Is “The Plan” by Dan Hollings Legit?

Welcome to my review of The Plan.

This program claims to provide you access to a Crypto Automations Masterclass where you learn how to get your money into crypto, how to use automation to make money every from crypto, and everything else involved in that.

In this review, we examine how it works, what the masterclass covers, and other relevant details you should learn about before you consider joining. 

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Is "The Plan" by Dan Hollings Legit? 10

The Plan Review

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Introduction to The Plan

Dan Hollings’ The Plan is a crypto training course that was launched by Rapid Crush. It is meant to show you how to earn money with crypto in a safe way. It’s similar to another crypto program we reviewed recently called Crypto Cashflow.

The Plan is designed to show you how to make money without relying on conventional trading. The goal is to primarily rely on crypto bots to handle all the ‘trading.’

The Plan

As I stated in the preamble, The Plan is a program that is essentially a “Crypto Automations Masterclass.” What this means is that you learn how to invest in crypto and optimize your accounts to earn the most you can from those investments.

There are six sessions in the Crypto Automations Masterclass. The main goal of each session is to nudge investors towards generating daily revenue with high-value cryptocurrencies with minimal effort and maximum safety.

If you implement what The Plan teaches and start using crypto bots, the bots will trade numerous cryptos multiple times per day. Every time a trade is completed, you will earn a tiny profit (a couple of cents each time).

Although that doesn’t sound like much at first, if the bot trades several hundred times a day, it adds up to a significant amount.

The Plan focuses on using bots because the cryptocurrency market typically has multiple fluctuations; cryptocurrencies are generally volatile. Bots are suited to a volatile market because they implement automated grid trading.

When you sign up for The Plan, you will attend sessions that are held over Zoom calls. There are six sessions and by the end, you will know how to make the strategy work irrespective of previous crypto or trading experience.

Dan Hollings’ system shows you how to wiggle your way to significant returns using automated crypto bots.

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How You Make Money With The Plan

Since you will be trading cryptos, there are a few ways you will earn money when you follow the strategy taught by The Plan.

You will make money in the following ways:

  1. Through trading: This is the typical buying low and selling high. You will be buying crypto at a low price and selling in the future at a higher price. This is the conventional way most people who invest in crypto make money.
  2. The “wiggling” of your crypto bots: The crypto bots are usually buying and selling micro-amounts of crypto multiple times a day depending on how the prices move. They are programmed to sell tiny bits of crypto for a price higher than they were bought for. The tiny profits add up at the end of the day.
  3. Interest: In a decentralized finance system, there are savings accounts where you can store your crypto and you earn interests between 6-10% per annum.

The Plan trains you to stop relying on market timing, a common strategy used by traders.

You don’t have to guess whether a crypto will go up or down. Instead, you will be hoping that it goes up and down multiple times during the day because that’s when your crypto bots will make you the most money.

You will still have the option to trade the usual way (buy low and sell high), but that will be complimentary.

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Who Is Behind The Plan?

The Plan was designed by Dan Hollings. He is a well-known crypto expert, internet super strategist, and a well-known player in the world of crypto.

Dan Hollings has a wide range of clients, including talk show hosts, NY Times best-selling authors, universities, and businesses.

The PlanA while back, Dan decided to completely focus on Cryptocurrencies and he founded one of the largest worldwide crypto training courses in the marketplace i.e. The Plan. His goal is to help thousands of people in over 100 countries.

Dan has also helped many individuals and businesses to make money by showing them his strategies. His areas of expertise include Grid Trading, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), Defi Protocols, Passive Crypto Strategies, and Rebalancing.

He has been involved in cutting-edge tech for over ten years. As a marketing pioneer, Dan was one of the first people to predict that the internet would go mobile and he capitalized on that. He is known for spotting trends and finding the easiest ways to cash in on those trends.

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What is included in The Plan

When you sign up for The Plan, you will be required to sign a Non Disclosure And Customer Participation Agreement.

They make you sign the agreement because the information they share is proprietary and they’d only want it to be accessed by members.

Is "The Plan" by Dan Hollings Legit? 11The agreement also explains what you should expect from The Plan and what is expected of you.

If you fail to sign the agreements before the pre-determined date, you cannot participate in the sessions.

When you sign both agreements, you gain access to the digital members’ area where you’ll find the links to the sessions or the recordings.

