Asigo System Review & $2568 Bonuses! [2022 Update]

Looking for a review of The Asigo System?

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I recently came across Asigo’s “eService Dropshipping” model that enables you to make money online without having to get into eCommerce, Affiliate marketing, or anything that involves paid advertising.

And as we grapple with the harsh reality of high unemployment rates, a system that promises you $2,079 per week is an enticing proposition if you have lost your livelihood during the recession.

In this review, I give you a comprehensive overview of The Asigo System to help you better understand how it works if you are considering joining it. Plus I’ll share details on a unique bonuses I’ve put together.

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(Full details of the bonuses provided bottom of this review)

Asigo System Review & Bonuses 2022

Everything I’ll cover inside this review is from a unique and unbiased perspective.

However after seeing the product in action I am happy to recommend it as my existing subscribers will already know.

Introduction to The Asigo System

The Asigo System is a program that provides you with an automated system that sells high-ticket eServices.

It was started by Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch, who we will learn more about later.

As someone who has reviewed over 1000 products and systems here on this blog I’ve looked for a similar system but non-exists.

Asigo really is brand new and unique to anything else I’ve seen before.

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The Asigo System Reviews

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Jay and Chris believe that if you are planning to get into eCommerce or affiliate marketing, you are too late because the barrier to entry is very high now. Therefore, you’ll find it harder to be successful in those niches.

They offer you an alternative: selling high-ticket eServices online.

What is a high-ticket item?

High ticket products or services (also called high-ticket items) are products that are, to put it succinctly, expensive.

They are high-priced but they justify the price tag because they also offer great value.

This includes services like expensive webinars, training, or coaching and products like high-end cars, clothes, or houses.

Although the context plays a part in determining whether you can classify something as “high-ticket,” most of the products that fall under this category cost more than $1,000.

They require specialized high-ticket sales funnels that are designed to sell a product or service with a big price tag.

Funnels that work with low-priced items may not work with high-ticket items.

Dropshipping eServices

eServices are digital services that are sold and delivered online. A good example of an eService is how Netflix delivers TV shows and movies to its subscribers without having to ship any physical product.

The Asigo System enables you to tap into the business of dropshipping eServices.

This means that you don’t have to produce those services on your own. You merely bridge the customer with the producer and earn money. It is like the usual dropshipping, but instead of products, you sell high-ticket services.

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Who is behind The Asigo System?

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz founded The Asigo System. Let’s take a quick look at their credentials:

Chris Munch

Chris is a digital marketer who sells software for online businesses.

He is also a viral content strategist and CEO of PressCable, a company that specializes in online press releases.

He has built websites that have reached more than 30 million people and been featured by Mashable, USAToday, BBC, Wired, and TheSun. he is experienced in launching independent websites and software.

Of those visitors, he has closed more than 100,000 digital and physical product sales.

Jay Cruiz

On his Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, Cruiz describes himself as a “professional lion tamer at AmpiFire.” AmpiFire is a content amplification engine that enables you to advertise your content across numerous authority sites to increase your traffic and sales.

He is also a co-founder of PressCable, which he runs with Chris.

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How does The Asigo System work?

The Asigo System makes you an intermediary between buyers and providers of high-ticket eServices.

They also build you a system that automates this process allowing you to scale your efforts to earn more money.

The Asigo System Reviews

It is based on three core elements:

  1. A proven eStore
  2. A proven eService
  3. Dropshipping

The eStore

When you subscribe to The Asigo System, they allow you to clone their eStore. This website has an inbuilt high-ticket sales funnel that automates the entire marketing process.

The website comes with an “Aim & Fire” Traffic system that provides you with pre-qualified buyers. These high-quality leads have a higher chance of converting.

They keep the content on your eStore up-to-date and provide you with a custom storefront with their proven 8-figure high-ticket sales funnel doing all the work in the background.

A proven eService

With the website taken care of, you need a high-ticket eService and they have you covered.

What kind of eServices will you be drop shipping? There is a wide range of possible ones with Asigo System and they even provide you with a High-Ticket Offer Seeker to find them for you.

The Asigo System Review

However, the best way to get started from the get-go is to promote AmpiFire on your eStore because almost everything is already done for you.

It was recently mentioned in a Forbes article (pictured above) when the topic of content creation during the COVID-19 pandemic came up.

