Weiss Ratings Review 2023 – Crypto Investor Legit?

Looking for a Weiss Ratings Review? Or perhaps more info on the Weiss Crypto Investor?

Martin Weiss of Weiss Ratings recently did a presentation with the title, “The Greatest Money Revolution of All Time” to promote the Weiss Crypto Investor newsletter.

If you encountered the pitch and haven’t already gone through it, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I provide you with an overview of the presentation where I highlight the main points he raised, and the cryptocurrencies he was promoting. We also take a closer look at the newsletter he was pitching and Weiss Ratings in general.

Before I start…

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Weiss Ratings Review 2023 - Crypto Investor Legit? 10

Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor Review

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What is Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor?

Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor or Weiss Crypto Investor is the flagship cryptocurrency investing newsletter offered by Weiss Ratings, LLC, an independent financial research company that rates stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs.

Although Weiss Crypto Investor is overseen by Martin Weiss, two researchers on the Weiss Ratings team, Juan Villaverde and Juan Ng, reveal the hot profit opportunities.

Weiss Crypto Investor

Weiss Ratings started offering it to help people identify the best cryptos amid a new technological revolution that will usher in a new financial system (which we’ll discuss in a bit).

They have a scientific ratings system that ranks the digital assets in the crypto market and its goal is to identify the investments – both the digital currencies and crypto stocks – that can make you rich within the crypto space.

Juan and Bruce show you how to cash in on the revolution using your IRA without creating a new crypto account.

They claim that a $3.1 trillion blockchain revolution is likely to unfold and it can make you 6-10 times your money in the next 24 months — all that without having to buy a single crypto coin.

The newsletter is often confused with another service Weiss Ratings offers called Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings.

A subscription to Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings is based on analyzing trading patterns, observing market bias and using four key tools:

The cryptocurrency risk index measures absolute price fluctuations over a long period.

Cryptocurrency technology index evaluates things like scaling solutions, energy efficiency, and governance capabilities.

Cryptocurrency reward index evaluates returns compared to moving averages, and the cryptocurrency adoption index (formerly the fundamental index) measures transaction speed, network security, network capacity, market penetration, and other key factors.

The goal is to determine how each cryptocurrency stacks up compared to alternatives.

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The Greatest Money Revolution (The Pitch)

To better understand how Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor works, I watched a presentation by Martin Weiss where he was pitching the newsletter. The presentation was titled “The Greatest Money Revolution” and analyzing it gave me a better understanding of how the advisory service works.


Weiss Crypto Alert

In the presentation, Martin claims that although Bitcoin has grabbed people’s attention, the blockchain (the technology behind it), is worth at least ten times more than Bitcoin itself.

This money revolution will transform nearly every investment and nearly every investment market in the world today.

It will radically change how you borrow and lend money, how you buy and sell stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate and more. It will directly compete with — or even replace stockbrokers, commercial banks, investment banks, even central banks.

It’s so pervasive, so fundamental and so far-reaching that I can only describe it as the Greatest Money Revolution of All Time.

Most people, though, have never even heard of it. And yet, it’s already spreading around the globe, gaining momentum and making early investors wealthy.

It’s a completely new, safer, cheaper, faster and much more profitable financial system. And it’s built on the same basic technology that was used to create …


He claims that the Blockchain technology will revolutionize the way you live because it will speed up business, protect your personal data, make it easier to buy a new home, enable instant bank transactions, and get rid of identity theft, among other things.

He also thinks it will trigger a money revolution that he thinks is so powerful, it will transform the capital markets in a major way.

He quotes Gartner Group when he says that by 2030, he expects the Blockchain to add $3.1 trillion of business value to the economy.

Super Crypto Coins

Martin believes that this growth will be fueled by a handful of “super-crypto” coins, each with technology more advanced than Bitcoin (we will take a closer look at them later).

He thinks that these coins will support social media platforms, stock markets, apps, land registries, and video games.

These coins outperformed Bitcoin in 2017 and he suggests that they could repeat that going into the future.

Weiss says that digital currencies will upend the financial system and make it safer.

