Side Hustle For Kids To Earn Extra Money

Are your kids looking for a way to earn some extra cash, develop important life skills, and have fun all at the same time?

Encourage them to start a side hustle!

From pet sitting and yard work to freelance writing and social media management, there are plenty of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to get started.

Not only will they learn valuable financial literacy skills and gain confidence and independence, but they’ll also be setting themselves up for future success.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top side hustles for kids and provide tips on how to help them get started. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and read on!

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Why Encourage Kids To Have A Side Hustle?

Encouraging kids to have a side hustle can foster their entrepreneurial spirit, develop financial literacy, and build their confidence and independence.

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Whether it’s a part time job, odd jobs around the house or doing a yard sale it helps give them some independence.

This can also help them to save money and is an alternative to the usual things kids do like playing video games and watching youtube videos. Of course if they are creating youtube videos instead of watching that’s a potential side business too.

Foster Entrepreneurial Spirit

Encouraging kids to have a side hustle can foster an entrepreneurial spirit within them.

Starting their own business teaches children how to be creative and innovative, as they have to come up with unique ideas on how to make money at a young age.

It also allows them to take risks and learn from mistakes, which ultimately helps build resilience for future challenges.

Furthermore, having a side hustle enables kids to see the value of hard work and determination.

When they put in the effort towards starting and growing their own business, it gives them a sense of accomplishment that can boost their confidence levels.

This mindset will not only benefit them in their future careers but also in all aspects of life. Encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit through side hustling can lead young people down a successful path filled with opportunities for growth and learning.

And some kids can even develop a full time income if their side hustle takes off.

Develop Financial Literacy

Developing financial literacy is one of the key benefits of encouraging kids to have a side hustle. By earning their own money, they will learn how to budget and manage their finances effectively. It’s a great business lesson to learn that they can carry forward into adulthood.

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They can start by tracking their expenses and income, and setting goals for saving or investing. these are good money skills to learn that you will need to become your own boss.

Another way to develop financial literacy is by teaching kids about taxes and other legal obligations that come with running a business.

Parents can guide them through the process of registering for tax purposes, keeping receipts, and filing tax returns. These skills will be valuable not just for their side hustles but also in future careers or entrepreneurial ventures.

Build Confidence And Independence

One of the benefits of encouraging kids to have a side hustle is that it can help build their confidence and independence.

By taking on responsibilities in their free time outside of their daily routine, they become more self-reliant and learn to rely on their own abilities.

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Whether it’s starting a dog walking service or making money online selling homemade crafts, having ownership over their own business gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

In addition, running a side hustle requires problem-solving skills and allows for creative thinking as they come up with new ways to market themselves or improve their services.

These experiences can be invaluable in developing critical thinking skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Overall, any opportunity for kids to take charge and create something from scratch will ultimately lead to increased self-esteem and independence.

Top Side Hustles For Kids

Here are some of the top side hustles that kids can start with little to no investment: pet sitting and dog walking, yard work and landscaping services, baking and cooking goods, crafting and DIY projects, social media management, online surveys, and freelance writing.

Pet Sitting And Dog Walking

Pet sitting and dog walking are great side hustles for kids who love animals.

They can offer their services to family members, friends, or even local businesses in the community. With busy schedules and long work hours, many pet owners need someone trustworthy to take care of their furry friends while they’re away.

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With some advertising on social media platforms like Facebook groups or flyers around town, a kidpreneur can easily start this business without spending any money upfront.

Pet sitting and dog walking allow young people to earn money doing something they enjoy while also building valuable skills such as responsibility and time management. Plus, it’s a great form of exercise too and beats watching tv!

Yard Work And Landscaping Services

Yard work and landscaping services can be a lucrative way for kids to make extra money who enjoy being outdoors.

This type of service involves mowing lawns, raking leaves, watering plants, and cleaning up gardens. With the simple tools like a lawnmower or garden hoe, it is easy to get started with minimal upfront costs.

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Many homeowners often lack the time or energy to do their yard work themselves and are willing to pay young entrepreneurs for help.

Kids can advertise their services in local Facebook groups or through word-of-mouth referrals from family members and neighbors.

