Scaling With Systems: Ravi Abuvala Legit? [Review]

Though many have argued that leveraging virtual assistants and paid advertising isn’t the best business model to follow, Scaling with Systems begs to differ.

Ravi Abuvala, founder of Scaling with Systems, claims to earn more than $500,000 per month, half of which is profit. It might be possible to run a successful scaling business, but is it the right choice for you?

In this review, we will take a deeper look into Scaling with Systems to help you determine whether it is just another online scam.

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Scaling With Systems: Ravi Abuvala Legit? [Review] 10

Scaling with Systems Review

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What is Scaling with Systems?

Scaling with Systems is an online training course that teaches users how to scale their own businesses without spending as much money on resources and growth thus gearing towards established businesses.

Scaling with Systems front page

Once you visit their website, you will see that their main goal, according to the course’s promotional page, is to assist entrepreneurs in going from zero to $1 million or more in 12 months or less with 50%+ profit margins. They intend to do this by utilizing the power of sales funnels, operational talent and paid advertisements.

Just from this, it is clear that the course’s target is mainly experienced entrepreneurs, not rookies. This proves it to be extensive and difficult, even for seasoned business owners.

Scaling with systems free training includes a course that teaches you how to outsource to virtual assistants to do a significant amount of your marketing, recruit and build your sales team, and perform all other necessary tasks needed to scale your online business.

What is Scaling?

Scaling a business means setting the stage to support growth of your own business. This includes having the ability to grow without being hampered. Scaling requires planning, some funding, the right systems, staff, processes, technology and partners.

Often, there has been some confusion between growth and scaling, though there is a clear difference. When a company grows, it is increasing its revenue equally as fast as it is adding resources to enable that increase.

A company may have an increase in revenue but the increase is comparable to the amount spent to produce that growth in revenue. This means that though there is financial growth, there is no increase in value.

However, when a company scales, it adds revenue at a faster rate than it takes on new costs. If the company has an increase in revenue that surpasses the costs they incurred for that increase, then it means that there is not only financial growth, but also an increase in the company’s value. This means that a company has scaled.

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Who founded Scaling with Systems?

Ravi Abuvala is the creator of Scaling with Systems. Ravi is a knowledgeable entrepreneur with varied information in digital marketing, high-ticket sales, outsourcing, streamlining and scaling. He is also the guy behind another program called Remote Integrator.

Ravi AbuvalaRavi Abuvala was initially in the pre-law program before he dropped out. He claims that his dad at the time had stage 4 lung cancer, the situation which made him drop out.

Ravi started his own online business and gained a lot of weight in the process while working eighteen hour days. He got himself into thousands of dollars of debt and was struggling to make ends meet even though he had accepted as many internships and jobs as he could.

He stumbled upon Amazon FBA and went all-in since it seemed like it had everything he was seeking; low competition, huge upside potential, no website required, passive income, just enough room for error so he could feel comfortable taking risks and most importantly, no dissatisfied clients if it didn’t work out.

However, Ravi later realized that Amazon wasn’t the place for him and decided to get into the Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace. Though he didn’t know anything about systems or delegation, Ravi kept on pushing and working towards his dream.

He worked for a while at Prospect Social, a now-defunct lead generation training program for real estate professionals and started his own advertising agency in 2018, before deciding he could do better.

Later on, Abuvala hired his first virtual assistant and started systematizing his business. It was during the pandemic that he started travelling the world. He went to Colombia, Spain, lived in San Diego for a while and is currently situated in Florida. Ravi claims that all this was possible due to his virtual assistants scaling his business for him.

Ravi Abuvala is now a successful entrepreneur, running two seven-figure businesses with over thirty employees and more than 600 clients.

Ravi Abuvala on YouTube

He also has a YouTube channel where he shares motivational videos and tips for starting your own online business. Ravi has been a guest on various platforms such as Fox News, Entrepreneurs On Fire and Neil Patel’s show.

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What is included in Scaling with Systems?

