Shoptimizer: Legit WooCommerce Theme? [2023 Review]

WooCommerce is a versatile open-source application created especially for websites running the WordPress content management system. The development of online e-commerce stores generally employs this software.

With the help of this software, anyone can transform their basic website into a fully operating online woocommerce store with all the necessary e-commerce features.

Offering your consumers a smooth page navigation and design experience while ensuring better page speed and performance is a crucial consideration when developing a WooCommerce store. Both client happiness and sales are increased as a result.

Therefore, you must pick a top-notch WooCommerce theme for your business to prevent delays and build a stunning and alluring website.

There are various Woocommerce themes available and Shoptimizer is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a quick, conversion-optimized WooCommerce theme.

It is routinely updated with new features and has a lightning-fast support response time because it was created by experts in e-commerce.

In this Shoptimizer review, we are going to take a look at the Shoptimizer woocommerce theme (one of the most popular woocommerce themes) what features it has and examine whether it is the best woocommerce theme for your online e-commerce store.

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What is Shoptimizer?

Shoptimizer is a conversion-optimized and fast WooCommerce theme with features like trust badges and a distraction-free checkout to help turn visitors to your e-commerce website into buyers.


It is a creation of CommerceGurus, a well-known WordPress theme provider specializing in themes that are WooCommerce-ready. They are renowned for producing logical and simple-to-use WordPress themes for e-commerce websites.


One of the top WooCommerce theme providers on ThemeForest, CommerceGurus has more than 10,000 clients. 14 WordPress themes have so far been listed by CommerceGurus on ThemeForest. However, they only sell the Shoptimizer WordPress theme on their website.

The Baymard Institute, which conducts research on eCommerce UX (user experience), provided many of the tips and suggestions that CommerceGurus used when creating Shoptimizer.

A faster checkout procedure, call-back requests, sticky products on scroll, stock level displays, countdown clocks, optimized photos, and many more features are included in the theme since they are known to convert visitors into paying clients.

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How does Shoptimizer work?

The majority of premium WooCommerce themes bloat your WordPress interface with many menu options, but Shoptimizer doesn’t do this.

You can preview the changes without switching between your editor and the preview page because the WordPress Customizer contains all theme options.

After installing the theme, Shoptimizer advises adding the free plugin Kirki for the greatest customizer experience. The WordPress Customizer has a robust user interface thanks to the Kirki plugin.

Following installation, your customizer will display a variety of choices. Then, within your customizer, you may modify the color schemes, speed settings, header and navigation, and more.

Shoptimizer: Legit WooCommerce Theme? [2023 Review] 19

You should install the free Autoptimize plugin to further increase the speed of your website.

Shoptimizer has a simple layout that makes general settings simple, including putting your company logo on the website.

You can swiftly add your company’s logo to your eCommerce store by clicking the Select Logo option after you select Site Identity under General.

Along with the logo, you may edit the site title, your company’s tagline, and the site icon that appears on browser tabs, mobile WordPress apps, and bookmark tabs.

By selecting General and Site Logo, you may further alter the logo’s dimensions. You can also decide whether to show or hide the slogan for your company underneath the logo.

When you select Colors on the customizer, you can color code numerous website elements, including the Top Bar, Header, Footer, and Below Header.

You can select the preferred color you want the element to change to by clicking on any of these selections, tapping the color in front of the element, and selecting it.

With so many color modification options, you can create an online store that reflects your brand.

By selecting the Widgets option, you can add widgets to a variety of areas, including the Sidebar, Top Bar Left, Sidebar Pages, and Top Bar Center, such as a Block, Calendar, Audio player, or Image Gallery.

Simply choose the area of the screen where you want to add the widget, click the Add a Widget button, and then select from the several options that appear.

Shoptimizer: Legit WooCommerce Theme? [2023 Review] 20

You can change the layout of any element on your site, including Sidebars, Blog, Footer, and WooCommerce, using the Layout menu. The width and position of the sidebar can be changed by selecting the appropriate settings.

The Typography option offers several font options for the main body, paragraphs, Heading 1 through Heading 5, blogs, and widget titles on your website. The element’s font type, variation, color, size, and letter spacing can all be customized.

Shoptimizer: Legit WooCommerce Theme? [2023 Review] 21

For your page’s top bar, header, mobile header, cart, navigation, and border header, Shoptimizer also offers a variety of Header and Navigation customizations. For instance, you can alter the sticky navigation, top and bottom paddings, layout, and search design when you select Header.

The Shoptimizer theme may be the best option for you if this is your first time using WooCommerce to establish an eCommerce store. With WooCommerce, the theme makes it simple to manage your own data making it the most optimized woocommerce theme.

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What features does Shoptimizer offer?

The Shoptimizer theme has a number of amazing features available that make creating and managing your e-commerce store an easy task. The CommerceKit plugin included with Shoptimize is responsible for a number of these features.

By eliminating the need for many plugins to achieve the same feature set, CommerceKit minimizes site bloat and lowers the likelihood of plugin conflicts.

