Zulander Hack Scam – The Only REAL Review!

Zulander Hack is binary system that I’ve been taking a closer look at. It’s not a new system however it is a complete scam so I felt compelled to write this review and share to help other people like yourself avoid losing money to this nasty scam system. There many scams out there like the Zulander Hack and in this review I’ll share some key points on how you can spot scams and be sure to avoid them in the future.

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Zulander Hack – The Real Truth Exposed

The Zulander Hack is a complete scam. I’m definitely not recommending it because you won’t make a penny from it. It has all the warning signs of a scam anyway after all the sales page says you can make over $1,000 in just 5 minutes, I mean come on those are clear warning signs of this scam but I guess you’re pretty skeptical anyway or you wouldn’t be reading this review. This scam is similar to others like Click Money System. The truth is the Zulander Hack owners are affiliates for binary brokers and they get paid a commission for signing you up. To access “their system” you’ll need to make a deposit at the binary options broker they recommend of $250 or more. Once you deposit you can access the system that will trade for you. It’s not actually their system though, these guys just create the sales video and the binary brokers handle the rest of the scam. Like I said, they get paid to refer you so all they do is create a super hyped up sales video that talks about how much money you can make. This video is designed only to convince you to sign up to their recommended broker and when you do that their job is done.

Once you actually get access to the software it won’t work as promised in fact it won’t work at all. It will make a bunch of random trades until it drains your account and you’re left with nothing! Sucks right? Yeah too right it does! These guys are a fraud and unfortunately their scam has spread due to the advertising they have done and other scammers they have partnered with to help spread the scam through email spam!

These guys will scam you out of $250 but that’s not the worst part because the brokers will try and have your eyes out for far more money. It’s the brokers who are the worst scammers here and I’ll explain what part they play below.

Zulander Hack – Brokers Are Scammers!

You might think that the creators of the Zulander Hack are the scammers here and you’d be right in saying that however they are not the only ones. The brokers are actually worse than the owners of the Zulander Hack website. The brokers will scam you for a lot of money if you let them, and they’ve been known to wipe out peoples life savings. The brokers are based in countries that do not have a lot of regulation when it comes to scams and binary options. Most are banned from operating inside the USA although this doesn’t stop most of them anyway as the chances of them actually being brought to justice is slim. Once they have you signed up they will call you up and try to get you to speak to one of their “expert traders”. The expert traders don’t really exist, it’s just part of the fraud in order to gain your trust. These guys will make claims about how much money they can make you but in reality again it’s all a fraud and lies. They can be very convincing though and if you let them they will scam you for $1,000’s or literally as much money as you have/let them know about.

At first you’ll think you’re making money but in reality that’s just “on paper” money in your back office. The reality is when you try and withdraw this you won’t be able to. They will flat out refuse and then they will make a series of terrible trades so that your money is lost!

So what’s the real truth? Never trust binary brokers, they are a scam and a joke. I’m amazed that this industry has grown so big when it’s clear a scam industry. The brokers don’t make money unless you lose money, because they operate the same as casinos do, so why would they help you make money? The truth is they wouldn’t!

Zulander Hack – My Conclusion & Recommendation

I’m obviously not recommending this scam system. You should avoid binary options altogether in my opinion.

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