Total Income Answer Scam – 100% Fake System!

Total Income Answer is a nasty scam and today I’ve put together this review to expose the Total Income Answer and reveal exactly what this system really is, a complete scam. Keep reading and get all the details before you waste your money on it.

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Total Income Answer Scam - 100% Fake System! 9

Total Income Answer – 100% Fake

The worst thing about the Total Income Answer is that it’s 100% fake. This system is mainly being promoted through 2 websites which are both complete fraud websites. They are basically fake news websites that are using fake endorsements in order to sell the Total Income Answer scam system.

Unfortunately this kind of thing happens all the time in the world of scams but that doesn’t make it right. Belo ware the details of both scam websites known as The Musk Report (a fake Forbes website) and Buffetts Brexit Chaos (CNN).

The Musk Report

This is the first scam website which pretends to be Forbes. It’s very convincing to be honest and I can see why lots of people are falling for this scam because it’s easy to believe that it’s the real Forbes website especially when they are using well known and respected business people like Elon Musk founder of Tesla.

Total Income Answer Scam - 100% Fake System! 10

As you can see Elon Musk is listed as a Forbes contributor and this article on “The Musk Report” website claims to have been written by Musk. I can tell you with 100% accuracy that this is not genuine and Elon Musk did not write this article. He certainly would never endorse a scam system like the Total Income Answer that is for sure! The article goes on to talk about a number of reasons that you need the Total Income Answer and even mentions recent events in the world like Brexit.

Essentially this is a fake news article trying to get you to believe it’s real so that you follow Musk’s fake advice and sign up to Total Income Answer. Do not fall for it, it’s complete BULL and you won’t make a penny with it.

Buffets Brexit Chaos (CNN)

The next way you might have heard about Total Income Answer is from a fake CNN website. This fake CNN website has an article talking about how Warren Buffett predicts complete bedlam happening from Brexit and that the only way to make money is by using the Total Income Answer.

Total Income Answer Scam - 100% Fake System! 11

Similar to the fake Elon Musk story this is really no different. The website is a fake CNN website. I can only assume that the real owners of this fake website must be using fake details to register their domain because I am sure that if CNN found this website they would be taking some serious legal action, as would Buffett and Musk who are 2 of the richest men in the world.

Ultimately they are preying on you believing that this fake news website is actually real. Many people won’t fall for it, but unfortunately 1000’s already have and more will. You’ve done the right thing looking for a review because I’m able to expose scams like this as I do on a daily basis!

So What Is The Total Income Answer?

The Total Income Answer is a scam that has been rehashed a number of times. It’s been released under various different names over the past couple of years such as Home Jobs Now and Total Income Reset. It’s a fraud system that will do absolutely nothing for you. You will sign up, spend money and go through a bunch of pointless steps that are supposed to make you money but in the end you won’t make a penny.

The only people who make money from the Total Income Answer are the scam owners and the unethical affiliates who drive traffic to the fake news websites in order to make commissions as affiliates. Whilst affiliate marketing can be profitable unfortunately there are some bad eggs out there who will do anything to make a quick buck.

Conclusion – Complete Scam

The Total Income Answer is a complete scam and I am not recommending it.

The fake news websites say it all really. They are using unethical marketing tactics to promote their system and if you sign up you won’t make a penny from it.

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Total Income Answer Scam - 100% Fake System! 9

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