Trading With John Scam – Don’t Trust Him!

Trading With John is a binary scam and I’m not recommending it. “John Miller” is the creator of Trading With John and on this page I’m sharing my full review and exposing it as a scam. Keep reading and you can learn the real truth about this scam system and stop yourself from losing money.

First things first…

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Trading With John Scam - Don't Trust Him! 5

Trading With John – Pure Scam

In 2017 I have already reviewed many binary scams like Tesler and Vena System. The latest scam I am reviewing today is Trading With John and it’s probably the worst one yet. To be honest though other scam websites have gone to far more effort to make their website look more convincing.

trading with john scam

So the first thing I noticed about this scam system is the fake actor. Look at this guy, he talks about his system and how you can make money but in reality it’s all a lie. There are so many scams like this out there and non of them work. They are preying on people who want to make money and it’s not fair. But the only way you can avoid scams like this is by visiting my blog and learning the real truth about how they work. Other fake review blogs won’t tell you the truth, they will just try and promote Trading With John to you.

How Does Trading With John Work?

So after you watch “John Miller” talk about his amazing money making system you’ll be told to follow some instructions and then you can sign up and start using his system. The instructions are basically to sign up and create an account and this automatically registers you an account with the broker that Trading With John recommends.

You are then forwarded to the Trading With John software page. This is the page where the scam kind of starts to show its true colours because you are told you need to make a deposit. This is where you need to deposit $250 or more to get started with the software. Most people will think it’s free because “John Miller” says his Trading With John system is free. Of course it’s not really because you need to make a deposit. Once you make this deposit you can then start using the software.

In reality you never “start using the software” because it works automatically. It will start placing random trades and it’s supposed to help you make money. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, because non of these scam softwares actually work. The Trading With John system will make a series of random trades until your account balance is nothing. Yes that is right the software will LOSE you money. It will trade all your money away to nothing.

Where Did Your Money Go?

The brokers are part of the scam. Many people don’t realise that the binary brokers are in on the Trading With John scam. They actually create the scam software you get access to. The whole “Trading With John” BS is just the branding they put on the software to match the scam website you were referred to.

The truth is the real scammers behind Trading With John get paid to refer you to binary brokers. Once you sign up and make a deposit they earn a commission. Now that the broker has paid out a commission to the scammers that referred you they need to make sure that you lose. So they program their trading software to lose so that it’s literally impossible for you to win. If you win trades they will lose money since they operate like casinos!

The scam won’t even stop here because the brokers will spam you and call you up and try and get you to deposit money. They have been known to steal a lot of money from people and even take life savings! The only way you can avoid this scam is by never signing up in the first place. It’s good that you found my blog because now you can avoid the Trading With John Miller scam.

Fake Trading With John Testimonials

Another reason you need to avoid this scam is because of the fake testimonials. It’s so obvious these are fake. Just take a look at them and you will see that these are not real people. I already knew that this was a scam system before I noticed these reviews but these were just the icing on the cake really.

trading with john miller fake testimonials

Conclusion – Avoid Trading With John

Trading With John is a complete waste of your time. If you sign up you will only end up losing money.

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Trading With John Scam - Don't Trust Him! 5

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