What Is Retail Ecommerce Ventures? [Tai Lopez REV]

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr recently started an investment firm called Retail Ecommerce Ventures and its goal is to convert distressed iconic retail brands into e-commerce businesses.

You probably know Tai Lopez from his online program and ads. Alex on the other hand is best known for co-founding a dating site called Zoosk.

If you would like to find out more about this venture, then you have come to the right place because we will be taking a closer look at how it works and whether it is a legit venture.

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What Is Retail Ecommerce Ventures? [Tai Lopez REV] 7

Tai Lopez REV Review

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Introduction to Tai Lopez REV

Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV) is an investment fund by Tai and Alex Mehr that takes on distressed old household-name ecommerce companies and transforms them into online retail brands.

They allow other investors to grab a stake in their new venture. This is where you come in if you have the cash to back them.

Tai Lopez REV

Tai and Alex founded Retail Ecommerce Ventures in 2019 to give life to legacy businesses that were struggling in the age of ecommerce. The firm specializes in the acquisition of retail brands with global renown that have generated more than a billion dollars in sales (plus an exit for Mehr’s Zoosk).

The two leverage their unrivaled experience in advertising and digital marketing on their mission to take over physical-first operations and create thriving online stores in their stead.

Some of the iconic ecommerce brands they have invested in are Pier1, RadioShack, DressBarn, Modell’s, Zoosk, and a couple of other distressed retailers.

The fund is meant for accredited investors who are interested in online ventures. Alex and Tai promise to offer a 15% return (annualized) if you invest in their fund. The minimum investment they consider is $500,000 (although in some promotional material, they say it is $25,000). The minimum holding period once you become an investor is 5 years.

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Who Is Behind REV?

As I have already mentioned, the investment firm is run by Tai and Alex .

Tai Lopez

Tai is the executive chairman of the company. He is a well known internet marketer and life coach. He has multiple products and courses that cover everything from offering investment advice, social media marketing training, and offering life advice.

What Is Retail Ecommerce Ventures? [Tai Lopez REV] 8

I have reviewed programs like the 5 Minute Mentor, High Ticket Sales System, SMMA 3.0, and 67 Steps.

Tai has more than 10 million social media followers and he is considered as one of the top global business influencers by Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com.

Alex Mehr

On the other hand, Alex is an investor and former NASA Scientist. He co-founded Zoosk, a dating platform, that he and is partner later sold for $300 million.What Is Retail Ecommerce Ventures? [Tai Lopez REV] 9Flush with cash, he started investing in other business.

He and Tai started an educational platform called MentorBox that has 60,000 subscribers.

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How Does Retail Ecommerce Ventures Work?

REV gives you a platform to invest in well-known distressed retail brands as they turn into e-commerce stores. The fund enables you to co-invest in several brands at once.

What Is Retail Ecommerce Ventures? [Tai Lopez REV] 10

Since Tai and Alex Mehr launched Retail Ecommerce Ventures, they have been busy acquiring distressed brick and Mortar brands in the retail space and converting them into ecommerce brands.

The company buys brands that resonate with consumers, some of which have been around for 100 years. Their goal is to create awareness by internationally building off of their existing strength in name recognition.

The company’s mission is “scaling ethical companies: moving the needle for both our investors and the world at large.”

For example, they made headlines when they announced the purchase of certain Radio Shack brands and related assets in late 2020. Radio Shack, has been around for 100 years.

Retail Ecommerce Ventures then announced that its subsidiary had won a bankruptcy court auction for intellectual property belonging to Stein Mart.

When Stein Mart filed for bankruptcy protection, Retail Ecommerce Ventures’ new majority-owned subsidiary, Stein Mart Online Inc, submitted a winning bid of $6 million that was approved by the Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida, Jacksonville Division.

REV’s plan was to re-launch it as an online-only store. The subsidiary now owns the Stein Mart nameplate, social media assets, domain names, private label brands, and customer data from an IP advisory firm called Hilco Streambank that was marketing the assets.

Retail Ecommerce Ventures also bought UK-based luxury brand Ralph & Russo. It is known for its leather goods, sunglasses, accessories, and ready-to-wear items. The globally celebrated brand was hit hard by the economic crisis of 2020.

Tai went for it because he felt that it is in a unique position in the luxury sector with significant brand affinity. He wants to tap the massive potential that the Russo brand possesses and leverage its market leading position in luxury design.

Other brands Tai and Alex have invested in are Pier1, Dressbarn, Linens N Things, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Franklin Mint, MentorBox, FarmersCart, The Book People, ESR, and Knowledge Society.

In addition to those, they plan to acquire more private deals all year where it will be like you are co-investing in those retail ecommerce ventures.

To get involved, you have to book a call on the website on a page that looks like this:

What Is Retail Ecommerce Ventures? [Tai Lopez REV] 11

This is available on retailecommerceventures.com.

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Pros of Tai Lopez’s REV

  • You may make money from the investment portfolio if it turns out to be a success.
  • The companies being acquired have significant brand affinity and previously were in a market leading position.
  • Ecommerce is the smart way to go because customers buying everything online these days, including real estate and cars.
  • The process you follow to become a co-investor is simple and straightforward.

Cons of Tai Lopez’s REV

  • The $500,000 (or $25,000?) minimum investment set by Tai and Alex is too high.
  • Once you invest, you can’t just back out if you change your mind. Your money stays locked up for a minimum of 5 years.

Is Retail Ecommerce Ventures Legit?

Retail Ecommerce Ventures is a legit investment fund. Why? Because it has already bought the intellectual property of all the listed brands. Now, I should point out that this is not the same thing as acquiring those businesses although that is the first impression you get from the ad.

On top of that, REV has gotten a lot of attention from platforms like Forbes, Bloomberg and other major media outlets, which also implies that it is legit.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to make money because some of the businesses it has taken on are not doing well, to put it mildly.

Tai Lopez REV Verdict

On paper, Retail Ecommerce Ventures sounds like a great investment if you can pony up the minimum investment (and are accredited). Lopez and Mehr recognized the retail sector’s shift to ecommerce that accelerated during the pandemic and decided to capitalize on the opportunity to breath new life into distressed brands that are iconic. With REV’s investment, those businesses survive.

Tai, the executive chairman, uses his marketing skills (remember he has a penchant for whipping up the masses about his products) to make it look good.

That being said, you should do more research about the fund before you invest because although the ads make it look good, there is always more to such investments. Besides, for an investment that has such a high minimum amount, it is in your best interests to find out everything before you invest. Remember, there is a minimum holding period for your investment.

Finally, please read the fine print.

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What Is Retail Ecommerce Ventures? [Tai Lopez REV] 7

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