Sowelstace Financial Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Sowelstace Financial is a new binary options scam software. I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m exposing this system as a scam. Keep reading and you can access my full review below sharing the truth about this system. But first if you want to see how I make over $15k per month online…

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Sowelstace Financial – It’s All Lies

Looking at the Sowelstace Financial website it would be easy to think that this is a genuine system. After all their website looks legitimate and professional however don’t be fooled, it’s a complete scam. This system is no different to other binary options scams that have launched recently like Tesler Software and HFT Finance. They suck you in with a fancy sales video that promises you easy money but the truth is they just want to refer you to a binary broker so they can earn a commission.

What most people don’t realise about these scams is the people behind the websites aren’t even traders. The guys you see in the sales videos on scam systems like Sowelstace Financial are simply actors. The people behind the scams are actually affiliates for binary options brokers which means they get paid when you sign up to the broker they recommend. So all they do is create a fake scam website that promises you easy riches if you sign up. Non of the claims on their website are real and you won’t make the $1,000’s per day like they say you can.

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Another fake thing about their website are the testimonials. The testimonials you see for Sowelstace Financial are all fake. The people claiming they have made $1,000’s are not real people they are actors. My guess is that many of the people in the testimonials probably don’t even realise that their photo is being used for the testimonial.

Most scam websites simply steal photos from Facebook or stock photo websites. Some even hire people to give fake video testimonials to make it seem more real however the same people have appeared in so many different scam systems now that these are becoming less effective since people actually recognise the people from other scam systems. Just take a look at one of the fake testimonials for Sowelstace Financial software:

sowelstace financial fake testimonials

Joseph Jacobs from Brazil is claiming he’s made over $38,172 in profits and over $12k his very first month. There is absolutely no proof that this review is fake and considering the Sowelstace Financial website hasn’t even been around that long I highly doubt that he made this month. Chances are like I explained above this person probably doesn’t even know that their photo is being used to give a fake testimonial for this scam system.

How Does Sowelstace Financial Work?

You might be wondering how exactly the Sowelstace Financial software scam works? I’ll explain the process to you so you know why you need to avoid it and also other similar binary scams. You start off by watching their sales video which tries to convince you about how they can help you to make money. All you need to do is just follow their steps to sign up for “free” and then you can start using their software app to trade binary options.

They tell you that it’s “free” and all you need to do is fund your account by making a small deposit of $250 and then you can start trading and making money. The reality is far different because when you actually make that deposit you’ll never see it again. Their software which is supposed to make you money won’t work as they claim, it will make terrible trades at random and before you know it you’ll have no money left. Don’t even think about withdrawing the money either, they won’t let you do that.

The truth is these guys get paid to refer you to the binary options brokers and the software you access is designed to lose. The brokers actually need you to lose money otherwise they would lose money. If you were able to make the kind of money that Sowelstace Financial claims then the binary options brokers would be bankrupt, trust me!

Scams like this come and go each week. Chances are the scammers will promote their website for a few weeks to scam as many people as they can and then they will close it down and create a new website and just repeat the process. That’s why scams like this are launching every single week, it’s a real shame but as long as you read my reviews you’ll always get the truth.

Sowelstace Financial – Avoid This Scam

To conclude my review it’s obvious that the Sowelstace Financial software is a complete scam. Make sure you avoid it unless you want to lose money.

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Sowelstace Financial Scam - Don't Trust It! 7

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