Shah Gilani ASI Prediction Legit? [The Singularity]

Shah Gilani’s presentation about Artificial Super Intelligence has been getting a lot of attention.

In the presentation, Shah discusses the rapid growth of Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) and its implications on both people’s lives and the financial markets.

He is projecting that it could accelerate the world economy by up to 250 times its normal rate and contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy over the next decade. From an investor’s perspective, he claims that he wants to help regular Americans understand the implications of ASI.

Gilani and his team have spent a year researching AI and have compiled action steps to protect oneself from the Singularity, a one-time event that he says will signal the rise of ASI.

Let’s take a closer look at Shah Gilani’s assertions so you can decide whether he is onto something worthwhile.

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Shah Gilani ASI Prediction Legit? [The Singularity] Review

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Introduction to Shah Gilani ASI Prediction Legit? [The Singularity]

According to Shah Gilani, powerful artificial intelligence is coming. Laboratories in San Francisco, Redmond, Washington, and Boston, Massachusetts are improving AI at lightning speed.

He believes that soon, AI will be a whole new force – a million times more powerful than ChatGPT or anything else that exists today.

Shah Gilani ASI Prediction Legit? [The Singularity] 3

Scientists are working towards what’s called ASI – or Artificial Super Intelligence. The final transformation from artificial intelligence to Artificial superintelligence is set to occur during an event called the Singularity.

Mr. Gilani believes that Artificial Superintelligence will create a massive shock to the global economy that will result in cataclysmic job losses and the near-total disintegration of several large sectors of the markets.

But it will also create an entire generation of millionaires.

Shah Gilani and his team spent a year researching every aspect of AI, and put together a set of simple action steps you can take right now to protect yourself and leverage this one-time event for generational wealth.

He says that you need to get in position right now because every scientific breakthrough in AI moves us closer to the Artificial superintelligence that will change our lives forever.

How Shah Gilani Wants You To Invest in AI (Artificial Super Intelligence Profit & Protect)

Shah Gilani wants you to invest early but he warns that you should not just go out and start buying AI stocks.

So, how does he want you to invest?

After doing his full analysis, he has found one industry that’s required to grow at the same record-breaking pace as AI: Big Data.

He believes that it is the right place to invest because AI is only as powerful as the data it can access.

Therefore, the growth of AI is 100% dependent on the growth of data companies.

Shah and his team developed the Artificial Super Intelligence Profit & Protect playbook. It’s his three-step plan to leverage the Singularity just three months from

The first step is encapsulated in a report called Buy for Profit, the second is in Hold for Income, and the third step is in Sell for Survival.

To get the three reports for free, you need to join Shah Gilani’s the Money Map Investment Research Group.

What is included in Buy For Profit?

He believes that there are three data stocks that will leverage AI to the max.

First stock:

In 2014, the founder of this company envisioned building a monopoly in the emerging field of data management, despite initial skepticism.

Fast forward to today, and the company is valued at $30 billion.

It recently secured a $100 million government contract for data management in March and a $460 million contract for data processing and AI advancements in June.

The company has also partnered with Amazon Web Services to assist customers in managing their data.

Its stock price has already doubled in the current year, but the potential for growth is substantial, with projections suggesting it could increase from $15 to $185 a share by 2030, representing a 1,100% increase.

The company’s prospects are buoyed by the growing use of AI in various government sectors, making it a trusted choice for sensitive information handling.

The Second Stock

The second company being discussed is a data company with a project called Edge, which embraces new cloud technology for AI-related workloads.

It is touted as having the scalability, reliability, and security critical for AI, with partnerships with tech giants like Lenovo, CDW, and Broadcom, making it a promising investment for AI growth.

Gilani predicts a potential growth of over 12,400% by 2030 due to its small size.

The Third Stock

The third company specializes in cleaning data for AI, a crucial task for effective AI performance.

They are close to confirming partnerships with three major global AI companies, and with the exponential growth of data usage, the stock is suggested to have the potential for a 4,700% share price increase by 2030.

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What is included in Hold for Income?

