Freedom Cash System – Scam Exposed!

Freedom Cash System (aka is a new scam I have just finished investigating.

Looking for an honest review of Freedom Cash System (not to be confused with my Freedom Checks review which you can see at the link)? You’re in the right place because I’m sharing all the details and exposing this system for what it really is. Keep reading down below for all the details and exactly why I’m not recommending it.

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Freedom Cash System – Initial Thoughts

Before I jump into the review if you are looking for a review of “Freedom Checks” go here: Freedom Checks review by

So here it is, the Freedom Cash System that is going to make all your money worries go away. They’re even so generous that they want to pay you $500 to get started. I must say these guys are really generous people who just want you to finally have success, right? Wrong, the people behind Freedom Cash System don’t really care about your success at all because you are just another number to them. When you sign up and pay to access their program they are the ones making money, not you! You’re just their latest victim.

Freedom Cash System - Scam Exposed! 10

Did you also know that you’re just 1 of 9 positions left in your area? How lucky are you! Again this is wrong, it’s just a misleading tactic to get you to sign up. They are trying to scare you into believing that this is legitimate and that you need to sign up for fear of missing out. One of the many tactics used by unethical scam websites like this. The same kind of tactics I have exposed before with scams like copy my cashflow and home job position.

Freedom Cash System – Real Truth

So what’s the real truth about the Freedom Cash System? It would be easy for me to sit here and call out this system based on the hyped up claims on their website but unfortunately sometimes the systems behind these websites are legitimate. To me this looks like another system promoting a business opportunity called Mobe. I could be wrong however it seems extremely similar to others, plus the whole $500 guarantee thing came from Mobe.

Mobe is a business opportunity which I have already reviewed here. It’s been promoted through a number of scammy looking websites like home jobs now and extreme home paycheck just to name a few, but there’s plenty more, literally dozens and they tend to be owned by the same people each time! My biggest complaint regarding Mobe was not the company itself but how many of the top affiliates recruit other people via these super scammy looking websites. They basically sell you a dream that you are never going to achieve and they legitimise their stupid claims because the end product (the Mobe opportunity) is not a scam.

So what is the business and can you really make money? Mobe is a business opportunity and in order to make money you need to buy the products. At least in order to earn the maximum commission levels. But what are the products you ask? The products are digital products that teach you about digital marketing and there’s also live events. This is what is known as a high ticket opportunity and also known as a “pay to play” program. What it means is that you can’t earn money unless you buy the products.

To be honest I’ve grown skeptical of these opportunities in recent times because of the nature of how they work. In the real world nobody buys a product so they can qualify to resell it and earn commissions. People buy products because they want the value that the product gives them. For example, if I buy a car I am not buying it so I can resell it (in most cases anyway) I am buying it because I like the car (the product) and I want the value it provides which is transport, luxury, speed and all the other things.

With these kind of companies you find that people are buying into the products just to be able to resell them. Sure it might be legal, but is it really ethical or moral? You decide for yourself but I personally decided to stop promoting or recommending those kind of programs just to make money, and instead started promoting legitimate opportunities like my no.1 recommendation where you buy products that you actually WANT to own because they provide great value, not an income potential.

Unethical Income Claims – Freedom Cash System

In my honest opinion I think the claims made by the Freedom Cash System are unethical and misleading. For example they say you will earn $500 immediately after you sign up and follow a few simple steps. To a newbie who just wants to make extra money won’t understand that even if you get $500 there will be strings attached will ultimately end up losing a lot of money. Some people might join this program using their last $97 and end up spending $100’s or even $1,000’s without making anything.

Freedom Cash System - Scam Exposed! 11

“Get your $500 deposited into your account just by claiming your limited spot in our exclusive system” – It sounds pretty hyped up right? First off the spot isn’t limited, the system isn’t exclusive and you won’t get $500 deposited. It’s really as simple as that.

Could You Make Money With This System?

To be honest, you could potentially make money if you follow all the steps! That is the stupid thing about it, they make ridiculous claims that to someone like me who regularly exposes scam systems knows is a huge red flag, but then you could make money. The problem is it’s a big COULD and ultimately you will never make the money that they claim you will make. It’s all just an illusion to suck you in, get you spending your money and then they’re happy. They don’t care about your success and when this system fizzles out in a month or 2 (like they all do) they will close it down, rebrand it and relaunch it. If you’re unlucky you might even get sucked into the next scam!

Conclusion & Recommendation

I am not going to recommend the Freedom Cash System because I don’t believe you will make anywhere near the claimed income and I don’t believe you’ll ever get the $500 bonus that they “guarantee” you.

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Freedom Cash System - Scam Exposed! 9

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