Is “St. Paul Research” Worth Your Time? [Unbiased Review]

Welcome to my review of St. Paul Research.

I have recently encountered various services published by St. Paul Research, so I decided to do a review of the publisher itself.

I have looked into its services and the experts who offer them to get the full picture of what they offer.

In this review, I will tackle a few questions and one of the most important ones is whether you can trust the services it publishes.

Read on to get all the details.

Before I start…

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Is "St. Paul Research" Worth Your Time? [Unbiased Review] 7

St. Paul Research Review

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Introduction to St. Paul Research

St. Paul Research

St. Paul Research is a publishing imprint of Agora Financial. It is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

It was launched in May 2019 to focus on income-based investments that are meant to cater to its readers’ retirement plans. Put simply, its mission is to provide you with reliable ways to build wealth for your retirement.

In the “About Us” page on its website, it lists its mandate as:

  • To show you how to invest in stocks that offer the highest returns.
  • To share with you secrets to maximizing your income using techniques that professional traders use.
  • To equip you with tools to beat the “insiders” and earn massive returns in a short period.
  • To show you how you can max out on Social Security if you are entitled to it.

Its main feature is its website ( which acts as the all-access point for all the resources that it offers its clients.

It provides analysis and other services through print issues, videos, online publications, articles, and other media.

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Who are the experts at St. Paul Research?

St. Paul Research is a collection of experts who use different approaches to provide retirement planning advice. Here are summaries on each:

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt is an income expert whose aim is to find investments with the best yields. He has money management experience and a track record of identifying oversized payout opportunities.

He edits Buyout Millionaires Club, Income on Demand, Lifetime Income Report, Weekly Squawk Box and Family Wealth Circle.

He began his career in the financial services industry as a cost accountant at SunTrust Bank before he became an analyst for an investment advisory company based in Atlanta.

His clientele comprised of high net worth individuals. He also ran hedge funds.

He has been featured by Motley Fool, Wall Street Journal, and Seeking Alpha.

Alan Knuckman

Alan began his career in Chicago working on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) trading floor. He started as a clerk and went on to become a floor trader.

His stint there (lasting 25 years) taught him a great deal about the options market and gave him an inside view of how the markets operate. He now holds series 4 and 24 securities registration credentials.

At St. Paul Research, he edits Weekly Wealth Alert, Daily Double Club, and Dollar Trade Club. He is a strategist for The Profit Wire.

He has made appearances as a market commentator on Sky News, CNN, BloombergTV, Fox Business, and CNBC.

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Beau Henderson

Beau is a financial advisor whose clients are predominantly families. So far, he has helped at least 3,000 families realize their financial dreams by shepherding them towards good investment opportunities.

He is also a radio host and author. When he is not doing one of the two, he is on the speaking circuit sharing insights on how people can become prudent with their finances.

Jim Amrhein

Jim has worn many hats in his eventful life, but for St. Paul Research, he is a contributor to Whiskey & Gunpowder. His style connotes a guy who is free-spirited, opinionated, and patriotic. He also doesn’t give a toss about being politically correct.

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Davis Ruzicka

Davis is the editor of The Daily Edge. He is an experienced value investor with a degree in finance. He is currently working towards acquiring a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Jonathan is a senior analyst and contributor to some of the most successful products offered by St. Paul Research.

He spent close to ten years working in retail management before he joined St. Paul Research. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Old Dominion University.

He contributes to The Takeover Alert, Zach’s Weekly Squawk Box, and Dollar Trade Club.

Jody Chudley

Jody is an accountant with a Finance degree from Brandon University. He spent 15 years working in various roles for an international financial institution.

His background as an accountant enables him to decipher financial statements, which then enables him to spot investment opportunities. He is also an astute portfolio manager.

He contributes to Contract Income Alert and Lifetime Income Report

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Matt Insley

Matt is the publisher of St. Paul Research. His area of expertise is the Agricultural and Natural Resources departments.

He is the natural resources and commodities expert at the publisher. He majored in Business and Environmental Economics and got his degree from the University of Maryland.

He has been featured on MarketWatch. He now contributes to The Daily Edge.