The sessions are:

Session 1: Digital Gold – An Overview of The Plan & Crypto

In this session, you will get a complete overview of the popular “HODL” coins, four core strategies to make crypto wealth, the 3-circled concept to manage risks, and the Strategy-HODL-Reserve approach to boost returns and lessen risks.

The session also explains why you should ignore headlines, rumors, and moonshots in crypto always. 

Session 2: The HODL Bot

The second session covers a full walkthrough of the automation software interface including what to focus on and what to ignore. Also, it will reveal all details of The HODL bot that is considered to be the safest, most powerful long-term bot in crypto. 

That’s not the end! You’ll get access to the step-by-step process for setting up a bot. Dan will also provide you with step-by-step training for it. Other topics covered in Session 2 include The magic of DCA, The 20-30-50 approach to capital risk management, and more.

Session 3: Exchanges, Stable Coins, & Standard Coin Bots

Session 3 explains why your crypto is always 100% within your control, what to look for in crypto exchanges, how you can safely and easily turn whatever currency you have into crypto and vice versa, the benefits of being in multiple exchanges, and a list of Stable Coins.

Other topics covered in Session 3 are the step-by-step process for setting up “standard bots”, the only 5 things you need to know in order to set up your “standard coin bots”, a little known website to find the “low risk” crypto coins, and how to find “wiggly” coins.

Session 4: Standard Coin Bots Part II

The fourth session of this masterclass covers things like getting the most wiggle profits out of your bots, how to start your bot to amplify your gains, the basic concept of “dips” and “runs”, why you should avoid certain crypto coins that are “new” to exchanges and more.

Session 5: The Savings Vault

The fifth session covers all the details of “bank like” crypto saving vaults highlighting how they offer way better interest than any bank. This session also tackles the “pay yourself first” HODL rule, how to always keep your crypto liquid, how to get up 8-11% interest on your stable coins, and the scoop on Crypto savings platforms.

Session 6: Closing Bots & Bot Regridding

The sixth session covers topics like why you should never be in a hurry to close a bot, the most common reason to close a bot, step by step instructions on how to close bots, when you would want to “re-grid” a crypto bot, and more.

In addition to the six sessions, you will get access to the following benefits…

  1. Best customer support for 24/7/365.
  2. Office hours on Answer Desk: Other shareholders of The Plan answer any questions you may have via Zoom. They post the dates when they will be available in advance.
  3. Crypto Exchange Deep Dive: Choosing the best crypto exchange is not easy. Therefore, since Dan and his colleagues have no financial incentive to promote certain exchanges, they discuss the ins-and-outs, along with pros and cons of each exchange.

How Much Do You Pay to Join The Plan?

Pricing: $997 in four installments or a one-time payment of $3497.

The Plan

As I mentioned earlier, after you sign up they send you a Non-Discloure & Customer Participation Agreement within 24 hours.

You should read it and sign before you can gain access to the course. If you do not agree with the terms stated the document, you can refuse to sign it and they will refund your money.

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Pros of The Plan

  • The masterclass includes complete in-depth guidelines on how to invest in cryptos.
  • There is a 24/7 support facility available.
  • You learn how to set up automated crypto robots that create immediate cash flow. Automation adds more revenue to your existing passive income.
  • The Plan is designed under the assumption that, going in, you have zero knowledge of crypto.

Cons of The Plan

  • The subscription price is relatively high i.e. it will cost you $3497 or $997 in four installments.

Is The Plan Legit?

The Plan is a legit program.

Dan Hollings put The Plan through six months of beta-testing and involved over 9,000 people from 114 countries. After getting promising results with crypto bots, Rapid Crush released the final version of The Plan.

So far, Dan Hollings has made upwards of $3 million dollars in the past few years at a time when crypto has been very volatile. His system allows him to make money whether the market is going up, down or sideways.

But before you get involved, you should know that The Plan is not a fund. They do not manage your money and any profits you may earn following the lessons you learn are within your control.

The Plan is an educational company providing digital courses about cryptocurrencies, coin pairs, crypto exchanges, HODLing, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Blockchain, and other crypto-related matters.

The Plan Verdict

The Plan is a crypto training course that emphasizes on showing people how to make money by using crypto bots. They don’t advocate trading because it is ineffective and it requires you to work long hours.

Their approach requires you to spend a few minutes a week a week monitoring the bots.  

An important caveat to note as you sign up for the masterclass is all information they provide is for educational purposes only and they always recommend that you do your own independent research and consult with a licensed financial advisor before you make any investment in crypto.

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Is "The Plan" by Dan Hollings Legit? 10


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