Melaleuca – Scam or Legit Opportunity? [Review]

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Melaleuca Review

Melaleuca is a product found at It is a multilevel marketing platform which deals with beauty and health products. It’s similar to Kyani, Instantly Ageless, Essante Organics and others I have reviewed. It focuses more in recruiting down line recruiters even more than it focuses on marketing its products. It is more like a pyramid scheme, but the availability of products in their marketing line sets them apart from common pyramid schemes we fear.

There are several companies out there which review Melaleuca in a bad note. You will find the company and its marketing schemes listed in several rip off sites and other negative review platforms. There are several people who have tried the company and they report of different cult like representatives and products which are potentially unsafe. To be honest a lot of this comes down to opinions rather than facts.

The negative reviews and other red flags in rip off sites can make you start worrying. But, there are several people who have tried the scheme and most of them can convince you to try. But, you should investigate more because most people who get involved in the marketing scheme never succeed. You may probably know several people who have tried Melaleuca, but how many of them can you attest have succeeded in their online businesses?

Many people who complain about the company have issues with their sales team misrepresentation of products. They use different weird tactics when trying to recruit people. No wonder, the company relies on recruiting more people for them to make the profit they need to remain afloat. The company requires people to use their credit cards so that they can access different products from the company. Several people have complained about un-authorized payments they find on the credit cards after enrolling in the sales strategy of the company. You should be careful because you can easily end up losing a lot of money after you use your credit card to subscribe. I have talked to several people and they complain about how they found charges on their credit cards for services or products which they ever never requested.

Many people I found complain about money spent on no forthcoming products. It is an issue which worried me a lot when taking into consideration the number of people who were complaining about the money they have been deducted without the delivery of products. It is even more disturbing to discover Melaleuca representatives had taken the money clamming it was consultation fee even if they initially told you the services they were offering in introducing you to the company was free. It even disturbed me more. How can a company charge you to inform you about the products they are selling? I’m used to companies which spend money to market their products and sell them to people without asking them to pay for the consultation fees directly.

There are also complaints of people cancelling their contracts with the company but they end up getting charges on their card for several months. It is a scheme which can cost you a lot of money in the long run. There are even people I was surprised to find them to have been charged for almost a year after they cancelled their involvement with the company. Most of them try to follow the money back but it is a daunting process. At first, the company claims you can cancel at any given time, but things are different if you dare sign up with the company and leave your card number with them. They find the leeway to continue charging you so that they can access money to solve different needs in their lives.

Several products listed on Melaleuca have warnings letting you know how they are toxic and dangerous to your health. The hazardous products pose danger to your health which can affect your life in different ways but the company is busy marketing them to people. The sales people at the company are asked to tell potential customers the products are nontoxic, but the warnings you see after buying the products indicate they can harm your health in different ways. It is a clear form of misleading the potential buyers. The right company should explain everything to you right from the start. The messages are relayed by sales people should be the same message you receive on the website of the company.

Is Melaleuca A Scam?

Whilst this review may appear negative I don’t believe that this company is operating a scam. I think the company has some issues that it needs to address but it’s not your typical make money scam that we are used to exposing like freedom cash system, home earning system, 500 cash code and many more. If you are prepared to work hard and implement training you can find success, but it won’t be easy (then again is anything easy?).

Conclusion & Recommendation

To be honest there seems to be some problems with the company and claims made. Whilst they are a legitimate company and not an obvious money making scam or scheme I feel you should approach with caution and for those reasons we can’t recommend it.

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