Patrick Stout

Patrick is a financial market analyst with decades of experience in the financial industry. He contributes to The Daily Edge and Income Underground.

The Premium Services offered by St. Paul Research

Buyout Millionaires Club

This is Zach Scheidt’s flagship service.

He launched this service to teach his readers how to make money from takeover deals. This was borne out of a trend he observed in 2015 when shareholders earned an estimated $4.3 trillion when the companies they owned were involved in a takeover.

He decided to concentrate on finding companies that are takeover targets and encourage his readers to buy their shares before such deals were announced.

The Executive Boardroom

The “Executive Boardroom” is a spinoff of the Buyout Millionaires Club.

It is run by Zach Scheidt who focuses on investment opportunities that are brought about by buyouts. Based on the model he uses with the Buyout Millionaires Club, he created this service as its pro-level version.

He combines top tier research with insider strategies to find more investment openings and buyout candidates for a select group of followers.

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Contact Income Alert

This service is also offered by Zach.

With this one, he recommends that his readers buy corporate bonds. His whole strategy is built on finding good companies that are offering bonds on behalf of his readers.

He particularly fancies bonds that are offered at a discount price.

Daily Double Club

This service is offered by Alan Knuckman.

His mission is to enable his readers to find the best trades by joining his exclusive breakfast club. He leverages his experience in the market to find those trades.

Dollar Trade Club

The Dollar Trade Club is offered by Alan Knuckman. He leads a team of analysts to deliver a report every week sharing details that his readers can use to dominate the markets.

They find the stories that the mainstream media is not covering that you need to know about to make better investment decisions. They also go through the day’s or week’s news finding whatever they think is relevant to your investments to enable you to make more informed decisions.

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Family Wealth Circle

Zach created this service to share the strategies he used when he was a portfolio manager at a large hedge fund. Back then, his clientele comprised of rich investors. He has crafted three investment models that you can use to manage your family’s investments.

He has created three models to appreciate the fact that people have different approaches to investment.

When you join, you receive three investment newsletters as well as his hand-picked portfolio models.

Infinity Circle

The Infinity Circle gives you access to all the services offered by the three top advisors at St. Paul Research. They are Alan Knuckman, Beau Henderson, and Zach Scheidt.

A subscription here will allow you to access all their services and benefit from their knowledge and experience across different areas of specialization.

You will have access to services covering asset maximization, options trading, income investing, and other strategies designed to make your transition into retirement seamless.

You also gain access to the official preferred St. Paul Research portfolio containing the top 10 (agreed upon) best profit recommendations from the experts who work for the publisher.

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Income on Demand

Zach Scheidt, through these services, introduces a relatively underused way to earn income in the stock market that doesn’t rely on dividend stocks or buying options: He encourages his readers to sell options.

He says that he has simplified the process so that he does all the research and picks the stocks whose options you are to buy. He also shares details like the prices so that you don’t have to spend time monitoring every move in the market. Everything happens automatically.

Lifetime Income Report

When you join the Lifetime Income Report, you will receive recommendations on the best companies to invest in that offer dividends.

You will be focusing on companies that are working hard to increase yields and that are likely to sustain those yields.

In addition to dividend yields, Zach will share tips on how to maximize your earnings by paying less in taxes (legally), looking for income opportunities outside the US, and finding companies to buy at bargain prices.

Lifetime Income Report Pro

Many people lost a significant chunk of their retirement money during the crisis in 2008. This means that they do not have enough in their savings accounts to maintain their lifestyles when they retire.

Having successfully run the Lifetime Income Report for years, Zach Scheidt felt that there was a need to create a new service that will solve the retirement crisis. It is different because it focuses on creating wealth quickly using strategies that are mostly associated with wealthy families and individuals.

The Profit Wire

Dave Gonigam says that you can become wealthy off of how the mainstream media dispatches news. For 30 years, he ran newsrooms for companies like ABC, Fox, and NBC; therefore, he knows how these media houses run.

He has devised a tool to predict big news events before the media catches wind of them. With that information, you will trade carefully selected companies that will be impacted by those news stories.