By offering quality services at reasonable prices, they can build a loyal customer base and earn some serious money during weekends or after-school hours.

Baking And Cooking Goods

Baking and cooking goods is a great way for kids to earn money through their hobbies.

From selling homemade cookies and cakes to creating custom dishes, there are numerous opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the food industry.

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Not only does it allow them to showcase their creativity, but it also teaches them valuable skills such as time management, budgeting, and marketing. Social media manager jobs are popular now and learning this at a young age will give kids an advantage in later life.

To start a baking or cooking side hustle, kids can reach out to family members and friends who may be interested in buying their treats.

They can also set up tables at a local farmer’s market or sell online through social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Marketplace.

With some hard work and dedication, baking and cooking goods can turn into a profitable business for kids while also allowing them to express their passion for food.

Crafting And DIY Projects

Crafting and DIY projects can be a great side hustle for kids who are creative and enjoy working with their hands.

From making jewelry to designing t-shirts, the possibilities are endless. These types of side hustles not only allow children to express themselves artistically but also teach them valuable skills such as time management, budgeting, and marketing.

One way kids can get started in crafting is by selling their creations at local farmer’s markets or craft shows. They can also set up an online shop on platforms like Etsy or Shopify where they can sell their handmade goods to customers all around the world.

With the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever for young entrepreneurs to showcase their work and gain a following which can lead to even more opportunities for growth and success.

Social Media Management

Social media management can be one of the best side hustles for teens since many teenagers already have a good understanding of how to use social media. Often at times they understand it better than business owners.

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With many businesses needing to establish or maintain their social media presence, there is ample opportunity for young entrepreneurs to offer their services to make extra cash. This may include managing social media accounts, creating content calendars, managing a youtube channel and running ad campaigns.

To start this type of side hustle, it’s important for kids to have a strong understanding of different social media platforms and how they can be used effectively for marketing purposes.

They should also have basic design skills and the ability to create visually appealing graphics and posts that will engage followers. With dedication and hard work, social media management can become a lucrative source of income for enterprising youths. But for the younger kids it may not be suitable.

Online Surveys And Freelance Writing

Online surveys and freelance writing are great side hustles for kids who enjoy the flexibility of working on their own schedule.

Many survey websites pay cash or free gift cards as rewards for completing surveys, which can add up to some extra spending money or savings.

Similarly, freelance writing allows kids with a talent for writing to earn money by completing tasks such as blog posts, product descriptions, and social media content. A freelance writer who has knowledge on a particular subject could easily earn upwards of $10 per article depending on the topic and word count.

To get started with online surveys, kids can sign up on popular survey sites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.

These platforms offer regular opportunities to participate in surveys that match the users’ demographics and interests.

For freelance writing gigs, websites like Fiverr and Upwork provide a platform where young writers can showcase their skills and connect with clients in need of their services. It could be from doing odd jobs to earn money or something more specialist.

How To Help Kids Start A Side Hustle

Encouraging creativity, providing guidance and support, teaching financial management, and helping with marketing and promotion are key ways to help kids start a successful side hustle that can lead to financial independence!

Encourage Creativity And Brainstorming

Encouraging creativity and brainstorming is an essential part of helping kids start their side hustle.

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When thinking about potential ideas, allow your child’s imagination to run wild and explore all the different options. Encourage them to think outside the box and look for unique ways they can offer value to others.

If you are financially able yourself consider helping them with startup costs. This could pay dividends for you down the line as your child matures.

Once your child has a list of ideas, help them narrow it down by considering their strengths, interests, and available resources.

Ask questions that will spark creativity and get them thinking critically about how they can differentiate themselves from competitors.

Teach Financial Management

Teaching financial management to kids is an essential part of helping them start and manage their own side hustles.

Teach them the importance of budgeting, saving, and investing their earnings wisely. Encourage them to set financial goals and track their progress towards achieving them.

Introduce tools that can help with managing money like a bank account or apps that track expenses.

Show kids how to create simple invoices for services rendered and teach them about taxes they may need to pay on earned income.

By instilling good financial habits early on, you are setting your child up for future success in both their side hustle and personal finances.

Provide Guidance And Support

When it comes to helping kids start their own side hustles, guidance and support are crucial factors for success.

