Is Teeka Tiwari’s 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom Legit?

24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom is the title of a presentation by Teeka Tiwari that has been getting a lot of attention over the past few days. It was hosted by Fernando Cruz.

In the presentation, Teeka Tiwari discusses the prospect of getting in on “pre-unicorn” deals that can minimize your journey to wealth down to just 24 hours. This means that rather than buy and hold for a long period, you will earn a large amount of money in 24 hours.

I decided to write this review after watching the 2-hour long presentation and after you are done reading this, you will have a better idea of what Teeka is referring to as pre-unicorn deals and why he says they can make you rich in 24 hours. 

Before I start…

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Is Teeka Tiwari's 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom Legit? 7

24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom Review

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Introduction to 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom

Teeka Tiwari used the presentation to share details on a new, historic pre-IPO deal involving a tech startup. 

He wants you to get in on a pre-unicorn (a startup that goes from zero to a billion-dollar valuation). He thinks that no other market event is more lucrative that a unicorn going public.

24 Hours To 24 7 Freedom by Teeka Tiwari

He says that if everything goes according to his prediction, you can achieve financial freedom from the returns that company will make in its first day of trading. He says that you will earn the kind of gains that investors typically require a decade to make. 

Examples of such deals are when Google went public generating 36,166% returns in the first 24 hours of trading; Facebook making 121,822% in the first 24 hours; and Twitter making 110,614% in its first 24 hours of trading.

Tiwari says that these deals were typically reserved for rich Wall Street investors but now, ordinary folks can get involved too. He wants to help you achieve financial freedom without having to invest for many years in the stock market and without investing in cryptos.

His solution is to invest in the private market, and not just any investment because he recommends that you invest in a pre-unicorn deal. A pre-unicorn deal means investing in a unicorn before it goes public – a unicorn is a startup that achieves a valuation of $1 billion in the private market. Tiwari encourages his followers to invest in pre-unicorn deals because a unicorn has a decent chance of becoming a multi-billion dollar company.

He has identified one pre-unicorn deal involving a company behind an invention he considers as impactful as the internet. He arrived at it by following a three-step method he had never revealed to the public before.

Step 1: Massive Disruption

The company he goes for has to disrupt a massive market. By that he means that the market has to be huge. For context, he says that a $50 billion market is relatively small and you have to go for one that is bigger.

Step 2: Pre-Unicorn

Teeka Tiwari targets companies that have not yet achieved unicorn status. He avoids multi-billion dollar companies because the chances that they have of experiencing exponential growth in a short period are quite low.

Step 3: Invest Pre-IPO

You need to find a way to get in on the trade before the company goes public. He says that this is the most challenging step because getting in on those trades is not easy. You have to be an accredited investor and have connections to know about those deals.

In Teeka Tiwari’s case, he says that anyone can get involved even when you aren’t rich thanks to the JOBS Act of 2012.

He says that to invest in pre-unicorn deals, you have to get your hands on the private shares that are issued by the company. These are typically available on a first-come, first-served basis but they tend to go very fast because there is a lot of demand for them.

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What do we know about his pre-unicorn pick?

First, we need to find out more about the piece of technology he was talking about that he considers as impactful as the internet.

The technology he is talking about has already attracted big investors, who include VCs, high net worth individuals, and angel investors who have invested large sums each.

The technology he is referring to here is the Blockchain.

The company he is touting is using Blockchain to disrupt the gaming industry because it enables gamers to sell their old digital games to purchase new ones. This is the same model that Gamestop (GME) thrived on in its heyday; the difference between them is that Gamestop bought hardware versions of games from gamers while this company buys digital copies.

He thinks that it is set up for a big future because a majority of games these days are bought as digital versions and Blockchain will make the model work because it is a secure way of tracking transactions. He says that the company will earn revenue from all the games that are transacted on its platform as well as from fees accrued from every resale.

Tiwari also thinks that investing in this company is also a play on Ethereum because it will use the same blockchain as the one underlying Ethereum. He says:

“Getting involved in this company is also a play on Ethereum, and here’s how that works:

They reward the gamers on their platform by also letting them mine cryptocurrencies supported by the Ethereum blockchain including Ethereum itself.”

He also says that they (gamers) also get to keep 15% of all that newly-minted crypto.

All the details concerning this company are in a report called The Next Unicorn: The Pre-IPO Deal of a Lifetime. This report is only available to members of Palm Beach Venture, an investment advisory service published by Teeka Tiwari under Palm Beach Research Group.

Potential Candidate: Robot Cache

After doing my research, I think the company Teeka is teasing here is a private company called Robot Cache. This company is trying out the radical concept of enabling gamers to sell their digital copies of video games.