Some of these features include:


One of the most crucial elements of an eCommerce store is website speed and mobile page speed. You could lose a lot of sales and income with even a brief delay. Not to mention, while selecting a WordPress theme for your WooCommerce stores, speed cannot be compromised.

Shoptimizer: Legit WooCommerce Theme? [2023 Review] 22

Shoptimizer’s server and web speed are well-optimized making it the fastest ecommerce theme. Minified CSS and critical CSS are two strategies employed by CommerceGurus to speed up Shoptimizer to an absolute maximum.

When redundant code is removed from the main CSS file, the result is minified CSS, which is faster and lighter. Critical CSS stylesheet allows for faster image loading speeds by only extracting the code required for on-screen content and leaving out any off-screen material.

Additionally, the theme receives a fantastic performance and speed score when put via Google’s Lighthouse audit. You can audit a web application for accessibility, progressive web apps, and other factors using Google’s Lighthouse open-source tool.

SEO enhancements

Having correctly optimized category pages will definitely help you rank highly for the keywords you’re after. The fact is that category pages make it simple for users and search engines to find your website. It enables your customers to swiftly reduce their options and locate the ideal products.

Shoptimizer has included a new field for product categories in order to improve your SEO for those categories. This means that for higher placement in search results, you can include more keyword-rich copy below your category page in addition to the featured category text and an image at the top.

Even the necessary markup is included with the theme. This aids in the improvement of search engines’ comprehension of your website’s contents.

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Conversion optimization features

It makes sense to desire a sales funnel when you run an online store to assist you turn as many clicks into sales as you can. Shoptimizer offers numerous features in this regard.

For instance, Shoptimizer’s single-product conversion features are fantastic for raising consumer engagement and encouraging product purchases.

With the Shoptimizer theme, you get the following conversion-optimized product elements:

  • An appealing header banner for highlighting deals and discounts next to the product heading.
  • A huge primary product image to draw attention to the product images in your WooCommerce store. The width of the thumbnail and the product image can both be adjusted to your preferences.
  • A visible call to action (CTA) to encourage customers to buy
  • Customers might use a Call Back button to ask for a callback to seek clarification on select expensive products or to answer product-related questions directly from the product page.
  • A zoom option for product images so that shoppers may see the product’s finer characteristics and make better purchasing selections.
  • Customers may rapidly navigate to the previous or next product with only one click thanks to previous and next product navigation.
  • To lower rejection rates, you can also provide more product details below the buy or add to cart buttons, such as the item’s shipping price.

Other features in product conversion are Stock amount, which instills a sense of FOMO in customers and prompts them to purchase the products quickly before they sell out, and the Countdown timer, which encourages hesitant and undecided customers to make a decision.

Mega menu support

To highlight your featured products in your top navigation bar, consider adding a mega menu. This will enable you to display a dropdown menu of your best-selling items and subcategories whenever a user hovers over a menu item.

Slide out cart and cart page

Shoptimizer: Legit WooCommerce Theme? [2023 Review] 23

Customers may examine the products in their cart on the same page with just one click thanks to the slide-out cart functionality that comes with Shoptimizer. In addition, it includes a thoughtful cart page that sets it apart from other WooCommerce themes.

This includes:

  • To avoid having to switch between screens to finish the checkout, there is a progress bar that shows the customer’s purchasing journey.
  • To persuade customers to make the purchase, use the effective Call To Action: proceed to checkout.
  • Customers can add coupons in the Apply Coupon box to receive discounts on purchases.

Checkout features

When you select WooCommerce and then Checkout in the theme’s customizer, Shoptimizer enables you to create a distraction-free checkout layout for your consumers.

Shoptimizer: Legit WooCommerce Theme? [2023 Review] 24

The checkout page’s navigation, header, and footer are all removed, focusing the customer’s attention solely on completing the transaction.

Here, you may set up a privacy policy and terms and conditions page for your customers to review before making a purchase, as well as adjust the necessary, hidden, and optional fields in the checkout form.

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Shoptimizer Pricing

Shoptimizer is a paid service with no free alternatives, but it is frequently offered at substantial discounts.

Although it costs $99, they are now offering a 50% off discount as part of a campaign. For a whole year, you get unrestricted updates with the membership.

Benefits of Shoptimizer

  • Has a simple and clean design
  • It is one of the fastest woocommerce themes
  • Particularly created and optimized for WooCommerce stores
  • The bundled CommerceKit plugin replaces a number of other standalone plugins, resulting in less site bloat and the addition of a ton of practical functionality for increasing conversions.
  • It is SEO-friendly

Drawbacks of Shoptimizer

  • No free plan is available
  • Without CommerceKit, many of the features are unavailable


Shoptimizer is one of the leading WooCommerce themes created by eCommerce industry experts CommerceGurus that is quick, SEO-focused, and conversion-optimized.

With a user-friendly interface and all the features mentioned above, it makes customizing your WooCommerce store a breeze. Additionally, it distinguishes itself from other WordPress and WooCommerce themes due to its compatibility, accessibility, and mobile-friendliness. It also happens to be the fastest woocommerce theme.

If you need a WooCommerce theme that is reasonably priced and completely optimized for speed and conversions, Shoptimizer is a great option.

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