This online training program focuses on teaching the following:

  • How to grow your business like an seasoned entrepreneur even without a lot of money.
  • How to fill your calendar with high-quality prospects while delegating each and every step to a virtual assistant.
  • A new way to build your sales team so that they make sales for you every month.
  • The 7-Hour Rule which ensures that you close clients on the first call.

Ravi claims in one of his videos that the program is for those already making $10,000 or more per month and want to scale to $500,000 per month while being more efficient. He says that increasing your monthly income to $500,000 is simpler than you think, though you will need to schedule a call to find out the exact price. The costs are rumored to amount to a $12K investment.

There are four main factors needed to be able to scale your business. You must have a well established product market fit, consistent messaging with clients, a predictable sales process and a highly scalable offer.

Once you become a part of the course, some of the benefits and services you will enjoy include:

Packed Calendar

Once you complete this course for 72 hours, you will be eligible to hire a virtual assistant who has been hand-picked by the Scaling with Systems team.

After that, you can schedule meetings with high value clients using virtual assistants that have undergone 60 days of intensive training.

Using the virtual assistant’s guidance and patterns. you can cut through the clutter in your market and your business will stand out.

According to the program, the 300-500 outbound communications your operational talent sends for you each day will bring about a 4% to 5% appointment rate.

Develop prospecting skills

Following this program’s copywriting principles on your preferred communication methods, potential clients will notice your polished copywriting skills and consider you more of a professional.

The methods use value-driven messages that hence ensuring a positive first impression when establishing a relationship with prospects.

The Scaling with Systems scaling economics model ensures outsourcing your outreach to a virtual assistant will multiply your outreach and eventually make prospecting profitable.

Build cash-producing sales funnels

In order to turn a cold lead into a customer, you will have to undergo a painstaking process that will require a lot of time and effort. The biggest issue is that most companies have to accomplish this through manual labor.

Scaling with Systems offers a solution by providing ready to use sales funnels, that you can copy and paste in your own process, which generate millions of dollars in revenue for several companies.

This therefore shortens the cycle, increases your value and theoretically allows you to get paid on the very first call.

Furthermore, the system includes wireframes and templates of funnels that have apparently worked well for them and their clients, which means you can work quickly even without assets or videos to insert into the funnels.

There are technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist those unable to send an email online.

Making your offer hyper-scalable

It is important to have more leads and customers for your company However, the more the clientele, the more the work you’ll have to do.

Choosing to handle the clients yourself will lead to consumption of a lot of time and energy thus leaving no room for your personal life.

The Scaling with Systems program will help you find a Virtual Assistants service that is needed in your market and will also show you how to use automation, systems and your fully trained virtual assistant to complete the work for you, so that you may have time for other things going on in your life.

Leverage paid traffic

Scaling with Systems will teach you how to use and manage traffic through paid ads to increase your lead generation.

Furthermore, the program provides you with free access to their proprietary and self developed software, ScaleX. Using this software, you can track every single lead through your business, including first contact, booking and completion of purchase.

This allows you to focus solely on the channels with the most satisfactory returns.

Free yourself from day to day operations

This online training program will assist you in locating, training and placing a fully-trained integrator, usually based in the United States, who will come into your online business and take over operations in a matter of days.

Thanks to extensive training, these integrators will be able to meet your business needs. This includes everything from technology management to data collection, back-end fulfillment, customer service and more.

Unfortunately, using this service to hire an integrator will cost you thousands of dollars per month, and this is itself a huge disadvantage

Note: Ravi has another program called Remote Integrator.

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How much does Scaling with Systems cost?

The Scaling with Systems program does not disclose the cost of enrolling in their training program, not even on their website.

To enroll, you must first sign up for their free training webinar available online. The true cost of the system is revealed once you have signed up for the webinar and arranged a phone call with their team.

There have been a couple of rumors reported by users that the cost of the program amounts to about $12000. The price is expected as the target audience for the program is seasoned entrepreneurs. However, not all experienced business owners can afford the fees.

How to join Scaling with Systems?

In order to become a part of the Scaling with Systems program by Ravi Abuvala, all you have to do is visit their website. Once you are on their page, click the ‘Scale my business’ button on their profile.

