World Ventures Scam? My Honest Opinion!

World Ventures is company that’s been surrounded with a lot of buzz lately. In fact I was surprised when doing my research into various network marketing and MLM companies just how many people are searching for reviews of World Ventures wondering whether it’s a legitimate company or another scam. Chances are if you’re reading this you too could be someone looking for information on this company so without further ado let’s get started with my WorldVentures review and answer the question, is World Ventures a scam?

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World Ventures – About The Company

Over the past few months I’ve done many reviews of very similar companies in my opinion to WorldVentures. For example I recently reviewed Kyani. Whilst the 2 companies are in completely different markets they both attract similar types of people who are looking to make money. When a company is classed as a network marketing company it’s always important to learn more about the company, who the owners are and whether you can really trust them. After all if you build up a good income with a particular company you want to know that your income is safe and is not going to vanish overnight. I’ve personally fallen victim to this as I built up a downline in a company a couple of years back of over 1,000 people only for the company to go and change their compensation plan effectively making my income a 10% of what it was overnight. So can you trust WorldVentures?

In my opinion the research suggests that WorldVentures is a legitimate company and not a scam. They were founded in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcure who are 2 people with a lot of experience and success in the industry. As of 2015 the company has reps in 24 different countries totalling over 120,000 independent reps. WorldVentures as their name suggests specialises in the travel niche and is one of the biggest of it’s kind. There are companies similar that have come and gone in recent years but for WorldVentures to still be going strong after 11 years clearly shows me they are a legitimate company.

What Are The World Ventures Products?

As I already mentioned this company is about travel so naturally their products are travel related.

They have different membership levels such as:

  • DreamTrips  ($199.95 One-Time then $26.99 per month)
  • DreamTrips Life ($199.95 One-Time then $54.99 per month)
  • International DreamTrips Life ($199.95 One-Time then $49.98 per month).
  • Luxury DreamTrips ($999.99 One-Time then $99.99 per month)
  • DreamTrips U ($99.99 One-Time then $20.99 per month)

You can get more information about each membership and what you get at their website.

World Ventures – The Business Opportunity

This is the main part of my review because it’s the real reason I decided to put this review together. After all my blog reviews make money online products, systems and companies which includes anything from network marketing/mlm to forex and stock trading. I’m not so much interested in the WorldVentures products as long as they are legitimate but more interested in the kind of money that can be made should you sign up to become a distributor/rep for them.

Like all travel companies and network marketing companies you earn commissions here by referring other people.

Here is a video about their compensation plan you can watch. It explains the different levels and how the business really works.

I’m not endorsing this video- This is simply an example of how their compensation plan works that I found on YouTube:

World Ventures – My Verdict & Recommendation!

After taking a closer look at all the facts surrounding WorldVentures it’s clear to me that this is a legitimate company. They have stood the test of time which is great. If you’ve got your heart set on joining this company then don’t let me stop you, however if you’re joining this company purely because of the money making potential then I personally believe there’s a better way of making money online which you can see below.

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