Too Damn Easy – Cash Gifting Scam?

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting program that has been around for many years now, so is it a legit program or just another scam? After stumbling across an advert inside of a home business magazine for Too Damn Easy I was amazed to see that this program is still going strong since I first saw it 10 years ago, so today I’m sharing my review.

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Too Damn Easy – Overview

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting program created by a man called “Q” and I first came across it around 10 years ago when I first got started online looking for ways to make money. At the time I was 16 years old and could never have afforded what “Q” was offering however I was blown away by the income he was clearly making.

After doing further research today I discovered that his program actually started back in 1998. This kind of makes sense because that is when cash gifting started to get big, whereas now it’s pretty old school to be honest, and is it even legal? To be honest I’m not sure so I won’t say whether it is or it isn’t, chances are that depends on your loctaion.

Anyhow, with the Too Damn Easy program what you are essentially getting is “Q”‘s marketing system, all his system for selling his program, including marketing materials like the post cards. I think he also offers his post card marketing services so that you can get referrals and start receive huge amounts of cash delivered to your mailbox. Sounds pretty sweet I must say, and wouldn’t we all love to get that, but is it really legit, or just another scam?

The fact is simple, the majority (probably all) of the review blogs out there in Google sharing Too Damn Easy reviews are most likely pitching you something else. They’ll completely slam this program because they want to sell you into some other program, now don’t get me wrong I do like to promote my “no.1 recommendation” since I believe it’s the best way by far to generate an income online, but I will give a fair review and opinion of the Too Damn Easy program because after all can you really call it a scam when it’s been going strong for nearly 20 years?

How Does Too Damn Easy Work?

So if you decide that you like the look of the program then the first thing you need to do is join. There are different membership options starting from about $2k. Q operates the program a bit like an MLM with different packages, or I guess you could say it’s similar to what companies like Mobe and Digital Altitude offer where you have to buy in at a certain level to qualify to earn commissions on that level, otherwise they passup to the next person, basically whoever referred you or if you joined direct with Q then you will pass commissions to him.

For example: let’s say you buy in at the $2k package, that means you’ll only earn commissions on that amount of cash that is gifted. You won’t earn anymore, so when you refer someone else who joins in the $10k level for example, you won’t earn on them, you’ll only earn the $2k level but the rest will pass up to your sponsor or Q. This means that you can potentially miss out on a lot of money and that’s the same for similar businesses that I listed above. Ultimately they are “pay to play” so if you don’t invest and buy into it, then it sucks to be you because you won’t earn on the people you refer.

Once you’re actually in this is where the fun part begins. You can start marketing and sending out post cards and advertisements. This will attract people to join and gift cash to you much in the same way that you joined and gifted cash in the first place (if you were to join that is). So you see how it works? It’s kind of like an MLM but instead of buying into a load of BS products that you know are BS but you kid yourself into thinking are legit, you just gift some cash and everything is out in the open, I guess it’s kind of like a pyramid scheme! (My opinion, FYI I love pyramids…. )

Too Damn Easy Conclusion

In my opinion the program seems a bit outdated and to be honest I have no idea what the legality of cash gifting is. Plus personally I wouldn’t feel that comfortable sending a load of cash in the mail and hoping it got to the recipient. Based on this I personally won’t be recommending it, but hey kudos to “Q” for keeping his program running all these years, he is obviously doing something right.

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Too Damn Easy - Cash Gifting Scam? 5

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