When the news breaks and those companies experience an uptick, you will walk away with a windfall.

Strategic Retirement

Beau Henderson is a retirement expert and he wants to help you transition seamlessly into retirement.

When you subscribe to his service, he will take you through the whole process of transitioning into retirement sharing tips on how to maximize your government payouts as well as the loopholes you can exploit to minimize your tax obligation.

He claims that with his help, you can build a formidable retirement nest egg that will not only keep your head above the water but also help you thrive and live a rich life.

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Weekly Wealth Alert

Alan Knuckman uses a proprietary algorithm to spot trades that could yield massive returns in the short-term, normally within two weeks.

He offers you step-by-step instructions on how to execute each trade and with his help, he claims that you can make up to $30,000 every week.

Zack’s Weekly Squawk Box

Through this service, Zach Scheidt wants to give retail investors the hedge fund manager experience.

Owing to his experience as a money manager at Bear Stearns, he wants to give you access to the squawk box network – a network of Wall Street insiders who are privy to the most profitable opportunities in the market.

During his weekly live calls (every Wednesday), you can submit investment questions and get exclusive updates and recommendations.

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The Free Newsletters

St. Paul Research offers three free newsletters that feature well-researched articles from different writers. Each has a unique perspective and follows a distinct theme. The three newsletters are:

The Daily Edge

The writers report the best income opportunities in the world. They share insights on how you can boost your retirement plans at the moment. They also share actionable investment ideas.

Whiskey & Gunpowder

This e-letter is named after the Whiskey Rebellion of 1790 in Pennsylvania and Guy Fawke’s attempted bombing of the English Parliament in 1605 using gunpowder.

Patriotism was the motivator for both events and this e-letter aims to follow their lead (non-aggressively) to offer stories, insights, and perspectives you will not find anywhere else.

Rich Retirement Letter

This service shares the tips and strategies you need to live a comfortable retirement life. You learn how to maximize your social security among other things. The e-letter also covers the non-financial aspects of retirement.

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Is St. Paul Research Legit?

I think St. Paul’s Research is legit. When I reviewed Agora Financial, the parent company of St. Paul Research, I mentioned that it was also legit. Therefore, it makes sense that I am giving it a clean bill of health.

That being said, one of the main allegations leveled against them that make people question their legitimacy is how they advertise their new services. They can be a bit overzealous and over-the-top.

However, that is the nature of their industry.

Since everyone is busy making outrageous earnings promises, they have to follow suit or they’d be drowned out and no one would care about what they have to offer.

The problem is that some people take those words literally and invest in those opportunities without carefully considering their financial situations.

Meanwhile, the terms and conditions page states that their publications are not meant to be used to make specific investment decisions because the writers have no idea what each of their readers’ financial situations looks like.

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Pros of St. Paul Research

  • The website has a great user interface that enables you to access reports, videos, and other resources nimbly.
  • When you register an account, you will be provided with a dedicated email address that allows you to quickly access the customer support team.
  • It provides retail investors with access to investment strategies that Wall Street insiders have been using to grow their fortunes.
  • You can join St. Paul Research whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice.

Cons of St. Paul Research

  • The refund policy is not robust; people usually have a tough time receiving refunds.
  • The opportunities presented come with systematic risk.

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St. Paul Research Verdict

To judge how well St. Paul Research has performed so far, we can’t do better than look at what the end-users have to say about them. We can’t merely go by what the editors say as they promote their products because you’d expect them to showcase their good results and sweep the bad ones under the rug.

Fortunately for us, we can check out Google reviews (and other independent review platforms) to get a more accurate picture of what this service is all about.

Out of 276 reviews, the overall rating is 4.7 stars out of 5 which means that an overwhelming majority of their reviews are positive. Going through the reviews, many reviewers like the publisher because the services are easy to follow and the recommendations made them money.

Ultimately, St. Paul Research offers its readers with independent market commentary through online publications (free and paid), other forms of media, and international conferences. Editors and contributors do not accept money from companies or other parties for coverage.

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Is "St. Paul Research" Worth Your Time? [Unbiased Review] 7

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