Traffic Xtractor – Scam or Legit?

Traffic Xtractor is a new software that just launched and today I’m taking a closer look and sharing all the details. I’m giving you my full review of Traffic Xtractor and letting you know what my honest opinion is. You can check it out below.

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Traffic Xtractor – Overview

So what exactly does Traffic Xtractor do and is it worth your time? I’ve been taking a closer look and I must admit my first impression was not good. Initially I thought this was some stupid software that claims it can help you get a load of traffic which is just pure BS. However after actually understanding more about how it works, it actually looks pretty good to tell you the truth so that’s obviously a good sign. Here is what it basically does as described on their website:

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Essentially the Traffic Xtractor software is a tool for finding profitable keywords. As they mention on their website they had this method for ranking YouTube videos for a number of keywords but ultimately it was hard to find the keywords so they had this software created. The software allows you to quickly find profitable keywords with little to no competition that you can easily rank for. Save countless hours for finding these profitable keywords, and get high converting traffic that converts within minutes.

So is this all legit and accurate? To be honest it’s not. One of the things I do as an online marketer is I rank for keywords in Google and I do that with both websites like this blog and YouTube videos. It’s actually pretty easy to rank YouTube videos especially when there’s little competition however do you know what little competition usually means? It usually means theres nobody looking for those keywords. The examples given on the Traffic Xtractor website are NOT hard keywords to rank for. I could put up a video now and target those exact same keywords and I could rank them within a few minutes most likely. Even if they were more competitive I could outrank these guys very quickly because it’s really not that hard.

Want to know the simple method for ranking YouTube videos for keywords in Google? It’s easy…

  • Pick a keyword
  • Optimise your video file name as the keyword
  • Put the keyword in the video title and the video description
  • Publish the video
  • Build backlinks to the video if necessary

It’s simple, and the truth is finding profitable keywords isn’t exactly hard either. People talk about the Google Keyword Tool but the truth is pro marketers don’t use this.

Want to know what they use? It’s called SEMRush. You can basically reverse engineer any websites rankings with it and find loads of profitable opportunities for videos too.

Look I’m not here to stop you buying Traffic Xtractor but I am here to be honest, and honestly whilst this software looks okay, I don’t believe it’s necessary for ranking videos.

Is Traffic Xtractor A Scam?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Traffic Xtractor is a scam by any means. I review a lot of scam systems and the majority are exactly that, they are flat out scams. Most of the “scams” are binary options BS systems like Rubix Project and Tesler. Traffic Xtractor is nothing like those, it’s actually a genuine tool that can help you potentially. The reason I am being quite harsh is that so often I see tools like this, and it seems that the creators are just trying to make money from launching products.

There’s a lot of people in this industry who simply make their money by selling tools and software. They talk about the money that their tools make but ultimately they never actually use them, they just spend all their time creating them and then selling them to make money. That’s kind of why I feel Traffic Xtractor isn’t “ALL THAT” because it seems this way to me.

Traffic Xtractor Conclusion

If you’re someone who is interested in using this tool to help your local business get more traffic then this might be ideal for you. Likewise if you are planning on using this to get more traffic to your local business, or even an online business then it could be a useful tool. However if you are thinking of buying this because of the money making potential then I would strongly advise against it. There are far better ways of making money online, just check out my recommendation below.

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Traffic Xtractor - Scam or Legit? 7

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