Turnkey Email Biz Reviews: Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of the Turnkey Email Biz?

I just heard about the Turnkey Email Biz so decided to take a closer look to find out more and now I’m ready to share my full review below.

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Turnkey Business System Review

I’ve decided to take a closer look at the Turnkey Business System after receiving a few emails from different people recommending it to me. Initially I was thinking it was another get rich quick program but after landing on the website I instantly recognised the person in the video to be Matt Lloyd who is the man behind the WiFi Millionaire system aka MOBE. MOBE is the company that Matt Lloyd started a few years ago that has grown into probably the most popular “high ticket” program in the make money online niche.

turnkey business system

What Is The Turnkey Business System?

The Turnkey Business System has been created by Matt Lloyd and he is the guy you see in the video (also on the screenshot above). Matt created MOBE known as My Online Business Empire which later rebranded to “My Online Business Education” and his company has grown into one of the biggest opportunities in the “make money online” niche. He has many of the top affiliates in the space promoting his opportunity via a number of different websites and has earned 10’s of millions.

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How Does Turnkey Business System Work?

So now that you’ve got the basic information about the website, business and the company how does it all work?

My guess is that you heard about the Turnkey Business System website from perhaps an email or some kind of online advertisement? That’s because whoever told you about it is an affiliate who makes money by signing people up. If you decide to join you will start on Matt’s “21 step system” which is essentially 21 training steps that walk you through how to get started with an online business, explain different types of online businesses, and ultimately lead you into becoming an affiliate of MOBE.

matt lloyd
Matt Lloyd creator of Turnkey Business System

If you decide to do this what happens is you will essentially be promoting the very same system that you went through. When you refer people who buy the products you will get paid a commission and the level of commission depends on the products you own.

Turnkey Business System = Pay To Play

I throw this term around quite a lot on this blog and basically what it means is that this business opportunity is a “pay to play” opportunity meaning you have to own the products in order to be able to resell them and buy them. To be more accurate and specific and so that I don’t upset anyone, technically you can earn money by promoting the MOBE (Turnkey Business System) as an affiliate without owning all the products but your commission levels will be reduced massively.

One of the things they don’t tell you about the 21 steps you need to progress through with your coach (sales person) is that many of these steps are designed to up-sell you into the higher priced products that MOBE offers and these could end up setting you back 5-figures.

I’m not against spending money on your business and high ticket opportunities often have the best products/training however I think it’s important to know the facts before you proceed.

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Turnkey Business System – Negatives

There are some negatives about the system that I want to share with you here.

  1. Pay to play, so you’ll need to spend 5-figures if you want to have the best earning potential
  2. You need to refer others to the same opportunity you joined, some would see this as a pyramid (I personally don’t but I am stating the obvious)
  3. Similar to other opportunities like Aspire Today
  4. MOBE has been promoted by unethical affiliates via websites like myonlinedream.biz

Let me mention that these negatives are not necessarily what I believe but I know from speaking to people in general that these are some negatives about the company. MOBE was around long before Digital Altitude (Aspire Today) but the companies certainly have their similarities. I guess you are always going to get copycats when you become the leader in your space.

The fact that the company is a “pay to play” opportunity can’t be disputed. If you aren’t willing to invest money into this business you’ll never make a lot of money. Plus some people could argue that you are only buying the products so you can gain the ability to resell them.

I’m not necessarily saying this is happening with MOBE but I know this has happened in the past with companies I have been an affiliate of. I was an affiliate of a well known company that was huge a few years ago (around the same time MOBE got started) and I only bought the products so I could resell them, I never even bothered to go through the content and I’m pretty sure many other people who bought in didn’t bother either.

Like I say, I’m NOT stating this is happening with MOBE but it does happen. I haven’t purchased all the MOBE (Turnkey Business System) products so I can’t make an honest judgement.

Turnkey Business System – Positives

Obviously there are positives to this kind of business opportunity too.

The positives I can think of are:

  1. Huge earning potential if you own all the products
  2. No selling necessary because the systems and coaches do that for you

I know some people in MOBE who are earning an incredible amount of money so it certainly can work if you follow the instructions.

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Turnkey Business System Conclusion

After taking a closer look this is a company I have a lot of experience reviewing since they are always bringing out new sales pages on new website names.

I have outed some of these websites as scams because they are extremely hyped up and unethical however Turnkey Business System is not one of them.

Do I recommend Turnkey Business System? I do not believe it’s a scam however I won’t be recommending it since I personally believe there are better alternatives (see below).

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