Vena System Software Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Vena System just launched and it’s a complete scam software. I’ve just been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my Vena System review below exposing this system as a complete scam. The truth is you won’t make a penny with it, and the website is a scam. Read the full review below!

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Vena System Scam – The Real Truth

After taking a closer look at the Vena System it’s clear to me that it’s another binary options scam. I’d like to say it’s one of the first scams to launch in 2017 but already we’ve had the likes of Hexa Trader and Tesler Software. The truth is Vena System is no different to these bogus programs. It’s marketed as a free software for trading binary options and the website makes some incredibly bold claims about how much income you can make, but the truth is you won’t make a penny, because the website, the software and the testimonials are all fake.

vena system software scam website

Marc Vena is the person behind Vena System however this is not the “real” person behind this scam. We don’t really know who the real person is because the scammers like to stay behind the scenes and often hide their identities. All we really know is that the real creator of Vena Systems has also been behind many other scams just like this, and people have lost a lot of money. You really can’t trust a word that the person on this sales video says. He is just an actor reading from a script and non of the claims he makes are real.

How Does Vena System Scam Work?

So by now you will have watched the video on the Vena System website and you’re looking for a review because you want to know the truth. Most people never actually look for a real review like what I am giving you, or they fall for some fake scam review that simply states this software is amazing. You probably landed on their website because you saw an advert or maybe receive an email about this software. If you watch the full video and follow the instructions you are forwarded to another page where you have to give you personal details so you can create an account at the binary options broker they have partnered with. The reason you need to do this is because in order to trade binary options you have to go through a “binary options broker”.

The broker is your gateway into the market and what allows you to place trades. They’ll say that you can sign up and use their software for free, no catch at all. Apart from there is a big catch because you need to fund your account so you have a balance to trade with and the minimum is $250. They will also encourage you to deposit more, and they will say their Vena System works best with a bigger deposit which is 100% BS because the software doesn’t work regardless of how big or small your deposit is.

These crooks will also try to convince you that the money you are depositing is “only a deposit” and you can withdraw it anytime but this is all lies. You don’t have control over that money as soon as you deposit it, and once you do you will never see the money again I can guarantee you.

After you make the deposit as promised you will access the Vena System software. This will start making trades automatically for you just as the video described however you won’t make a penny. Instead of making winning trades the software will make losing trades and it does it on purpose. The Vena System software is programmed to lose, because when you lose, the binary broker wins.

The real truth is the scam binary brokers pay big commissions to the owners of scam websites like Vena System for referring new customers to them. When you sign up they pay a referral commission to the owners of the Vena System website. Their job is now done, they have convinced you to sign up and part with your hard earned money, and now they don’t care about your success. They fill their website full of fake income claims and testimonials in order to convince you that what they have is real, but it’s not real, it’s 100% lies and a scam.

Vena System – Fake Software & Testimonials

Any testimonials you see or positive reviews for Vena System are fake. The software does not work. The positive reviews you see are simply from people who are affiliates for this system and they will earn a commission if they refer you, so they put together positive reviews which are simply made up. The testimonials you see are fake too and are done by actors. The majority of the scammers use a website called Fiverr where they can get testimonials for as little as $5 a piece. They’ll order 10-20 fake testimonials and these people who are only earning maybe $5 per testimonial will lie and say they’ve made a fortune with Vena System.

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Conclusion = Vena System Is A Scam

I’m not recommending the Vena System as it’s a complete scam and it won’t help you make any money. You’ll only end up losing money.

I recommend you forget all about binary options as nobody is making money with these fake softwares.

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