As a parent or guardian, you can offer your child mentorship and advice on how to get started. Encourage them to think creatively and brainstorm ideas that play to their strengths and interests.

Additionally, teaching financial management skills is essential for any young entrepreneur. Help your child create a budget plan and track finances closely, so they understand the value of every dollar earned.

Finally, be there to offer marketing advice – whether it’s promoting their services on social media or creating flyers for local businesses – showing support will go far in building their confidence as they embark on this new venture.

Help With Marketing And Promotion

Marketing and promotion are essential aspects of any business, including side hustles for kids.

As a parent or guardian, you can help your child create a social media presence by setting up accounts on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Encourage them to showcase their products or services with catchy captions and engaging photos.

You can also utilize local Facebook groups to promote your child’s side hustle.

Many communities have a local facebook group where residents post about events, services, and classifieds.

By posting in these groups, you can reach potential customers who are looking for the types of goods or services your child is offering.

Don’t forget to include contact information so interested parties can get in touch!

Legal And Safety Considerations For Kids With Side Hustles

It’s important to consider legal and safety aspects when encouraging kids to have a side hustle in their spare time.

Parents should provide supervision and consent, teach their kids about tax obligations, and ensure safety and liability measures are in place.

Whilst the extra income may be great you need to ensure their money making hobbies are also legal and safe.

Parental Supervision And Consent

When encouraging your child to make extra money, it’s important to prioritize their safety.

This means providing parental supervision and consent throughout the entire process. Parents should be aware of what kind of work their child is doing, who they’re working with or for, and where they’ll be completing their tasks.

Additionally, parents should make sure that their child has all the necessary information regarding how to stay safe while performing their job -whether that involves wearing protective gear or avoiding certain situations altogether.

By being involved in this way, parents can help ensure that their child’s side hustle is both successful and secure.

Overall, when it comes to parental supervision and consent for kidpreneurs, communication is key.

By staying informed about your child’s plans, you can provide guidance and support while also making sure that they have a positive experience as they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Tax Obligations

When kids start their own money making venture, it’s important to consider the tax implications that come with earning money.

Depending on the type of business or service they provide, they may need to file taxes and pay self-employment tax. It’s crucial to educate them on these obligations early on.

Even if a child’s side hustle doesn’t make much money or is considered a hobby rather than a business, they still may be required to report earnings as income.

Parents can help by setting aside a portion of any profits earned for taxes and teaching kids how to keep accurate records of income and expenses.

By instilling good financial habits early on, children will be better equipped for success in the future.

Safety And Liability

When it comes to kids having a side hustle, safety and liability are important considerations. As parents or guardians, we need to ensure that our children are not exposed to any harm while doing their jobs.

For example, if they offer pet sit services where they will walk dogs it’s essential to check if the animal has any medical conditions or behavioral issues that may pose a risk.

Moreover, there might be legal implications attached to certain tasks like house cleaning or yard work for neighbors who may hold you liable for damages.

As such, it’s essential for parents and kids alike to be aware of any potential risks associated with their chosen side hustle and take the necessary precautions before getting started.

In conclusion, safety and liability should always come first when considering a side hustle for kids.

Ensure that your child is equipped with knowledge on how to approach different situations safely while carrying out their job responsibilities.

It’s also vital always to supervise them wherever possible and seek professional advice on insurance requirements specific to the business aimed at covering potential damages that might arise from accidents or other unforeseen incidents.

Balancing School Work And Side Hustle

To balance school work and a side hustle, it’s important for kids to set realistic goals, create a schedule that allows time for both activities, and prioritize their schoolwork above all else.

Setting Realistic Goals

It’s important for kids to have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve with their business ideas. Setting realistic goals will help them stay focused and motivated throughout the process.

Encourage them to start small and work towards larger objectives as they gain experience and confidence.

When helping kids set goals for their business ideas, make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

This will help ensure that their goals are attainable within a reasonable timeframe. Remember to celebrate each milestone reached along the way – this can be a great motivator for young entrepreneurs!

Creating A Schedule For A Part Time Job

When it comes to balancing school work with a part time job or side hustle, creating a schedule can be key.

Encourage your child to set realistic goals for their business and prioritize their school work accordingly.

