool” means. As the name justifies the pool means to purchase and dark means anonymous. Investors can get misled in OTC markets by buying a big amount of assets anonymously.

The central platform around which Ren operates is called RENVM i.e. Ren Virtual Machine. All exchanges that happen across Ren blockchains have a RENVM advantage. The Nodes are powered by RENVM to calculate, authenticate, and process the cross-chain crypto instructions. These nodes are called “Darknodes”. The entire ecosystem of these works around a scientific algorithm that distributes the orders in small segments so that the nodes are not made aware of the entire amount of transaction. This enhances security especially because RENVM operates on Ethereum and all transactions are processed using ERC-20.

How Ren Works

So primarily the token REN has two operations to perform: To pay the trading fees for orders made on RENVM and to pay bonds to the “Registrar”, a smart contract that manages Dark nodes in the Ren ecosystem. Decentralization gets assured through smart contracts and so is stability guaranteed via RENVM. In contrast to zero-disclosure and being an open-source, RENVM SubZero facilitates transactions entirely in a decentralized and trustless manner eliminating the possibility of any outsiders or middlemen. The crypto assets tokenized via RENVM are renBTC, renBCH, renZEC, etc. and these are also inter-transferable to the actual cryptocurrency.

Additionally, RenVM is so conceptualized that it can be integrated by coders to other blockchains like Tezos. Talking about the advancements made in 2019, Wang had tweeted on Medium stating,” Official name of Republic Protocol is now REN. This shall be a landslide development in the history of REN wherein the entire pivot moves from decentralized dark pools to decentralized interoperability for blockchains.” Further developments included moving from RENVM mainnet, named SubZero to Chaosnet.

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REN Applications

Transforming Preaching Into Practice

The entire ecosystem of the REN project is open source. Capitalizing on the plus points of Bitcoin and Ethereum, REN ensures crystal-clear transparency and complete transaction confidentiality in the network. Even though transactions are recorded in the general blockchain, neither the sender nor the recipient is in any way apparent to other users on the network.

REN has regular upgrade schedules which ensures this protocol is adaptable to meet the varied use cases of today as well as the unforeseen use cases of tomorrow. The entire framework relies on Sub-Zero via RENVM thereby allowing mathematical consistency of the entire transaction procedure which is cross-checked without revealing any data or message to the other party involved in the transaction.

REN can trap fraudulent or spurious transactions by peers wherein a confirmed block is capable of tracing the preceding block. REN is based on cryptographic methods that are reliant on sub-zero-disclosure evidence and mathematical consistency of the entire blockchain-enabled transaction which is cross-checked without revealing any data or message. A salient characteristic that stands out in this protocol is that it ensures liquidity and lightning-fast transactions on the network.

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REN Price Chart

REN was available on the day it launched, 21 February 2018, for $0.0798. There was certainly interest in the new token, as the following day, it reached an intraday high of $0.9145. The buzz was seemingly short-lived however, as by 8 March 2018 it was at an intraday low of $0.0545. The next day saw it dip to $0.04877 in intraday trading before recovering slightly to $0.05416.

The coin spent the next few weeks hovering around the $0.05 mark, dipping further to reach below $0.04 on a few occasions before rallying to close at $0.07111 on 16 April 2018. It hit an intraday high of $0.1049 on 3 May, remaining somewhere around this level for the next few weeks. But the price was unsustainable and started to decline. On 23 May 2018, it stood above $0.10 which was the last day it was that high.

REN Price Chart

The price slowly went down reaching an all-time low of $0.01548 on 27 November 2018. While it never quite sank to these depths again, the next year or so was hardly spectacular for the REN coin. It spent most of the first half of 2019 below $0.04, breaking through that barrier in late May 2019. It went past $0.10 in early July and then settled down to somewhere around $0.05 without breaking $0.10 again until late May 2020.

The last few months of 2020 were a bit more encouraging, as the coin consistently traded at over $0.20 before closing the year at $0.3213. While REN was born in a boom, we had not really seen what it could do in a volatile market. With the crypto sector experiencing massive growth in early 2021, REN got caught up in the excitement. The coin was going through a bullish phase, breaking the $1 mark on 11 February 2021 and reaching an all-time high of $1.83 on 20 February. But it couldn’t hold that price, and on 25 March 2021 it fell to an intraday low of $0.8129.

