Secure Job Position – Scam Exposed!

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I’m giving my honest review and exposing Secure Job Position as a scam. Keep reading if you want to learn the truth about this website.

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Secure Job Position Review

Today I’m taking a closer look at Secure Job Position but to be honest this is not going to be a long review. After landing on this website I immediately knew what I was looking at, and it’s another scam website from the creators of entrepreneur jobs club and a bunch of others like home earning system. These people have been behind dozens of scam websites that mislead you into parting with your money in the hope you’ll make more. Unfortunately this rarely happens for any of the victims to Secure Job Position.

Take a look at this website below. It’s for a scam system called which I exposed just last week:

Secure Job Position - Scam Exposed! 10

What you’re looking at is one of many websites that the owners of the Secure Job Position website have created. They literally create carbon copies of websites and rename them various things to do with home jobs, making money, working from home etc. The latest is Secure Job Position however I can almost guarantee you that next week or maybe the week after they will come out again with another website that is a complete clone, simply using a different domain name and website name.

Why do they do this?

Honestly there’s no solid answer to that but I personally believe it’s because they want to close down their scam websites before they get in trouble from the authorities. Chances are they will register them under fake details and use private servers to hide their true identity and then they will close down the websites so that people are less likely to report them for fraud. This is just a theory of mine but it makes sense when you really think about it, otherwise why would they continue to rebrand and create new websites?

Another theory I have is that they do this so that their affiliates who sign up and promote their scam websites in exchange for referral commissions have something “new” to promote even though it’s not really new.

Truth About Secure Job Position

Another thing I have noticed about Secure Job Position and other similar systems is that they use fake news to promote their website. I recently exposed a website called Financial Money Times which regularly posts fake news articles that promote systems like Secure Job Position and others. This fake news appears extremely real and it often uses endorsements from celebrities and business gurus. Obviously these are not real endorsements however people visiting the website won’t know that and will end up falling for the scam believing that top business minds have actually endorsed it. They have put together articles that look like the website even though they are fake.

The website also steals the logos from a number of big brand websites and claims that they have been featured on them even though this is again fake. When you look at their website you will see “endorsements” from huge websites like CNN and FoxNews but these are actually fake since they are not actually endorsing them.

Secure Job Position - Scam Exposed! 11

When you look closely you can see that they state “work from home opportunities” have been featured, which doesn’t actually mention them however at a glance you won’t actually notice that. Your mind will simply make the link between the website you are looking at and the big brand names and you’ll automatically trust Secure Job Position more than you would without these big brand logos however as mentioned they are not real endorsements.

How Does Secure Job Position Scam Work?

So I’ve told you it’s a complete scam but you want to know the details of how it actually works. What happens is you’ll be prompted to sign up and this will cost you around $97 to do so however if you try and exit their website you will usually be offered discounts that pretty much half the price and sometimes it goes down even less. They do this because they initially want to get the maximum price from you but are willing to get less if necessary. This is known as a “downsell” in the industry.

Once you actually buy what will you receive? Well the answer is actually very little. You will get pushed into a bunch of high ticket programs with the primary goal being to up-sell you and make a lot more money from you. Chances are you will be called be a “sales professional” who’s job it is to up-sell you into business opportunities that can run into the 10’s of $1,000’s. Scary stuff I know. One of the programs I have seen being promoted before is MOBE.

Secure Job Position Conclusion

I am not recommending this website as I believe it’s a scam and it won’t deliver on it’s promises.

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Secure Job Position - Scam Exposed! 9

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