Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping Program Review

Looking for a review of Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping? I just heard about this and have been taking a closer look to find out what it’s all about, how it works and whether it’s something that is worth your time. Now I’m sharing all the details on the program and Tai Lopez below.

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Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping Program Review 5

Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping

Okay now I’ve got my little “pitch” for my no.1 recommendation above out of the way let’s talk about Tai Lopez and his brand new Real Estate Flipping program he’s created with Cole Hatter. Cole has appeared in other videos Tai has done in the past talking about real estate and also Tai Lopez Real Estate Investing program. With this particular program you are going to learn how to profit from real estate flipping with very little money needed. Often less than $1,000 to make a huge return. The video below is 2-hours long and details exactly what you get with the program and how you can start making money with it.

How Tai’s Real Estate Flipping Program Works

Tai states himself that there are only 3 things you need to know to flip real estate and these are:

  1. How to find the deals
  2. How to structure and fund the deals
  3. How to close and cash out

Once you know how to do it you can basically repeat the process, re-invest the money you have made and move onto bigger deals.


If you actually decide to join the program you’ll get the following training:

tai lopez real estate flipping

One of the things I personally like about this program is that Tai Lopez has brought in Cole Hatter who is an expert at doing this. Tai is someone who understands that he doesn’t know everything. Despite being a very intelligent guy Tai actually learns by bringing in the best of the best. You see it if you watch his YouTube videos and his Instagram. What Tai is interested in he brings in specialists to train him and clearly he’s done this by partnering with Cole.

In my opinion the Real Estate Flipping program looks great and with a 30 day money back guarantee you’ve really got nothing to lose by joining his test group.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn more about Tai Lopez

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Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez has become a celebrity thanks to his clever use of social media marketing. It’s no surprise that Tai has brought out courses on the subject of social media like his Social Media Agency program and his Traveling CEO program, both of which you can see reviews of at the links. Tai is the no.1 guy to learn social media from in my opinion but he also had a lot of knowledge when it comes to other subjects as he often learns from the best of the best. With his Real Estate programs Tai consults people like Cole Hatter who have proven track record and already many success stories in real estate investing.

Tai is famous for his “here in my garage” ad which reached millions of people. I can’t remember the exact figure that Tai quoted in a recent video I watched but I think it was around 100 million people who have seen his videos. It’s funny really because when Tai launched onto the scene via YouTube a couple of years ago everyone hated the guy. Chances are if you are reading this now you either love him or hate him. Tai has reached a serious amount of people, even my brother brought him up in a conversation once and he didn’t even know that I followed Tai, and my cousin too (who has zero interest in business).

People seem to think that Tai Lopez is a scam but that’s 100% not true. Tai has proven this time and time again. I think since he started to use Snapchat people have realised how stupid it is to call him a scam or say that his house or cars are rented since he literally posts everyday on snapchat and clearly lives at the house he shares in his videos and clearly he does own all those nice cars like his Ferrari and Lamborghini’s.

He’s also been featured by Forbes countless times and Entrepeneur:

Tai Lopez Haters

When it comes to haters Tai Lopez has plenty but what you might not know is that these “haters” can 90% of the time be categorised into 2 main categories in my opinion.

  • Jealous people
  • People piggybacking off his success

Let me explain. Tai gets a lot of hate across all social media channels but when you really think about it, why do they hate the guy? It’s because they are jealous of his success, his nice cars and everything he has. People in this world are extremely jealous and will do everything they can do drag someone down. You see it on every level from super successful business people, celebrities and even small scale successes.

The next type of person is someone piggybacking off Tai Lopez’s success. You see it on YouTube all the time, people creating videos calling Tai Lopez a scam. All they are doing is piggybacking off the amount of attention Tai is getting and trying to divert it to whatever they are doing. Most of these people probably don’t even dislike Tai, they secretly love him because if it wasn’t for the attention Tai Lopez gets they wouldn’t be having success either.

One prime example of this is a YouTube channel called h3h3Productions. I don’t actually follow their channel but I do know that they created a video hating on Tai Lopez. Don’t get me wrong their channel was already big before Tai came along but they still jumped on the “hate” bandwagon. Now the thing is Tai could have ignored these guys like he probably did for a while, he could have even tried to sue them or something to get the video taken down but instead he didn’t.

He actually invited them over to his house in Beverly Hills so that they could meet him, and see that for themselves that he is the real deal and his cars are not rented. You should watch the video below it’s actually pretty entertaining and I think both Tai and H3H3 had a mutual respect after hanging out together.

Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping Conclusion

In my opinion you’ll get a lot of value if you decide to join Tai’s test group for his Real Estate Flipping Program.

Tai delivers actionable value and you’ve also got a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s really nothing to lose.

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Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping Program Review 5

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