Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Newsletter [Reviews]

Jim Rickards
Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence

Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence newsletter claims that the USD will be replaced as the standard currency of the world.

Those are some incredible claims by Jim Rickards but is that really true?

If you’re looking for Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence reviews then you have come to the right place!

I’ve been taking a closer look at Jim Rickards newsletter in detail.

Let’s take a closer look at Strategic Intelligence below and find out what’s really going on here!

Before I start…

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Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Newsletter [Reviews] 3

Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Review

Here is what we will cover in this review of Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence:

Why Should You Listen To Jim Rickards?

If you’re an American citizen, the economic recession of 2008 is likely still very clear in your mind, some would argue that we are still recovering from it.

One renowned man called Jim Rickards is predicting that the value of US dollar will plummet which will significantly affect the American empire.

Jim Rickards statement may sound dramatic to many people’s ears but he offers some explanation to prove his statement holds water.

There are a number of websites that make bold claims like this, for example I just finished up a review of True Momentum which makes similar claims.

According to Jim Rickards newsletter, there are plans underway to replace USD as the standard currency of the world.

For many years, governments all over the world have used the US dollar as the standard currency.

This is because the USD has remained stable over the years as other currencies experience inconsistencies in the global financial market.

Jim Rickards' Strategic Intelligence

However, Jim Rickards believes that is bound to change after the world financial body, the International Monetary Fund decided to release a new currency as the world money.

Therefore, Jim Rickards newsletter predicts that banks all over the world will empty USD from their reserves to create room for the new world money.

If this happens, it may spell doom to the famous green buck as the value will dip, causing many Americans to lose a fortune!

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That means all your savings account in America will suffer the blow as well.

Just like the last economic recession in America, not very many people are anticipating the forthcoming collapse of the green buck, but Jim Rickards is predicting it and that’s where his Strategic Intelligence newsletter can help.

What Is Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence?

So, when you hear talks about the next global economic change, you want to be sure you have done everything you can to safeguard yourself from future uncertainties.

But how exactly do you even begin to do that?

Jim Rickards newsletter advocates that you follow his advice via his Strategic Intelligence newsletter.

According to Jim Rickards, Strategic Intelligence offers financial advice and exclusive information to Americans so that they can safeguard their investments and future.

Once you register to Jim Rickards newsletter, you will have access to all the information which is delivered via a newsletter and videos in addition to free books delivered to your house.

The main goal of Rickards Strategic Intelligence is to help Americans build a secure investment so that they can prepare for what Rickards believes is an imminent financial crisis.

How soon will that be?

It is hard to tell but Jim Rickards is telling us that our financial system is not stable and is getting worse by each passing day.

Jim Rickard argues that Americans should invest in gold.

This is because when the value of USD plummets, the gold will maintain or even increase in value during the impending economic crisis.

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Who Is Jim Rickards?

Jim RickardsBefore joining Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence, you want to be sure that the man himself is someone you can trust, so who is he?

Jim Rickards is the creator of Strategic Intelligence.

Rickards is an international lawyer who is very educated and passionate about the world economy pattern.

He is a New York Bestseller with the books The Death of Money and Currency Wars.

Jim Rickards is considered by many as a “CIA insider” having used his insights to create a financial warning system for the Pentagon and the CIA.

Jim Rickards is using the same techniques to assist American investors to brace themselves for future financial crisis via his Strategic Intelligence newsletter which is part of Agora Financial.

What Is Jim Rickards Net Worth?

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find out much about Jim Rickards net worth.

Why am I including it here you ask? Well I noticed that some people have been looking for this information on Jim Rickards.

It makes sense, I mean you want to know that the person you are taking investing advice from has a good track record right?

That being said, I was able to find out that Jim Rickards earned millions as the highest paid lawyer on Wall Street, he also lost 92% of his net worth in less than a week in the late 90’s, however he of course built this all back and more since.

How Does Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Newsletter Work?

Jim Rickards newsletter known as Strategic Intelligence works in three ways.

First, it requires investors to invest 10 percent of their capital in gold.

Second, investors are required to avoid shares which might damage their portfolio if they hold on to them.

And third, members of the service are advised to invest in the latest IMF money, which according to Jim, will become the next world money.

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Once you subscribe to Jim Rickards newsletter, you will get regular financial analysis from Rickards regarding how the next financial crisis will pan out.

In addition, you will get actionable equity investment ideas from service’s investment director called David Stevenson.

Is Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence A Scam?

Not very many people can give strategic information regarding the impending global crisis.

That is what Jim Rickards does with wisdom and zeal and has done for many years.

It is not surprising to find people saying that that Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence is a scam simply because they don’t understand it.

However, our research into his newsletter has shown no red flags whatsoever, though it might have a few pros which we will outline below.

Jim Rickards is a highly respected and prominent professional who has worked as an advisor to many governments including the CIA.

If he was a scam, he could not have got a job with the CIA or Pentagon.

Jim Rickards statements may sound dramatic but his warning to the impending financial crisis holds much truth.

Pros for Strategic Intelligence

  • Jim Rickard’s newsletter offers a free trial subscription to members. Therefore, if you are not convinced that the program is suitable for you, you can opt out without paying a dime
  • Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence offers three clear steps on how you can safeguard your wealth
  • Jim Rickards has over 35 years of experience
  • Jim Rickards newsletter is available worldwide via the internet
  • Strategic Intelligence app is user friendly and very easy to use

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Cons for Strategic Intelligence

  • Some people might find this program is not helpful if they are not actively involved in capital investment
  • Some of the information shared by Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence program is available on the internet for free
  • Some of the claims made are bold, and I’ve seen similar claims made by other programs like 10 Minute Millionaire and Federal Rent Checks

Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Conclusion

The bottom line is that Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence is a truly valuable tool to investors.

You will get regular investment advice from leading financial experts.

If you fear for the future of the American economy and you want to make sure your future and your current investments are safe, you will get a lot of benefits from Jim Rickards newsletter.

That being said, if you’re not an active investor, or you are someone simply looking to make money then this newsletter probably isn’t for you.

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Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Newsletter [Reviews] 3

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