There are also three recommendations in the second report, Hold for Income. These stocks are dividend-paying.

The first stock recommendation is an asset with a level-four security rating, stored underground and guarded 24/7, which has doubled in price since 2020.

With the expected launch of ASI (Artificial Superintelligence), the asset’s value could potentially surge by over 3,200% by 2030, offering substantial returns.

Moreover, this asset is legally required to pay a significant dividend, currently boasting a 4.5% yield.

The second stock recommendation suggests diversifying by investing in an American company that expands its data services across the country, with plans for continued growth.

It offers a strong dividend yield of 5.7% and the potential for share price growth of over 1,490% by 2030.

The third stock recommendation focuses on a company known for consistently increasing its dividend payments over 17 years.

It is considered a stable return in the AI and data industry and has the potential to grow by an impressive 5,480% by 2030, making it an attractive option for passive income with significant upside potential.

What is included in Sell for Survival?

Shah Gilani has identified 12 companies that are not going to do well.

He says that you’ll want to purge these companies from your portfolio immediately. Because once ASI comes online, they could drop to zero overnight.

Who is Shah Gilani?

Shah Gilani is a seasoned investment strategist with 40 years of experience, known for assisting a portion of investors in significant wealth transfers during market disruptions.

His career began with managing a hedge fund in 1982 on the Chicago Board of Options floor, leading to a vast network of influential contacts in finance.

Gilani is renowned for creating the Volatility Index (VIX), a widely used indicator.

He frequently appears as a guest on CNBC, Forbes, MarketWatch, and Fox Business’s Varney & Co., and he has now developed a detailed strategy based on ASI.

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How Does Shah Gilani’s Money Map Report Work?

In Money Map Report, Shah Gilani, an experienced trader and hedge fund manager, leverages his four decades of expertise to identify promising stock opportunities.

He shares these investment opportunities with Money Map subscribers, offering step-by-step guidance for maximizing potential gains.

When you sign up for it, you receive two new stock recommendations each month, covering various markets such as technology, oil, real estate, and digital assets.

Shah Gilani conducts thorough research on these recommendations, providing critical information on the company, leadership, revenues, share price potential, and a timeline for potential profits.

You can expect at least 24 investment opportunities annually, presented in easy-to-understand language, enabling quick action.

In addition to the reports and the 24 recommendations, you get a bonus report called Going Nuclear: the Ultimate AI Energy Stock.

When you join Money Map Report, you also get the following benefits:

  • 12 monthly issues with proper research, advice, and recommendations
  • Plenty of investment tutorials and educational videos
  • Instant text alert service
  • Access to a password-protected website that includes your online Model Portfolio
  • 24/7 customer service

Subscription Options:

i) 1-year subscription will cost you $79.

ii) 2-year subscription will cost you $99.

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Is Shah Gilani’s ASI Prediction Legit [The Singularity]?

Yes, it is. We are approaching a future with more applications for AI, as the technology continues to advance and find uses in various industries such as healthcare, finance, autonomous vehicles, and more.

However, the pace and impact of AI adoption can vary widely across sectors and companies. You should make your decisions based on careful research and a nuanced understanding of the specific companies and industries you are considering for investment.

While AI presents significant opportunities, it also comes with risks and uncertainties, including ethical and regulatory concerns.

Therefore, you should conduct thorough due diligence, assess the potential of AI applications within the context of each company’s business model, and consider diversifying your portfolio to manage risks associated with emerging technologies.

Shah Gilani ASI Prediction Legit [The Singularity] Verdict

Shah Gilani’s insights into AI investments hold promise, as artificial intelligence is undeniably a transformative technology with substantial growth potential.

However, determining the ultimate success of such investments requires further research and vigilance.

The dynamic nature of the AI industry, coupled with evolving market conditions, means that only time will tell whether his predictions and strategies were indeed on the mark.

As with any investment, due diligence, continuous monitoring, and adaptation to changing circumstances will be crucial in gauging the accuracy of Gilani’s insights and maximizing potential returns in the AI sector.

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