REN Price Profile

On 2 March, Voyager welcomed the Ren protocol to the Voyager app, aiming to bring network interoperability. By 3 March, the protocol announced that a “dappback page which can reward users for completing Web3 micro-tasks like joining the community, providing content, etc” had been released. The coin made some impressive gains that day, closing at almost $0.40. The uptrend continued until 31 March, when it closed at $0.49.

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REN Price Prediction

REN as a token has been making significant price changes in the market. Listed on a majority of exchanges, the token shows a market capitalization of $386,752,402.11 and is currently having a circulation of 999,037,500 REN in the crypto market. The current price of REN is trading around $0.1159. Many experts consider that the coin might record a price increase in the upcoming years. There are many who devalue this digital asset which is a choice for millions.

Like many other cryptocurrencies, REN price too is vulnerable to market movements and sentiments. We’ve seen this in other platforms like Ontology, Telcoin, and Digitalbits.

Of course, there are heartbreaks as much as valentines for this token. However, despite being highly volatile, REN price has shown significant price action over the long term. It entirely depends on the expertise of the dedicated team of professionals working for this conglomerate. As per the experts’ price prediction, the future price of REN may even double in the upcoming months taking it to $1.4.

Pessimism too can’t be ignored for REN price as some experts opine that the coin price falls short of an aggressive planning strategy and the marketing gimmicks. The newsletter and tweets do not reach out to the entire trading community and so investors, more than often, are in the doldrums to know what is happening on the REN front. The mass adoption typically fails as REN can not solely survive on the interoperability bandwagon.

Traders should use proper risk management and strategies with their own investment style to generate the most optimal results. Every investor or trader has their own trading style of investing and should adhere to the proper risk and portfolio management. The following are the REN price predictions from 2022 to 2026 that will help you invest the right way.


Before we even start this, I should clarify that past performance is not indicative of future results, and you should always approach trading with a set of fundamental principles that guide your trades. Historical data, opening price and closing price analysis help but they are not always conclusive. That being said, we have to acknowledge that crypto prices are arguably the hardest ones to predict because they are complex instruments we are still learning about. That shouldn’t stop you from taking into account experts’ opinions and forecasts when investing because they may give you a different perspective concerning factors that may affect future price forecasts of the cryptocurrencies.

Although we have REN price predictions information, this is not indicative of REN price forecast.

This is not investment advice and you will be better off doing your own research before getting involved with the crypto market. If possible, talk to your financial advisor if you intend to invest in the crypto market because if you get it right, historical price analysis can help.

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REN Price Prediction 2022

Based on 1-year historical data and technical analysis, REN came up with its own blockchain platform transitioning itself from Ethereum base getting enlisted in the major cryptocurrency exchanges of the world by end of the year. It would not be an exaggeration that this priced cryptocurrency might break all the barriers and withstand the test of time scaling a peak of $0.89 eventually.

Fiat currencies unable to sustain themselves in the wake of the pandemic this might come as a reprieve for all REN investors leading them to the path of high hopes and aspirations to transact in REN. For informational purposes, one may read the expert analyst’s technical analysis and reports to stay updated with the forecast of REN every 24 hours. By the end of 2022, the REN price might cross the $0.18 average price level with the minimum price value of $0.17 and maximum price value of $0.19.

REN Price Prediction 2023

As per our Ren price forecast, the price of REN is predicted to cross $0.58 by the beginning of 2023. The expected maximum price for the year 2023 is $0.62, and the minimum price will be $0.51. The average REN price prediction for the end of 2023 is $0.56.

REN Price Prediction 2024

As per our Ren coin price prediction, REN is predicted to cross $0.83 by the beginning of 2024. The expected maximum value for the year 2024 is $0.61, and the minimum price will be $0.48. The average trading price is expected to be $0.55.

REN Price Prediction 2025

With a bit of patience and keeping the hopes high in the long term, investors can expect a turnaround by the end of 2025, as the adoption of REN would have grown exponentially. REN would be no more a naïve entrant in the world of cryptocurrencies, but a seasoned player at $0.85.