To promote AmpiFire, you get a “Copy & Paste” eStore DFY, an automated Funnel to handle your sales, an autopilot system to recapture lost sales, and a done for you fulfillment of the service.

If you will be dropshipping AmpiFire. They provide you with a special version of the service to sell to your clients. The process looks like this:

Asigo System review

Usually, everything is taken care of and all you need to do is find a niche or market comprising internet marketers and businesses that can use Ampifire. And you will be spoilt for choice because anyone that sells or offers services online should be a target of your AmpiFire campaigns.

There are live weekly training sessions that come with replays where they teach you how to go about selling the service.

They teach you how to pick a niche/market (Asigo has its own niches as well), how to launch your estore, how to use Ampifire to find customers from a up to 50 million potential leads, and how to automatically sell and fulfill the eService.

Then you will be on course to earn up to 6-figures, according to Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. By their estimates, it will take you only 8 months with 3 new sales per month to hit your target as in the model shown:

Asigo System review

It is up to you to decide the price at which you will be selling AmpiFire at your store. They say that you can charge anywhere from $297 to $2,997. In the model above, you will charge $497, which is a reasonable price tag for when you are just starting out.

In the model shown where you are selling it at $497, you will earn $397 from each sale, assuming the fulfillment cost is pegged at $100. If you charge higher than that, deduct $100 from your sale and you get your earnings. The more you charge, the higher the profit margins.

One of the benefits of a business model that sells such a high-ticket service is that if you have recurring sales every month, you can earn a lot of money. You can potentially bring in more with this model than you would if you ran an online store that sells low-priced digital and physical products.

Having a service package like AmpiFire under your brand that you can resell is one of the reasons the Asigo System can justify its price. Some clients have likened it to running an Amazon FBA business without having to create or buy custom made products.

The calculations we’ve seen so far are for one product. If you have multiple products that generate income, you increase your earning potential.

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What is AmpiFire?

AmpiFire is a content amplification service that enables you to advertise content across authority sites for greater brand exposure. It is provided by Chris and Jay.

Asigo System Review

AmpiFire creates ultra-specific content about a business and they distribute that content to hundreds of websites and platforms in an array of media formats. The content is sent out as video, articles, blogs, slideshare presentations, audio ads, and infographics. The goal is to attract hyper-targeted traffic to the business (including a local business) by building authority and exposing the business to an online audience.

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How AmpiFire Works

AmpiFire creates ultra-specific content with an automated content creation & distribution software that makes use talented writers who are augmented with technology. The system has elements of automation, machine learning and AI. The content is not AI-produced because the articles and blog posts are handwritten by in-house writers. They only use automation tools to help create the podcast, infographic, slideshow and video.

Here is how the process works once you have paid for the program:

You have the option to either create the content yourself or delegate it. This is called “creating an amp.”

AmpiFire Process

In our example, let’s go with delegating the task. So, in the image above, you will click on “Create Amp For Me.”

Once you’ve done that, you will find yourself on a page that looks like this:

AmpiFire process

Here, you share details concerning your company and your digital marketing campaign. That includes your target keywords and your main theme.

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After submitting those details, AmpiFire’s entire system gets to work creating content for you. They produce content in various forms, as you can see below:

ampifire process

The final step is to publish the content on authority sites and platforms. AmpiFire has a diverse and unique distribution that they’ve created through years of curating and building a distribution network. To create it, they signed publisher agreements, built their own blog network, and set up direct integrations with some of the world’s biggest websites and platforms.

AmpiFire distribution

They place your campaign in places like Google News, NBC, MarketWatch, YouTube, Pinterest, Yahoo Finance, independent websites, and other platforms.

You’ll typically start seeing results within 24-48 hours of your Amp campaign going live. However, if you want to achieve brand domination, you need to launch consistent campaigns stacked up over time.

The process works slightly differently for businesses in different industries. According to Chris and Jay, you can promote almost any brand/product/service with their content creation method.

The caveat is that you cannot choose where the content is placed after enabling content advertising. They say that distribution to specific sites is out of their control because of the various syndication services they work with. This is common practice even when you choose other distribution companies. In the end, every campaign you launch will be a little different and the exact number of sites will vary but typically, the top 20 sites will provide 80% of the results.

To get around this, you can purchase the ‘Premium Distribution’ option that guarantees you exposure on Yahoo Finance and 4 other 8 figure monthly traffic media sites.

You can’t just buy a single campaign and the argument is that an effective content marketing strategy requires consistent content to be successful. Therefore, running multiple campaigns increases your chances of success.

