UDC System: Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Scam?

The UDC System which stands for Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is a new system that I heard about recently via an email promotion. I was literally checking my emails when I saw a promotion recommending it. I’ve been taking a closer look to learn what it’s all about and now I’m giving you my full review down below. Before I start the review…

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UDC System: Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Scam? 5

UDC System – What’s It All About?

To keep things simple for this review I’m going to be referring to this system as the UDC System instead of it’s full name which is Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle. UDC System is just easier to type so let’s run with that. So what is this system actually all about and can it help you make money? The answer is yes but also no. Confused? Let me explain… UDC System is basically a sales funnel that promotes a business opportunity called MOBE. I recently did a full review of Mobe here. The opportunity is technically a legitimate one and it’s not a scam, however the way that the UDC System promotes it is in my opinion not very ethical and could potentially turn the opportunity into a scam.

UDC System is essentially just a super hyped up sales video however it makes some incredible income claims and their sales video is packed full of fake testimonials. The only real testimonials are on the checkout page. All the other testimonials for this system are fake and the people in the videos are actors. The problem I have with the UDC System is the same problem I have with another system called My Millionaire Mentor. Both of these are just sales videos that promote the MOBE opportunity however both videos are packed full of lies and hype in order to get you to sign up with MOBE. Yes the business opportunity is technically not a scam, however if you are promised huge riches without doing anything, then doesn’t that kind of turn it into a scam?

I’ll let you decide but that’s one of the reasons I personally won’t be recommending it. Because the initial funnel to get you into MOBE is a scam in my opinion.

UDC System – Positives?

Fortunately there are a few positives here. First off this is not your typical binary options scam that I normally review. Recently I reviewed Tesler Software and some others like Nasdaq Inside Trader and these are flat out scams that won’t make you a penny. With UDC System you could technically earn money because MOBE which is the real business opportunity behind UDC System is legitimate. It just depends whether you actually put the work in because you won’t make a penny doing nothing like their sales video suggests!

UDC System – Negatives?

So what are the negatives when it comes to this system? Here is my list of negatives:

  • Unethical promotion
  • Actors on their sales page
  • Fake testimonials / endorsements
  • High ticket system (MOBE is very expensive)
  • Unlikely that you’ll succeed

Let me break each of these down and give you a little more explanation as to what they mean. First off the unethical promotion is the fact that the UDC System website makes huge income claims that are not substantiated. It also offers you huge amounts of money for doing very little. They use actors on their sales page which basically means they hire people to give fake testimonials saying that they made a fortune when they didn’t, these are all made up. The opportunity MOBE is a very high ticket system that will cost you over $20k in total if you buy all of their products. And in my opinion it’s unlikely that you will succeed because of the way the opportunity has been sold to you.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people that join MOBE and succeed and have made a lot of money. However the way this opportunity is pitched to you via the UDC System is going to make it far less likely that you will succeed because in their video you are basically told you can make a fortune in a short period of time. This is going to mislead you into thinking you can make a lot of money from this system without doing any work which in turn means you’re more likely to fail.

UDC System = Unethical Scam

In my opinion the UDC System (Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle) should not be trusted. Whilst the MOBE opportunity is legitimate I think the way they sell it is unethical and a scam.

I recommend you avoid this system.

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UDC System: Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Scam? 5

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