He talks of a new decentralized financial system that will cut out the middle man, including central banks that run the legal currency printing press, whom he has been critical of before in a presentation he did a while back called The Next Phase Of The Collapse Of 2021.

In a nutshell, he says that the blockchain revolution will be led by three different cryptocurrencies (altcoins).

One has gone up three times more than Bitcoin, another one has gone up five times more than Bitcoin, and the last one has gone up 29 times more than Bitcoin.

Altcoins typically have a low market capitalization.

To reveal the names of the three altcoins, you have to sign up for Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor.

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Who is behind Weiss Crypto?

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. is the founder of Weiss Ratings, an independent financial rating agency based in Palm Beach Gardens that offers financial advice to retail investors in the form of ratings (of various asset classes).

Martin D. Weiss

He began his career in 1971 when he founded a research firm called Weiss Research. The firm was meant to conduct economic research and assesses the safety of financial institutions.

Weiss Ratings

The firm later renamed to Weiss Ratings and now offers a variety of paid newsletters, research services, and investment advisories. Some of the notable publications at Weiss Ratings besides Crypto Investor are Disruptors & Dominators, Heat Maps, Safe Money Report, and The Power Elite.

Martin claims to have witnessed decades of history on nearly every continent. He has seen hyperinflation, deflation, booms and busts, military coups, social revolutions, civil wars, and technological revolutions.

He has made a career out of listing companies and investments in order of how profitable they are likely to be. When he started rating banks back when he was starting his career, Forbes called him “Mr Independence” and the New York Times praised his foresight because he had better profit performance than some of the bigger names in the world of finance. The Government Accountability Office reported that he was more accurate than the leading ratings agencies. Ultimately, his firm was rating banks, insurance agencies, stocks, credit unions, mutual funds, and ETFs.

Later, the Weiss Group started rating cryptos. Today, he writes and speaks regularly about cryptocurrencies.

But, when it comes to this particular newsletter, two analysts who work for Weiss Ratings research and editorial team steal the limelight. The two are Bruce Ng and Juan Villaverde.

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Bruce Ng

Bruce has two advanced degrees in physics and, according to Martin, is among the world’s foremost experts in little-known cryptocurrencies (some with 100x profit potential).

Bruce Ng

Dr. Bruce Ng is an educator who specializes in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). He has been a lead crypto-tech analyst for Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings since shortly after it launched. He conducts his own research into both the more well-known assets as well as undiscovered crypto assets.

He brings together the strict discipline of a Ph.D. in physics and the experience as a software developer who understands the blockchain. With that background, he produces scientific and 100% objective reviews of the various coins and the market as a whole.

Juan Villaverde

Juan M. Villaverde is an econometrician and mathematician. He is the main editor for the newsletter.

Juan Villaverde

Juan is a crypto researcher and advanced mathematician who’s the main architect of the Weiss ratings model for cryptos.

He leads the team behind Weiss Crypto Ratings where they develop investment strategies to minimize risk as they make recommendations to other investors. Martin appointed Villaverde to the role he holds because of his “encyclopedic knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency ecosystem”.

Villaverde was the one who built the Technology and Adoption models they use.
In addition to working as the co-editor with Bruce, he is also involved in Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings, Weiss Cryptocurrency Portfolio, and Weiss Crypto Alert.

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Weiss Ratings Newsletters

Here are the newsletters offered by Weiss Ratings:

Crypto Focus

It is a weekly video series designed to help investors make sense of the crypto market.

Crypto Focus

As a member, you get clear, concise and timely minute market intelligence, and simple and easy to follow content that reveals how the crypto world works.

Disruptors & Dominators

Disruptors and Dominators finds companies with breakthrough tech that may disrupt established industries.

Disruptors & Dominators

Weiss Ratings reveals the companies that are one step beyond the disruptive stage and already becoming dominant.

Heat Maps

Heat Maps uses the same Weiss Stock Ratings model that was ranked #1 for profit performance in the Wall Street Journal.

Heat Maps

You have access to 12 model portfolios with the highest-rated stocks, lowest-rated stocks, best low-priced stocks, best value stocks, best growth stocks, best high-income stocks, fastest-rising dividend stocks, best momentum stocks, hot-sector leaders, best international stocks, best energy stocks, and best resource and precious metals stocks.

