Zero Chase Media: Legit Traffic? [2023 Review]

Zero Chase Media is a traffic service provider that has teamed up with Keala Kanae to give affiliates access to Endorsed Email Traffic.

They connect you to your ideal target audience, which allows you to improve your conversion rate and sales numbers.

In this Zero Chase Media review, we take a closer look at what the program offers and why you should consider trying it out.

What is Zero Chase Media?

Zero Chase Media (ZCM) is a traffic service provider that was created by Tim Donovan to give affiliates access to email lists from established marketers.

Zero Chase Media: Legit Traffic? [2023 Review] 19

Fullstaq Marketer partnered with Zero Chase Media to give Fullstaq members access to website traffic or clicks from a reputable source. They also use Zero Chase as their traffic provider for the Business Launch Challenge event.

If you sign up to the service offered by Zero Chase Media, they use “Endorsed Email Marketing” to run traffic to your link via a trusted traffic source that has a pre-built mailing list of people who are already keen on making money online.

ZCM does the heavy lifting and all you are left to do is focus on creating great copy that will improve your ability to attract leads and subsequently, subscribers. This enables you to build trust with your subscribers for long-term success.

What is Endorsed Email Traffic?

Email endorsed marketing is what happens when ZCM goes to people with huge email lists and brokers deals with them to allow Fullstaq Marketer clients to advertise on those lists. It is the process of bridging the gap between affiliates and authority sites or a business in a certain niche. These authority figures email your offer to their already engaged audiences.

It is an alternative to Facebook, Google, and YouTube Ads because in recent times, these major platforms have been putting marketers through the trouble of constantly changing algorithms and policies.

It doesn’t matter what product or service your business is promoting, there’s someone else who already has a list and the attention of your ideal prospects. You can think of it as a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising medium that helps a business improve their traffic and conversion rates.

How Endorsed Email Marketing Eliminates Red-Tape

Endorsed email marketing is unlike popular PPC platforms such as Facebook and Google Adwords because it eliminates the endless red-tape, never-ending policy changes, and bot and algorithm bans you will get from those platforms. These ever-shifting changes put you at risk of losing your advertising privileges without warning.

With ZCM, you are only limited by what the publishers are willing to send to their audiences. Keala Kanae and his team will help get your ads and funnels approved when needed thus making the outcomes more predictable.

How Zero Chase Media Works

As he was announcing the partnership between Fullstaq Marketer and Zero Chase Media, Keala Kanae posted a video on the Vimeo app explaining how the platform works. You can watch the video here on your browser.

Zero Chase Media: Legit Traffic? [2023 Review] 20

Zero Chase Media is offered to customers via a monthly subscription, which means that you are subject to payments every month. When you purchase traffic, you need to provide your optin link (the URL which the clients will send traffic to).

If you want to sign up for a Zero Chase Media account and order traffic, you will find a landing page that looks like this:

Zero Chase Media: Legit Traffic? [2023 Review] 21

The link at the bottom about making a copy of the marketing budget worksheet goes to a Google Spreadsheet that looks like this:

Zero Chase Media: Legit Traffic? [2023 Review] 22

It is set to “view only” and you cannot edit it. To edit it, you should create a new spreadsheet and then copy and paste the template. It will allow you to determine how much you should be spending on traffic.

Zero Chase Media Pricing

As we’ve already seen, this is a monthly subscription service, which means that they will deduct the chosen amount EVERY MONTH. There are a few plans available depending on the number of visitors/transactions you want:

Zero Chase Media: Legit Traffic? [2023 Review] 23

Pros of Zero Chase Media

  • ZCM has access to publishers in many niches, which enables affiliates to put offers in front of interested buyers in their chosen industry which leads to better conversion.
  • You can choose the number of leads you want depending on your needs and budget.
  • ZCM gives you peace of mind because it doesn’t have the endless red tape and ever-changing policies of the popular platforms.
  • You don’t have to worry about split testing, writing ads, creatives, analytics, etc that you have to deal with when using YouTube, Google, or Facebook.
  • You can count on ZCM for clicks, sales, upgrades, and return customers, which is what every business wants

Cons of Zero Chase Media

  • You will be competing with another business for the attention of your leads. Therefore, you need to get better at writing copy

Is Zero Chase Media Legit?

Zero Chase Media is legit.

It collaborated with Keala Kanae to guarantee affiliates access to reliable email lists from established partners where they can generate traffic. Over the years, the model has generated millions of dollars in sales for other marketers proving that it is legit.

Zero Chase Media Conclusion

ZCM has has a wide array of publishers, which ensures you’re tapping into the audiences that are likely to resonate with your offers.

ZCM familiarizes itself with your products and services to couple you with publishers who have the attention of your ideal prospects. Thanks to its extensive network and purchasing capacity, they can negotiate costs much lower than you’d typically pay yourself.

Whether or not you are a member of Fullstaq Marketer, you should give it a try to see whether it can work for you.

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Zero Chase Media: Legit Traffic? [2023 Review] 24

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