Essante Organics – Scam or Legit? [Review]

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Essante Organics Review

Essante Organics was found in the year 2004 and had gone through a process of rebranding in the year 2009. It is an international marketing organization which deals in health related products similar to other companies I have reviewed like my next aim . The company is Arizona based and is always very active. Toxics are a major concern for everyone and can damage one’s health and hence, I must say that this company has taken an active initiative to remove toxic from our lives and provide us with products that are organic and helps in weight-loss, personal care, anti aging, alkalizing, home care and offers various products of nutritional value.

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Essante Organics – How To Make Money

It can be very beneficial working with this company as they provide 30% of commission on sales. Also, there are many other commissions that are offered.

If you get more people into this company for selling their products, you get a direct 5% commission on all sales that are done by them.

If the amount of sales exceeds to a certain level or if $199 and $499 packages are sold, there is an enrolment bonus offered. There is a bonus of $500 if you can keep up to the gold level for three continuous months. You also get a residual income that are commissions from the amount of income that the people you recruited are earning.

Essante Organics provides many other commissions and bonuses as either part of company’s global sharing of profit or in form of other bonuses. If you see the earning potential, it can really be convincing and you may think about quick money. But I would advice that to earn a decent amount you have to work accordingly.

What are the pros of Essante Organics?

There are many pros so let’s take a look:

Green living: All the products provided by this company are of high standards and promote a green living. Also, the educational materials and business training promote an organic lifestyle. They proudly share their green organic living principles with all their customers.

Certification: All of the products go through various tests so that it is ensured they have a high class quality. They go through very strict standards and take care of not harming any person or animal at all. Every ingredient is certified by the USDA National Organic Program.

Refunds: If any customer is not happy with the product, the money is refunded within 30 days itself.

Information: Essante Organics shares a lot of precious information with its business partners and people working with them.

What are the cons of Essante Organics?

As with any company there are always some negatives, so here they are:

Upfront payment: One has a choice to choose between two enrolment options in both of which upfront payment is involved. If you wish to become a wholesale customer then you have to pay a one time initial charge and if you want to become a business partner you need to purchase product kits and I think it is definitely not very good to make an upfront payment before you know anything much about the company and how it works.

High price of products: When compared to other organic products, the prices of Essante Organics products are much higher due to which people might not want to buy from them because similar products are available on other sites at a much reasonable price.

Essante Organics – Verdict & Recommendation

Essante Organics is a real and a legit company with eco friendly and organic products so it’s definitely not a scam. That being said, it’s also not a company that I would personally recommend.

Why is that? Simple actually, I prefer digital companies where you can use systems to make money. I believe it makes running an online business both easier and more profitable as I’ve personally been able to generate over $120k in the last 6 months alone using my no.1 recommendation AWOL Academy.

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