Safe Money Report

Safe Money Report focuses on income investments.

Safe Money Report

The editor, Michael Larson, finds investment opportunities based on solid financials, steady earnings growth, market-beating yields, and generous dividends that outperform their benchmarks.

The Power Elite

The Power Elite has a highly-targeted strategy.

The Power Elite

The goal is to find the few elite companies of the world — the 1% that create 99% of the wealth.

Wealth Megatrends

Wealth Megatrends is a unique newsletter.

Wealth Megatrends

It is based on a thesis by a Russian economist who identified the long wave of wealth creation and destruction. The goal is to help you ride the long wave itself and also profit from the multiple megatrends it spins off.

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A closer look at Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor

Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor is the flagship cryptocurrencies investment advisory service at Weiss Ratings.

Weiss Crypto Investor

As I mentioned earlier, they have a scientific method with which they identify the best cryptocurrency investments – coins in the crypto markets and crypto stocks in the stock market.

Weiss Ratings developed a system that rated cryptocurrencies — something no one else had done before that — and they used it to navigate the crypto bull market in 2017, the previous biggest price explosion.

In a presentation promoting the service, Martin describes it as such:

“Weiss Ratings, developed a rating system that foresaw the 2017 cryptocurrency Bubble (and collapse).

‘But there’s more. You see, that’s when we embarked together on a monumental new project: To develop the world’s first and only cryptocurrency ratings.

At that point in time (December 2017 and January 2018), investors all over the world were going absolutely nuts for Bitcoin.

Crypto markets were in bubble-land, grossly overpriced and extremely risky.

So, our new crypto ratings naturally reflected that. And when we issued our first ratings, not a single crypto got an ‘A’. And so, our message to investors was absolutely clear:

‘Stay away or get the heck out.’”

Weiss Ratings ranks altcoins based on two factors: tech/adoption grade (the coin’s fundamentals and how much it is being used) and market performance grade (the risk vs. the reward of investing in it).

They believe that these investments could make you huge returns in the next 24 months.

If you sign up for Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor, they’ll show you how to cash in on this revolution. They say that you will be investing using your IRA, which means that you do not need new crypto accounts.

Weiss Ratings Review 2023 - Crypto Investor Legit? 11

The experts at Weiss Ratings reveal what the regard as the best cryptocurrency-based stocks and ETFs poised to explode as the $3.1 trillion blockchain revolution unfolds.

They believe that it has the potential to make you 6 – 10 times your investment in the next 24 months.

That means you don’t have to buy a single cryptocurrency to make big crypto gains — a welcome proposition for people who are new to the crypto world and may have a tough time understanding how it works.

Martin says that you get, and I quote, “all our cryptocurrency ratings” comprising over 100 coins and he claims that these ratings change more frequently than in virtually any other sector to mitigate investment risk.

What is included in Weiss Crypto Alert?

As soon as you sign up for Weiss Crypto Investor, you will receive:

  • 12 monthly issues of Weiss Crypto Investor. Each issue has a recommendation of the best crypto, blockchain stock, ETF, or even lowest cost crypto miner to invest in along with in-depth market analysis. You can invest in them via your wallet or account with the brokerage firm (where applicable).
  • Flash alerts. When there are updates about your investments, flash alerts are sent to your subscriber account email address.
  • Regular online VIP briefings. You will need the credentials of your subscriber registration account to participate in online VIP briefings. This is to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access to the model portfolios.
  • Crypto Investing for Newcomers, which is a Step-by-Step Video Course.
  • A free subscription to Weiss Crypto Alert, an e-letter that provides you with insights on all things crypto three times a week. The crypto experts write about scams in the cryptocurrency market, breaking crypto news, and new opportunities. They also show you how to buy undiscovered cryptos.
  • Immediate access to the entire coin ratings list of over 100 coins.
  • Bonus subscription to Weiss Crypto Daily.

