Swarm Intelligence Scam – Real Review

Swarm Intelligence is a new binary scam that launched a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been so busy lately that this one happened to slip past me however I’ve caught up now and I’m ready to unleash my full opinion on this new software. Unfortunately it’s not good news as Swarm Intelligence is without a doubt a huge scam! Keep reading to see my review further down the page, or if you want to see my #1 recommendation for making money see below..

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Swarm Intelligence – Not Very Intelligent!

It’s funny that this system is called Swarm Intelligence because in my opinion it’s not very intelligent at all. And signing up is certainly not an intelligent move either. I did some research into the background of this system and it’s created by a group of scammers who have been behind many others in the past. They do not have a good track record of creating legitimate systems and have actually been behind dozens of scam binary systems over the past few years. Obviously when I found this out it didn’t give me much hope for the system as I could only assume that it would again be another scam, however one should never just assume. I did further digging into this system to find out the real truth and my suspicions were correct because Swarm Intelligence is a huge scam!

I spend a lot of my time reviewing money making systems and even online gurus like Tai Lopez and it seems that binary scams are the most popular type of scam. In the last week alone I’ve reviewed Jarvis Formula and WikiTrader which are both huge scams! The funny thing is these scams don’t even change, the only thing that changes is the website name and sales pitch, but the way the scam actually works doesn’t change. It starts off with you usually receiving an email about some money making app and then you visit the website. You watch the Swarm Intelligence (or any other websites) sales video and you sign up to access their free software. Apart from it isn’t free because when you sign up you are prompted to make a deposit to fund your trading account .They tell you that it’s just a deposit so don’t worry but in reality it’s not because you’ll never get it back. After you make the deposit you’ll be able to start trading with their automated software app however this is when your money will start to disappear. Their trading software which in the video they claimed will help you make a fortune will actually make terrible trades that won’t make you a penny. Your binary account will be completely drained within a few hours or days at most and you’ll be left wondering what happened, or maybe thinking that you knew it was too good to be true!

Swarm Intelligence Actors & Fake Testimonials

Another thing that the Swarm Intelligence website does which is a clear sign of a scam is use fake testimonials from actors. To be honest the scammers behind these websites never seem to bother to actually check who is giving a testimonial because the people they hire are not even good actors. It’s completely obvious that they are reading from a script and not giving a genuine review. Don’t be fooled by any reviews or testimonials you see, the truth is the positive reviews you find on YouTube and Google have been put together by affiliates of this website. The people behind these fake positive reviews get a commission if you sign up, so they will tell you that the system is amazing just to gain your trust and sign you up. When they do that they will get paid. This is usually why there are positive reviews, however sometimes the owner of the scam website (Swarm Intelligence) might pay a blogger to post a positive review.

Conclusion For Swarm Intelligence – SCAM

It was obvious to me from the moment I first saw Swarm Intelligence that it was a complete scam. Upon further investigation I was proved right.

Don’t waste your time on this system as you will only lose money and regret it. If you want to see how I make a full time income online (5 figures per month) then go ahead and take a look at my recommendation below. It’s a simple system I use that actually works and can help you make a real money unlike these binary options scams.

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