Scaling with systems

This will lead you to an application form where you will be required to fill in your name and email address to register and sign up for their free training webinar.

After you have signed in, you will be redirected to a video of Ravi explaining what Scaling with Systems is all about.

The video will disclose that to discuss the price of the program, you will need to schedule a call with one of the members of Ravi’s teams or Ravi himself.

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Is Scaling with Systems Legit?

Scaling with systems is not a scam. However, building a successful scaling business is definitely not as easy as they make it sound.

Though Ravi claims Scaling With Systems has a ninety-eight percent success rate, this is untrue as you may end up cashing in a huge investment for their software only to yield no significant change in your results.

Furthermore, the price is too high compared to the content provided by the course, It only seems to make things look a bit more complicated than they are, due to its vagueness. This is another major red flag that you should be wary of.

Scaling with Systems reviews

Scaling with systems has received a couple of positive reviews despite its high cost to join. It has received a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot.

Scaling With Systems: Ravi Abuvala Legit? [Review] 11

Here is what some people have to say:

Scaling with Systems have helped us tremendously in developing our processes, hiring staff and building our company from a one-man band to a healthy team.
The biggest influence has been in helping us implement systems througout, especially through the use of Zapier.
This has allowed us to connect all of our platforms to create a complete sales funnel that essentially runs by itself!
The coaching calls have also been and continue to be invaluable for us. With small nuggets of information from other members giving us ideas that we can then go on to implement in our own business.
A no-brainer for people looking to scale their systems

-Leon Jackson

Scaling With Systems is probably the best step-by-step, a-z program there is on the face of the planet! Before we joined SWS we had no idea how to market our product or let alone get customers. Now after a completely new market and new offer, in less then two months we have 4 new clients all on retainers plus ad share. We still haven’t learned everything there is to know inside this thing but its always a learning experience. The SWS TEAM IS LITERALLY THE BEST!

-Brett Stansel

SWS is freakin awesome! They provided the best communication I have dealt with. I’ve hired various companies before, but SWS was by far the best and what I was looking for. I hired multiple top companies to assist my company with just a couple tasks, and I always felt like I was paying to allow them to learn what I needed and I never really got any results. SWS did the heavy lifting for me and I had results in the first two weeks because they know what works. Exceeded my expectations to say the least, I don’t think I will ever stop using these guys. Also, Joe, he’s the best to work with 🙂

-Jesse Cardosa

In 2019, I found Ravi and Scaling with Systems through a podcast interview he was a guest on (Marketing School Podcast). From there I’m sure I started seeing his ads or started following on social and/or email and eventually signed on to his program. He is the real deal, gives so much value to his clients, and he truly wants to help you. His program is one of the best I’ve seen in the space and I’m amazed by not only his story but also his capacity to give so much to his community. For anyone who is serious about implementing systems, this will work depending on your business model. You have to put the time and work to get the results you want. I’m on my slow track to my first million, but thanks to people like Ravi I’ll get there sooner than later.

-Julia H.

The company has an excellent end-to-end training system. There SWS 3.0 course is probably the best “how to build your business online” course that you will find online.

Opportunities to improve: the content of the course is more designed towards B2B than B2C market.

Client Success Manager was EXCELLENT, but not readily available for feedback as he was stretched across too many new clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does one start scaling their business?

To successfully scale your business, you need a strategy that focuses on increasing revenue while also increasing efficiency.

You have to be more efficient as you reach more customers since you’ll be trying to not to increase the resources you expend for the increase in number of clients. This way you will be increasing your business value by increasing the efficiency with which you can bring in new revenue.

How can you use the SaaS business model for scaling?

Software as a Service companies are naturals at scaling, since they are able to sell their product to more customers with very minimal added cost. They are even more capable when it comes to scaling in business, as they are able to expend minimal extra cost to service long-term customers who will continue to pay month after month.

Do I recommend Scaling with Systems?

Though this business model is uniquely positioned to scale easier than others, it can’t simply manufacture revenue out of thin air. The cost of adding an additional customer to your server may be close to null, but the costs of getting that customer through the door can be quite high.

