The Aussie Method Scam – My REAL Review!

The Aussie Method is one of the biggest scams of 2015 and 2016. It’s been going strong for a long time and actually started off before I even launched this blog. I thought this scam was done with but it seems that it’s still going strong so today I’m bringing you my full review of The Aussie Method and warning you to avoid it.

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The Aussie Method – A Real Big Scam

You shouldn’t believe a word of The Aussie Method. It’s a huge scam and also goes by the names of The Brit Method. Similar scams have launched recently like Click Money System. It’s what we call a viral binary options scam and it’s one you need to avoid. You’ve probably come across this via a spammy email or maybe one of their annoying popup ads. It seems that The Aussie Method is hard to get away from. The truth? It’s a complete scam and it won’t make you a penny. This guy Jake Pertu doesn’t even exist either and the image is simply a stock photo. The poor guy won’t even know that his face is plastered across the internet thanks to this scam.

So the scam starts off with their sales video talking about how much money you can make. All you need to do is simply sign up and you can use their software for free to trade binary options. It’s not that simple though because it will cost you $250 to get started that is the minimum deposit amount and once you access their software it won’t work as promised. The software sucks and loads of people have said that it just flat out makes terrible trades. I’ve read countless reports of people complaining about it, and I know for a fact (based on my experience reviewing 100’s of these systems) that the software itself doesn’t work.

The binary options brokers pay out referral commissions to the owner of The Aussie Method for referring new traders to them. They make sure that you lose because if you actually made a lot of money it would cost them money, so they’ll make sure that you lose so that they can keep making money.

Also they’ll deploy their “expert traders” to call you up and try and scam you. These guys can be very convincing and they’ll come across like they are your friend. Some people claim to have been on the phone for hours with them as they built up trust and made huge claims about how much money they could make you. I’m not really sure why these people didn’t just hang up the phone but I guess sometimes it’s easy to get sucked into the false promises. The truth is you need to stay far away from scams like The Aussie Method as they never work.

The Aussie Method Brokers

Like I mentioned the binary brokers are complete scammers. It’s a really dodgy industry and in all my time online I’ve yet to see real proof of anyone making legitimate money from binary options. The only people making money are the ones who earn their money from referring people into binary brokers. Brokers pay big commissions to people who can refer new traders to them because they know that they can make even more money by scamming you.

Around 10 years ago or maybe a little longer it was online casinos that were the scammers choice. Scammers would earn huge referral commissions getting people to sign up to online casinos but the authorities came down hard on these. Now binary options has taken over and it’s even more dangerous. The fact is people know that gambling is dangerous but with binary options people see them as more legitimate because big company names like Apple are thrown around. The truth is they’re no different to gambling and the scammers and scam brokers use the big names in order to build trust. Don’t believe them though these guys are nasty and they don’t care about you. They will scam you out of every penny you have.

My Advice – Avoid The Aussie Method Scam

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