The Millionaire Mastermind by Coach Giani [Review]

The Millionaire Mastermind by Coach Giani is a program teaching you how to make money with affiliate marketing and other methods like CPA marketing but is it actually any good? I’ve been taking a closer look to see whether or not it’s the real deal and I’m sharing my honest opinion right here.

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The Millionaire Mastermind by Coach Giani [Review] 13

The Millionaire Mastermind Overview

So I heard about The Millionaire Mastermind whilst watching one of my favourite entrepreneurs Grant Cardone on YouTube. Coach Giani actually advertises on Grant’s videos promoting his Millionaire Mastermind program. To me this is a good sign because Grant is a legitimate entrepreneur and I would guess that they will vet people who advertise to make sure that they are legitimate people. Plus Coach Giani himself has appeared on Grant’s TV show Power Players which is another plus point.

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Who Is Coach Giani?

Coach Giani is the main man behind The Millionaire Mastermind and he’s appeared in a number of publications teaching how regular people can get started with little money and make a part or even full time income online. The company is described as a “results driven” affiliate marketing education company with hundreds of successful students from all over the world.

But does affiliate marketing really work? Yes it definitely does work. I have not personally used Coach Giani’s methods however using my “no.1 recommendation” which teaches you how to do affiliate marketing to make a full time income I have personally made over $100k in my first 5 months implementing the techniques.

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Coach Giani is not the only person on board here to teach you. He actually has a number of other people involved in the company too as I will show you below in some images I found from The Millionaire Mastermind website.

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Who Else Is Involved In The Millionaire Mastermind?

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Rafael is the co-founder with Giani and has been responsible for systems that have done over 7-figures, so that is of course the exact kind of person you want to learn from. Samuel is the marketing director who earned 7-figures his first year online as a media buyer. He’s also done 7-figures through methods that use Facebook, Native Ads, Google Ads and other lead generation methods. His speciality is CPA marketing which is something that can make a lot of money for sure as I have personally had success and made 6-figures with CPA.

Is The Millionaire Mastermind A Scam?

After taking a closer look at their website, doing some research on Coach Giani and also looking at other reviews and testimonials I see no reason to suggest that this program is a scam. In fact it looks like one of the far more legitimate programs out there on the internet. With so many obvious scams launching each week that I am always quick to expose like paid to send emails and home job position it’s easy to think that this might just be another one of those. However I can assure you that thankfully it’s not.

I have reviewed literally 100’s of programs so I know exactly what to look for when it comes to scams. The scam systems hide behind fake identities, they use fake testimonials and they don’t hang around very long. Scam programs get very popular, then are exposed and the owners disappear and create a new program to scam people. That is clearly not happening here with Coach Giani and The Millionaire Mastermind so you have no reason to suspect that they are scamming anyone.

Conclusion – Do I Recommend It?

Unfortunately I won’t be recommending it despite openly saying that it’s NOT a scam.

The reason is simple, whilst I believe they are offering a genuine program I’m not going to recommend it instead of my “no.1 recommendation”. At the link below you can see my no.1 recommended training which has helped regular people start generating an income online. What kind of income? Well I personally tested the training and was able to generate over $100k in just the last 5 months alone. Check it out and see how it can help you:

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The Millionaire Mastermind by Coach Giani [Review] 13

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