Customer Acquisition cost is what impacts the scaling prospects for SaaS companies. These companies struggle with customer acquisition as they tend to sell highly technical products to niche audiences that may be difficult to reach.

This means that they may have to spend substantial amounts of marketing to reach new potential buyers.

Fortunately, the customers gained are assured to be long term clients thus making a relatively high customer acquisition cost sustainable over time, allowing the company to keep scaling up and up.

Can you make money with scaling with systems?

Yes it is very possible to make money by following the steps of the Scaling with Systems program. However, it is not a guaranteed method to make money online and the cost it takes to enjoy the benefits of the program may not be worth it.

What are some of the tips to scale my business?

First of all, you should strategize on how to increase your sales. Expanding your relationship with current customers is often more cost-effective and efficient than attracting new business as this may cost you extra which may lead to stagnation despite increase in revenue.

Furthermore, you must choose to invest in technology because with the right technology, many of the manual administrative tasks can be automated, freeing up time for team members to focus more on other business goals and strategic priorities.

You could also expand your sales team according to the market’s needs. You must first determine the skills required to meet your goals and identifying any skills gaps you have on your team. Once you identify these gaps and fill them, your team can now drive business outcomes and better support customers.

To add to that, you could also consider bringing in skilled specialists to improve efficiency and drive outcomes. This will allow external insight and guidance as you start your scaling journey, thus providing more efficient and positive results.

These are just but a few tips to guide you on scaling your business.

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Pros of Scaling with Systems

The founder is a well known scaling guru

Ravi Abuvala has numerous credentials and has been hosted in several business platforms and podcasts.

It is clear that he is an expert in the scaling field which means that you might actually learn some valuable business lessons with the Scaling with Systems program.

Helpful Virtual assistants

Joining the program will give you access to a fully trained virtual assistant who will conduct majority of the marketing of your business thus allowing you enough time for yourself and other business ventures.

Furthermore, the use of virtual assistants minimizes the cost pf hiring manual labor for marketing services thus giving room to maximize on profits when you are scaling your business.

You get to broaden your knowledge of Sales Funnels

The program provides ready to use funnels from which you can learn from and use to generate profit from your business. This eventually increases your value and theoretically allows you to get paid on the very first call.

Improves ability to procure clients

The online training course provides copywriting principles that you may use in either of your communication vehicles thus impressing prospective clients with your writing skills.

This advantage allows you to leave a positive first impression on clients leading to acquiring a larger clientele.

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Cons of Scaling with Systems

High cost to join

Though the training initially claims to have a free webinar, once you watch the video after signing up, you will discover that there are some hidden costs.

You will be required to schedule a call with someone from their team or Ravi himself in order to learn the true costs of the program. The cost has been rumored to come up to $12000, a price that even some seasoned entrepreneurs cannot afford.

Only suitable for experienced entrepreneurs

With the cost that comes with the program and from the company’s main goal, it is clear that this program is for seasoned entrepreneurs.

Therefore, if you are a beginner looking for new ways to earn money online, then this is not the course for you.

Too much reliance on virtual assistants

The program uses the Software as Service business model thus basically relies on virtual assistants to run your business. More often than not these virtual assistants go through a non-existent screening process, which should be alarming.

Many of these outsourced hires have absolutely no relationship to your company and will not be able to compare to the quality of work that you might be capable of doing if you did things yourself.

Doubtful Results

Joining this program and learning how to scale your business does not guarantee successful scaling. You may end up investing thousands of dollars only to achieve no results or to have stagnated growth in your business.

It is a high risk decision to join this course.

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Scaling with Systems Final Verdict

The Scaling with Systems program is a legitimate program. However, I would not recommend joining it.

Despite the fact that Ravi is a successful scaling guru and there have been many positive reviews, the cost to join is quite high especially when you consider that the course’s educational materials and software are widely available elsewhere for a cheaper price or for free.

Furthermore, there are no guaranteed returns from learning with this course; therefore, unless you are willing to take the risk and pay the high fees, do not join this course.

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Scaling With Systems: Ravi Abuvala Legit? [Review] 10

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