In addition to that, Martin D. Weiss has written three special reports where he has talked about three cryptocurrencies that he thinks will drive the Blockchain Revolution:

Super Crypto #1. The World Computer That Will Take Over the Internet

He wrote a report about the first super crypto called Supercrypto #1. The World Computer That Will Take Over the Internet.

It concerns a crypto whose network is used to share computer programs that enable you to trade stocks with peers all over the world.

The World Computer That Will Take Over the Internet

This super crypto is an essential building block of decentralized finance and after the Bitcoin halving in 2016, it went up three times more than Bitcoin. It replicated this in 2020 and could repeat this pattern (going up three times higher than Bitcoin).

The network facilitates users to share thousands of computer programs called decentralized applications or DApps. DApps are programs that allow you to trade stocks with other traders (on a peer-to-peer level) all over the world.

Super Crypto #2. The Eyes and Ears of the World Computer

The crypto in this report builds on the first one in that it provides real-time data about the financial market to the “world computer” in that first report.

The Eyes and Ears of the World Computer

The “world computer” he writes about in the first report is on every continent but it has a limitation: “does not have the eyes and ears to know what’s happening in the financial markets.”

So, it requires a tool to provide it with real-time data on prices in the financial markets from across the globe. That connection will be provided by this second crypto.

He says this super crypto is surging five times faster than Bitcoin and should continue doing so in the future.

Super Crypto #3. The DeFi Leader That’s Making Investors 29 Times More than Bitcoin 

In this report, he talks about a cryptocurrency that he considers the fastest growing asset in the world of decentralized finance.

The DeFi Leader That’s Making Investors 29 Times More than Bitcoin 

This report is about another digital currency that he claims is “the single fastest-growing asset in the new world of decentralized finance” because it has been earning decent yields.

Weiss points out that some people describe it as a virtual bank and others a digital hedge fund. Every detail about it is in Super crypto #3. The DeFi Leader That’s Making Investors 29 Times More than Bitcoin.

You get them for free when you subscribe to the newsletter.

The Weiss Crypto Investor Subscription Plans

There are three subscription plan options available. Premium membership will cost you $59, Deluxe membership will cost you $119, and the standard membership costs $39.

Since they can change the price without warning, check it before you provide your credit card details. To avoid having to cancel, confirm credit purchase on the order page first.

Weiss Crypto Investor Guarantee

The subscription is backed by a 12-month money-back guarantee.

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Is Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor Legit?

I think Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor is legit .

Tech stocks and cryptocurrencies have been on a tear over the past year with Bitcoin setting new price records. Many believe that it has to do with the confidence that institutional buyers have in it and other major cryptos.

But as cryptocurrencies have grabbed people’s attention, not many people are aware of the Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) phenomenon that Weiss Crypto is probably talking about here.

That being said, there is difference between legitimacy and good advice. The two are not correlated meaning that Martin and his team may be legit but they cannot guarantee that their advice will be infallible.

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Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor Verdict

Martin Weiss believes that three “super cryptos” are going to be the best picks in a market that will be rocked by a Blockchain revolution. By promoting them, he wants you to sign up for the newsletter.

It is a relatively cheap premium newsletter (with a year long money-back guarantee) through which he and his team provide you with regular recommendations to help you navigate the murky crypto world. This service works even if you are new to crypto investing.

They hope to show you how to ride the next parabolic price surge and anticipate the top of each market cycle to take your profits before the next decline.

However considering that they are in the altcoins market, these may not necessarily be the best investments to make if you are risk averse. Crypto investing, overall, is quite risky.

If you join the newsletter, the best way to go about it is invest only when you feel a recommendation is congruent with your investment strategy and goals. They offer general advice that is not personalized for you. You need a financial advisor for personal financial advice much like you need a licensed healthcare provider for sound medical advice rather than listen to strangers on the internet.

There have been some negative comments concerning Weiss Ratings on the Better Business Bureau, but these are mostly by people who signed up for its services with lofty expectations. They felt that they were “cheated” because they did not earn the returns that they were “promised.” What they didn’t understand is that the recommendations they get are not guaranteed to work out as indicated. You should always leave room for failure because that is the nature of investing.

Don’t invest more than you are willing to lose and as always, the investment advice is general, not personalized.

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