REN Price Prediction 2026

However, the beginning of 2026 meant REN price could bid a bye to all negative and pessimistic price trends for the world of cryptocurrencies, especially for the REN market, it could mean the start of an era of hopes and promises full of optimism. In the world of cryptocurrencies like REN, there could be a prediction of miracles, there could be magic in the short term too. With pandemic vaccines coming to the fore, as per experts’ predictions, it may mean a boom time for REN. Investors of cryptocurrencies always plan for the long term rather than the short term. By the end of 2026, the REN price might cross the $0.74 price level.

Ren Price prediction 2027

REN has huge potential, with certain collaborations and innovations may increase the number of users and adoption. If the market concentrates on investing in Ren, the price might rise much higher. By 2027, it can reach a maximum value of $1.45.

It is expected that the REN will turn around a little bit if the market goes down. The year 2027 can end with an average price of $1.22 with a minimum price of $1.18 and the maximum price of $1.45.

Ren Price Prediction 2030

REN will be seen as a better option, and with the huge community Ren price will touch new highs. The price fluctuations are hard to predict, especially if the market is more bullish OR bearish than ever. For the year 2030, the price of Ren will be almost $3.66.

The maximum price level that we can get is $4.41. Ren average price forecast at the end of 2030 can be around $3.79. A huge price turnover is expected within the range defined by the crypto market.

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Is REN crypto a good investment?

Cryptocurrencies can be incredibly volatile, and prices can go down as well as up. You should always do your own research, and never invest money you cannot afford to lose. Cryptocurrency trading is not easy for the new dabblers. Joining the crypto pool for new swimmers could be a herculean task. Trading can be a mammoth burden for those who are moving from a broker’s help to doing it on an online platform independently.

REN can be a profitable investment option. Ren had a price equal to $0.39 at the beginning of this year. Based on our REN forecast, a long-term price increase is expected; the price prognosis for 2025 is around $0.85.

Price of REN Influencers

Associated Currencies

The crypto assets which are linked with REN but do not perform well on the exchange independently rule the price of REN too.

Relationship between Supply and Demand which is an age-old phenomenon of contradictory relation of demand and supply works for REN. The more the holders buy REN on a huge scale so will the price go up bringing the supply down.

Security Concerns

These are bottlenecks which when they act for negative publicity may bring the REN price down due to mass selling.

Weightage average Indicators

The simple moving average of 50, 100, and 200-days are among the most commonly used indicators to identify important resistance and support levels for the REN forecast. Any positive price change happening above these averages will show a strong momentum of REN.

Crypto Volatility Index (CVIX)

This index studies volatility and price fluctuations weighing the deviations. The amount of dynamism or fluctuations determine the performance of REN. Too much of REN fluctuations generate fear in the minds of investors and hinder them from purchase.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

This stresses on the bullish recovery from bearing levels near the oversold. RSI reaches the overbought, the buy orders are bound to increase, creating more volume that will support the uptrend in the near term.

Where can I buy REN?

Right now you can buy REN tokens at a good number of cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance. Once you have your trading account set up at one of the exchanges that trade REN, you will need to transfer your BTC or ETH from Coinbase to that specific exchange. This is done via a wallet system.

There’s an overview of the exchanges available to you and a buying guide to help you along for easy comparison. Rates are taken directly from each exchange’s official web socket. For fiat exchanges or exchanges that don’t offer web sockets, rates are refreshed every 60 seconds.

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REN seems to be in its infant stages however, there’s a lot of potential in the foreseeable future. Ren describes itself as a private and interoperable liquidity layer for decentralized finance that enables users to freely move value between blockchains in zero-knowledge while maintaining complete privacy.

Although the analysis indicates that REN upward trend momentum will continue, the future price is also subject to market forces that often dictate how cryptocurrencies will perform. That being said, you should not ignore the fact that the market, particularly that of cryptocurrencies, is inherently volatile. I hope that this REN price prediction was of help to you.

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What is Ren Price Prediction? [2022 to 2030] 7

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