Is Wednesday Windfalls Legit? [Adam O’Dell]

Welcome to our review of Adam O Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls.

This special event by Adam is centers on a unique investment that he claims allows you to earn ten year’s worth of gains within a 48-hour trading window.

Are you looking to learn more about this special event, including what Adam discusses and whether it is legit?

If you do, then keep reading this honest review where I reveal everything about Wednesday Windfall.

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Is Wednesday Windfalls Legit? [Adam O'Dell] 7

Adam O Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls Review

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Introduction to Adam O’Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls

Adam O’Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls is a special one-day event during which Adam reveals how an individual investor can make up to ten years’ worth of capital gains in a 48-hour trading window.

This is no stranger to the newsletter world as we’ve seen him host events like Imperium Technology DNA Stock, where he was touting a small company that has developed a new gene sequencing technology.


Adam O'Dell's Wednesday Windfalls

In this event, Adam O’Dell talks about a 2-day trade that closes out every Wednesday. It is based on a new “Wednesday Windfalls strategy” that Adam claims to have developed and tested over a period lasting six months.

He says:

“Over the last six months, my team and I have been beta testing a simple two-day trading strategy.

In our six-month time frame, this strategy beat the market by 51 times.

It’s so simple. We’re in on Monday afternoon, when stocks are historically lower, and we’re out again 48 hours later.

This approach to the market led us to 15 triple-digit wins in only six months, and we aren’t done.”

He claims that he spotted this one-of-a-kind trading window based on historical patterns and you can trade with an ordinary brokerage account.

For example, he says that he had observed a pattern when he observed gains and losses over a week. Here’s the chart he uses:


Adam O'Dell's Wednesday Windfalls

He says that he observed that major indexes were hit by a major sell off on Monday and they didn’t see a huge pop on Tuesday. But on Wednesday, investors were back into buy mode and this went on to Thursday.

After seeing this, he says that he realized that the market was showing a sweet spot that you can trade every week.

That’s when the concept of “Wednesday Windfalls” came about.

When you start trading, you will be buying call options, which Adam refers to as “profit acceleration” because he claims that they can multiply your returns. Note that you can also lose money from your trading account when you make the wrong moves.

Adam O’Dell will provide you all the details about this trading window and top-performing winners that come about if you sign up for his new advisory service called “Wednesday Windfalls.”

He will keep you up to date with his weekly trade alerts.

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Who is Adam O Dell?

Adam O’Dell is the chief investment strategist at a boutique investment research firm called Money and Markets.

Money & Markets is an independent publishing company that provides “financial news, commentary, and actionable research advice“.

He is behind investment newsletter services such as Green Zone Fortunes, 10x Profits, and Home Run Profits. He is a former hedge fund manager.

Adam O’Dell begun publishing his trade recommendations online in 2012.

He follows a systematic investment approach using which he finds profit opportunities in any asset class — stocks, bonds, gold, and more.

A good example of this was when he did a presentation about investing in gold that revealed A9 Gold Stocks.

Adam O’Dell’s mission is to find the absolute best moneymaking opportunities. He is qualified to be offering advice considering he has a Chartered Market’s Technician (CMT) designation as well as an MBA degree.

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How Does Adam O Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls Work?

Adam O’Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls is a new investment advisory service that gives you access to Adam’s 48-hour investment strategy.

When you sign up for it, you get:

  • A trade recommendation on Monday. Adam O’Dell shares with a new trade alert detailing his top three investment opportunities. To earn triple-digit returns on Wednesday, he urges you to place your trades on Monday.
  • A year’s worth of opportunities, up to 150 trades. Adam claims that every week the markets are open over the next year, he will share new opportunities as they arise.

Weekly Video Trade Wrap-up

Adam doesn’t just send you recommendations, he gives you a “play-by-play” of the week’s trade and passes on the lessons you need to become an expert trader no matter your starting point.

A video series called “3 Simple Steps to Banking a Windfall Every Wednesday.”

3 Simple Steps

In this video series, Adam teaches you everything you need to know to make his simple Wednesday windfall trades even if you are starting out as a trader.

Free Access to the special members-only website

Wednesday Windfalls website

It houses all the resources that come with a subscription to Wednesday Windfalls. This includes the model portfolio where you can see all his open trades and past winners and losers.

A free Apple Watch (valued at $399)

Free Apple Watch

I am not sure how this will last but he promises to send you a smartwatch for free when you sign up for his service so that you never have to miss a trade alert.

Wednesday Windfalls Subscription Fee

The annual subscription fee to the newsletter is $2, 495. It renews automatically at the end of every year (counting from when you first subscribed.

Wednesday Windfalls Refund Policy

Adam O’Dell’s guarantee is in two parts:

Performance Promise

Adam's Performance Promise

He promises that he will give you the chance to at least twelve triple-digit winners (trades that give you triple digit gains) in a year. If you don’t get that, you receive a second year for free.

Satisfaction Promise

Adam's Satisfaction Promise

There are no cash refunds but Adam allows you to cancel your subscription within 90 days.

You can then use that money to subscribe to any other advisory service offered by Money and Markets.

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Is Adam O Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls Legit?

Yes, Adam O’Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls is legit.

Adam O’Dell is a legitimate investment analyst who used to work as a hedge fund manager. A practitioner of technical analysis, he has a Chartered Market Technician designation, which means he has earned his stripes and is qualified to be talking about using historical patterns to navigate the market.

I’ve also come across his work before and from what I saw, he is legit.

That being said, Adam’s success in the past does not guarantee that what he predicts will happen. The market is inherently unpredictable and his take on things doesn’t guarantee that he is right.

Do your own research about Wednesday Windfalls before you sign up for it, or any other research services for that matter.

Adam O’Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls Verdict

Adam O’Dell’s Wednesday Windfalls is an exclusive online event where he talks about there being a 48-hour trading window period during which you can reliably earn a profit if you make the right moves (and he is the one to guide you as you make them when you subscribe to his newsletter).

According to him, you can make up to ten years’ worth of profit gains in this trading window. But is it a reliable way to trade?

What Adam O’Dell does is rely on technical analysis and by definition, technical analysis involves poring over historical data and stock charts to spot patterns.

He then trades based on those patterns, which focus on what happened to the stock price rather than the factors driving those price changes.

While this has proven to work for some people, it is not an airtight strategy.

Sometimes, stocks buck a historical trend and you can lose money when this happens. Therefore, you should be aware of the risks involved with this kind of strategy.

You should always form your own opinion about a research service before you get carried away by the promise of profits; this is what I’ve learned when I expose investment teasers.

But if you are going to use technical analysis to trade, you may as well follow a guy who has a CMT designation although market risks are still a thing. Do not invest more money than you are willing to lose.

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Is Wednesday Windfalls Legit? [Adam O'Dell] 7

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