The Kibo Code – Honest Review Shares The Truth!

Looking for a review of The Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code is a new program from Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth.

The program teaches you how to make money online from e-Commerce and the training program lasts 8 weeks.

Is The Kibo Code really all it’s cracked up to be and should you buy it?

Keep reading below as I’m sharing all the details in my honest review.

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The Kibo Code Review

Here is what you’ll find inside this review of The Kibo Code:

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What Is The Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code is a marketing training program offered by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth that teaches you how to make money online using a distinct form of eCommerce marketing. The training lasts about 8 weeks.

the kibo code

In the 2020 edition, prelaunch will begin on January 22, and the cart will open on January 28 and close on February 6.

The eCommerce format they teach you is based on a model used by a popular brick and Mortar store in Japan.

This Japanese store has made billions of dollars selling all kinds of products.

Every year, the Tokyo-based store places products on their shelves.

They monitor the rate at which each product sells.

They relocate the products that are selling faster to areas with a high amount of foot traffic to boost sales.

They get rid of the strugglers (unpopular products) and replace them with new ones.

They repeat the process of monitoring sales volumes and optimizing their product arrangement to increase the sales of popular products and eliminate the unpopular ones.

Steven and Aidan have copied this model, but instead of having a physical storefront, they do everything online.

They have been highly successful and have made a ton of money so far.

Every year, they train a new batch of people on how to replicate their model.

Their model is relatively easy to replicate it because it does not require you to run Facebook ad campaigns, handle inventory, or do a ton of product promotion in the name of affiliate marketing.

Therefore, even people with no online marketing experience can join, learn, and hit the ground learning with the profitable model.

Who started The Kibo Code?

Aidan Booth

Aidan got into digital marketing in 2005 when he migrated to Argentina and couldn’t get a regular job – he had moved there from New Zealand with his Argentinian wife and was on a tourist visa.

He began setting up niche sites with paid traffic before graduating to eCommerce sites and affiliate sites that used both paid traffic and organic traffic (search engine rankings). He ended up creating more than 1,500 sites and although some didn’t do well, the ones that did made the whole exercise profitable.

He partnered with Steve and has since been sharing his knowledge through digital marketing training programs like the Kibo Code.

Steve Clayton

Steve has a corporate background.

He was a CFO of a Fortune 500 and had many years of corporate experience before he ventured into online marketing.

Using his experience, he brings structure and coordination to their business model, which augments Aiden’s vast digital marketing experience (although Steve is a skilled internet marketer in his own right).

In addition to the Kibo Code, Steve and Aidan run programs like 7-figure cycle, Blackbird, 100K Factory Revolution, and Parallel Profits.

How does The Kibo Code Work?

When you join the Kibo Code program, they train you and provide you with software, a website, a control center, and access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Here is how the process unfolds:

  • You buy a generic domain name; Steven and Aidan will help you pick the name using their proprietary tool.
  • You then set up your niche website in two steps a) you fit it with a pre-tested, high conversion theme, and b) you put up the product listings.
  • The products you will have on your website are selected using special software. The criteria used in choosing the products focus on profitability (popularity) and not a certain niche or type of goods.
  • When customers buy goods, the fulfillment process is done by some US-based sellers – they deal with inventory, packing, and shipping.
  • Traffic is sent to the website using simple, unconventional methods. The product pages are monitored and optimized to ensure that the products being sold are fast movers.

You earn commissions for the sales you make from your website.

Affiliate Program

Every year, affiliates and JV partners earn cash prizes during the launch of products from Steven and Aidan.

This time around:

  • You will earn $2 per lead you generate prelaunch
  • There will be over $27,000 in prelaunch prizes
  • There will be more than $100,000 to be won during the launch

To participate in the prelaunch draw, you must get written approval from the JV manager. This is to keep the quality of the people promoting The Kibo Code high.

Is The Kibo Code Legit?

The Kibo Code is a legitimate program.

It has been running since 2008, and each year, it has helped students earn millions.

Speaking of the latest model, the students who have beta tested it have reported earning substantial returns so far.

Steven and Aidan are legitimate entrepreneurs, similar to the likes of Tai Lopez and Sam Ovens.

Pros of The Kibo Code

  • Everything you receive has been tested and proven to work.
  • Although you accrue the benefits of running an eCommerce site, you don’t have to deal with the challenges of running a business.
  • Besides making money through marketing, you also win cash prizes during the annual launch.

The Kibo Code Verdict

The Kibo Code is a training program that embraces a unique form of affiliate marketing that leverages a sales tactic employed by a successful Japanese retail store.

In joining the program, you leverage Steve and Aidan’s vast experience teaching about online marketing and launching successful niche and eCommerce sites.

Personally I’m happy to recommend The Kibo Code which is not something I often do since the majority of products I review are a waste of time but that is definitely not the case with The Kibo Code.

The Kibo Code Is LIVE – Get Access Here


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The Kibo Code - Honest Review Shares The Truth! 5

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