Home Job Position Scam – Avoid It!

Home Job Position is a new website that I’ve been taking a closer look at and now I’m sharing my honest review. Looking for a real review of Home Job Position? Keep reading because I’m sharing everything and unlike other reviews (which are mostly fake) I’m exposing this system for what it really is.

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The Real Truth About Home Job Position

It didn’t take long for me to come to a conclusion about Home Job Position. In fact to tell you the truth I’d made my mind up about it before I even landed on the website.

How could I do such a thing? Easy actually because Home Job Position is a re-hashed scam which I have already exposed on numerous occasions in the reviews of Extreme Home Paycheck and also Home Jobs Now. If you were to visit these websites you would notice a common theme. These 2 websites are literally identical to Home Job Position. The only difference is the name, literally everything else is the same.

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So this is what the website looks like as you will know. And now I’d like to show you what the websites of the other programs in question that I have already exposed are. Here is the website for Extreme Home Paycheck:

Home Job Position Scam - Avoid It! 11

They look pretty similar right?

That’s because they are essentially the same website/scam. Both of these websites are covered in ridiculous claims of how you can make money and also are covered in fake endorsements from big name websites like CNN. This is very misleading because it states that “work from home” opportunities have been featured in these publications however someone glancing at this website is going to think that this particular system has been featured when it definitely has not.

Home Job Position = Unethical Scam

After taking a closer look at the Home Job Position website and quickly realising what I was looking at I can tell you that in my opinion it’s simply an unethical scam. It gets re-branded into a new website with a new name every few weeks. I believe this happens because people like me write reviews like this which expose the scam for what it really is, and then since they get negative attention from that they go and rename it so they can scam some more innocent people.

The Home Job Position is what is known as an “offer” which means it’s listed on a number of affiliate networks where affiliate marketers can sign up and promote it. When they drive traffic to the website and make sales they will earn affiliate commissions. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate method to make money online and I personally do it to the tune of 5-figures per month however the kind of affiliates that systems like Home Job Position attract are unethical ones. The type that will spam their email lists with extremely hyped up promotions to try and sell you this.

Chances are you probably heard about this system via an email that you received from some marketer. Or perhaps you clicked on some kind of make money advert that promised you riches untold. The real truth is non of this is going to happen from using this system, it’s all just hype to get you to part with your hard earned money.

My honest recommendation for you is to avoid Home Job Position. It’s a system that exists to make the owners and the affiliates who promote it money. It’s not designed for you to really have success with. It’s just another typical “get rich quick” scheme that offers huge returns but no real substance, similar to other programs I’ve reviewed recently like Lifestyle Now and Paid To Send Emails that have little substance to them. If you sign up to Home Job Position you are most likely just going to become another person that loses money to a scam. In a few weeks they’ll rename the website to something else to keep their scam going and you’ll certainly not be the last one to lose money.

The problem is, after your bad experience here you might never try and make money again which would be a huge shame since there are actually legitimate programs out there like my no.1 recommendation AWOL Academy that teach real and genuine methods to make money online with affiliate marketing.


Home Job Position – Conclusion

After spending about 10 seconds or less on the Home Job Position website I knew exactly what I was dealing with and that was simply another scam that I won’t be recommending to my blog readers or subscribers. After reviewing 100’s of programs it becomes pretty obvious when I’m dealing with another scam and this is certainly one.

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