This means carving out time each day or week specifically for working on the business ideas while also leaving enough time for studying and other obligations.

It’s important for parents to help their kids find the right balance between academic responsibilities and their side hustle.

This might mean re-evaluating priorities on a regular basis to make sure that schoolwork doesn’t fall by the wayside in favor of making money.

With careful planning and support from parents, kids can learn valuable lessons about managing both their finances and their time effectively through having a successful side hustle.

Prioritizing School Work

It’s important for kids to develop time management skills and learn how to balance their side hustle with school work.

One way to prioritize is by setting realistic goals, such as dedicating a certain amount of time each day or week to both school work and the side hustle.

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Creating a schedule can also be helpful in managing time effectively. Kids can make use of calendars or planners to keep track of deadlines, assignments, and tasks related to their side hustle.

They should also ensure they allocate enough study time alongside opportunities for relaxation.

While it’s great for kids to pursue their passions and earn extra money through a side hustle, education should always come first.

Encourage your child regularly that not only does success from the Side Hustle depend on good grades but also future planning will entail higher education qualifications which take priority over an online store selling printed t-shirts.

Success Stories Of Kidpreneurs

This section will feature inspiring tales of young entrepreneurs who turned their side hustles into successful businesses, demonstrating that age is just a number when it comes to creativity and ambition in the world of business.

Examples Of Successful Kid-Owned Businesses

Kidpreneurs have been popping up all over the world, utilizing their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to start businesses that cater to diverse audiences.

For instance, Mikaila Ulmer founded Me & the Bees Lemonade at only four years old after getting stung by a bee twice in one week!

She started selling her grandmother’s honey-based lemonade recipe and eventually made it to Shark Tank where she got a mentorship deal with Daymond John.

Another successful kid-owned business is Moziah Bridges’ Mo’s Bows which started when he was just nine years old.

He used his grandmother’s hand-me-down sewing machine to create bow ties for himself, then turned it into a profitable venture.

Now at age 19, Moziah runs his own fashion empire with several employees who help produce unique bowties that are sold globally.

These examples show how early childhood can be an excellent time for young people to learn essential life skills such as problem solving, financial literacy, discipline while also fueling their passion from an early age with different types of side hustles they can manage alongside schoolwork.

Lessons Learned

One of the most valuable outcomes of having a side hustle as a kid is learning invaluable life lessons. Whether it’s time management, financial responsibility or problem-solving skills, there are plenty of takeaways that can help kids succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

For example, entrepreneurship teaches kids how to think creatively and innovatively while developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Additionally, having a side hustle helps build resilience in the face of adversity which they will surely encounter throughout their future endeavors.

Ultimately, starting young provides an opportunity for kids to learn more about themselves than just making money-lessons about discipline, accountability and pushing beyond your limits while also discovering what you’re passionate about.

By gaining these vital lessons early on in life with something fun (their own business), they’ll have strong foundations for any future career path.

Benefits Of Side Hustles For Teens

Having a side hustle as a kid comes with numerous benefits that can set them up for success later in life.

First, it teaches them entrepreneurial spirit and how to take initiative. By thinking creatively and starting their own business or offering services, they learn the value of hard work and perseverance.

Secondly, having a side hustle helps kids develop financial literacy by teaching them important money-saving habits and budgeting skills.

They also learn about cash flow management, invoicing, record-keeping, and other essential financial practices that are crucial for any successful business owner.

Overall, having a side hustle as a kid instills confidence, independence, self-reliance while providing valuable real-world experience. And who knows? A simple dog-walking gig could turn into an exciting full-time career down the road!


In conclusion, encouraging kids to have a side hustle can offer numerous benefits for their personal and financial growth.

From fostering an entrepreneurial spirit to developing financial literacy and building confidence, there are plenty of reasons why every young person should have a part-time gig.

Whether it’s pet sitting, baking goods or crafting projects, managing social media accounts or completing online surveys; starting early can give them an advantage in life.

By providing guidance and support while balancing schoolwork (and ensuring legal considerations), young entrepreneurs can achieve great success while learning valuable skills and earning some extra cash in their own hours.

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Side Hustle For Kids To Earn Extra Money 7

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