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AmpiFire Pricing

The monthly subscriptions cost at least $995 per month. When you pay that, you get four AmpiFire Campaigns for the month.

You can opt to pay for annual subscriptions and larger packages, which are beneficial because they help you reduce your cost per campaign each month.

AmpiFire Refund Policy

AmpiFire has a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the work and would like to get your money back.

Before you seek that option, if you are unhappy with the work, you can request revisions and they will complete all revisions necessary to make sure you’re happy with the content.

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What you get when you join The Asigo System

When you become a member of The Asigo System, you gain access to The Asigo “7 Figure Fast Track” Training Program.

Asigo system

The Asigo system program is jam-packed with all the secrets you need to learn to launch and run a successful dropshipping eStore.

It comprises of 8-weeks’ worth of digital training material, including an A-Z guide, video tutorials, and further advice from the founders.

You also receive:

  • A copy & paste dropshipping eStore
  • A special reseller edition of AmpiFire
  • The Asigo “Aim & Fire” Traffic System
  • The Asigo “Recapture” System (The high-ticket sales funnel).
  • The Asigo “done for you” eService fulfillment center.

Asigo System Bonuses

In addition to the entitlements I have listed above, you receive the following bonus items:

  • The Asigo Partner’s concierge. It is the customer care service.
  • The Asigo “windfall” method.
  • The e-store branding launch pack (offer expires on August 2nd).

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Subscription Fee

There are two payment options:

  1. A one-time payment of $2,995 with a monthly maintenance fee of $195.
  2. You can pay the fee in 4 installments, each worth $995. Note that this plan attracts a monthly maintenance fee of $195.


The Asigo System Reviews

Refund Policy

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee

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Is The Asigo System Legit?

The Asigo System is legit.

It is an e-commerce model that dropships a digital product to paying customers. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can give it a try.

Therefore, members do not have to rely on an affiliate system to make money as you see with multilevel marketing schemes, many of which I have shared reviews of and exposed.

In this case, there is a genuine product, called AmpiFire, which you sell to clients who are not themselves members of the Asigo System.

Pros of The Asigo System

  • You don’t have to provide or deliver the eServices because it is a dropshipping model.
  • It earns you massive profits because it generates high-ticket recurring sales.
  • You don’t have to build your own sales funnel and eStore because they do it for you. You leverage their experience and research because they let you clone their system.
  • The system is automated hence you don’t have to spend time maintaining it.

Cons of The Asigo System

  • The only real con I see is that the barrier to entry is high given the cost associated, however the good news is that is is fully backed by their guarantee, and if the claims are true you’ll easily recoup this investment and far more.

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The Asigo System Verdict & Limited Bonuses

The Asigo System is based on a dropshipping model but instead of fulfilling products, it deals with high-ticket eServices. The typical person who’ll try out Asigo System is the high ticket sales seeker that wants content amplification by a system that’s proven.

When you become a member of the Asigo System, they provide you with a store, a product, and a traffic-generation system.

You really get everything you need to succeed which is why I’m standing behind this product 100%

I’ve even managed to negotiate a special bonus offer for you, just click the link below and see everything you’ll get.

This bonus offer is has been put together to compliment the Asigo System perfectly to help you maximize your income!

We’re also including 6-months Skype support from Mark (founder of NoBSIMReviews), which gives the bonus a real value of $2568 (full details down below)

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asigo system bonus

How To Get Your $2568 Asigo System Bonuses

The Asigo System bonus includes everything you see at the bonus link PLUS 6-months Skype support from Mark (founder of NoBSIMReviews) at a value of $997.

Why is this 6-months Skype support from Mark so valuable?

Mark has generated multiple 7-figures in revenue over the past few years and driven millions of visitors to his websites.

Here’s earnings from just 1 company we work with:

Asigo System Review & $2568 Bonuses! [2022 Update] 2Watermarked to protect us from copycats!

This knowledge which has been built up over the past 10 years of running an online business is invaluable to you and Mark can help give your Asigo System business that extra edge to succeed!

This combined with the amazing Bonuses you’ll see at the link below that compliment Asigo perfectly is the winning combination.

Get Your Asigo System BONUSES Now (Limited Time)

Once you’ve purchased Asigo just email with your receipt and we’ll get you setup on Skype 🙂

Alternatively message us on Facebook with your receipt info!

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