24 Hours To 24 7 Freedom by Teeka TiwariOn the official website, here is how the company describes itself:

“We’re experimenting with a radical new concept that allows gamers to sell their digital games after they’re done playing them. You’ve probably sold your old game discs to a retailer before, but now Robot Cache is extending that concept to the digital world. This is only possible with the help of the publishers and developers, and we’re thankful for their trust.”

As for the process by which this is done, here is how they explain it as well as the role of the blockchain in all this…

“Robot Cache is the first ever marketplace to buy and then resell your digital PC games. We do the heavy lifting; all you have to do is click the List button and Robot Cache will go to work to find a buyer when you’re done with a game. It’s all possible through the use of the blockchain where we’re able to record ownership in an immutable way and securely transfer a game from one user to the next.”

The company filed Form 253g2 with the SEC in April 1, 2021 in which they set the terms of investment. You can read the document here on the official SEC website.

Bonus Pick

At the beginning of the presentation, Teeka Tiwari promises to recommend a stock pick that is likely to rise 10X and after watching the video, I learned that the company he is recommending is Roblox Corp. (RBLX)

Roblox is a video game developer based in San Mateo, California. It went public in March 2021 on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Who Is Behind 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom?

The 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom event was hosted by Fernando Cruz but it centered on Teeka Tiwari. 

Teeka Tiwari is well known in the world of financial newsletters as one of the most experienced gurus in the business. He is a former Wall Street insider because he worked for Lehman Brothers before it declared bankruptcy. He was the youngest employee when he joined at the age of 18 and he later made history when he became the youngest Vice President of Shearson Lehman. In addition to working for the investment bank, he is also a former hedge fund manager.

Teeka Tiwari is also a cryptocurrency expert and claims to have recommended Bitcoin while it was trading at a little more than $400.

Teeka Tiwari joined Palm Beach Research Group, a boutique investment research firm, in 2007 where he has been editing financial newsletters. He is the leading editor of the flagship newsletter, The Palm Beach Letter, besides other publications like Palm Beach Confidential and Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly.

He has made appearances as a market commentator on networks like FOX News Channel, ABC’s Nightline, CNBC, and other international television networks.

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What you get when you join Palm Beach Venture

Palm Beach Venture is an investment advisory service that you have to join to get more details regarding the kind of deal he is touting in the presentation.

Here is what you get when you join The Palm Beach Venture:

  • A New Pre-IPO Recommendation Every Quarter. Tiwari will send you new pre-IPO recommendations every quarter.
  • Bonus small-cap newsletter issues. In the months that Tiwari does not send you a pre-IPO recommendation, you receive a bonus issue of the newsletter with a small-cap recommendation that has the potential to grow your money 10x.
  • Access to the exclusive members-only website. On the website, you get quarterly briefings with the latest pre-IPO deals and a model portfolio that’s regularly updated.
  • US-based customer support. You can reach the customer support agents via email or phone to handle any questions you have about your subscription.

Special Reports

  • The Next Unicorn: The Pre-IPO Deal of a Lifetime. This is the report that has details about the pre-unicorn deal he teases in the presentation.
  • The Key to the $2.5 Trillion Electric Vehicle Revolution. This report has details about an early-stage company that has the key to the EV revolution.
  • Palm Beach Venture Manifesto. This report has details on how Teeka Tiwari and his team screen the stock market for the best deals.

Palm Beach Venture Pricing

An annual subscription to the Palm Beach Venture is $2,495

What is the Palm Beach Venture a Refund Policy?

Teeka Tiwari does not offer refunds. Instead, he offers you a 90-day satisfaction guarantee:

24 Hours To 24 7 Freedom by Teeka Tiwari

This means that if you sign up for the Palm Beach Venture, you cannot get your money back if you cancel your membership.

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Pros of 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom

  • You get to join the Palm Beach Venture newsletter at a discount. The usual price is $5,000.
  • Teeka Tiwari outlines his investment strategy.
  • You get to learn something new if you weren’t conversant with private investments in pre-unicorn deals.

Cons of 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom

  • Even with the discount, Palm Beach Venture is a relatively expensive newsletter.
  • The Palm Beach Venture does not allow refunds once you sign up for it.

Is 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom Legit?

Yes, 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom is a legit presentation.

The presentation took two hours and during that period, Teeka Tiwari talked about investing in private companies that have enough potential to become massive. His approach involves investing in it hoping to close your position after the first day of trading publicly to pocket the one-day gains it earns when it lists on a public exchange.

This is something that has been happening in the markets although it was previously reserved for accredited investors and rich benefactors.

It is also worth pointing out that all the examples Teeka Tiwari gives in the presentation are verifiable.

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24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom Verdict

Teeka Tiwari says that investing in pre-Unicorn deals makes you a lot of money in 24 hours and that it is more lucrative than investing in those companies after they go public.

But there is a caveat; investing in startups is quite risky and statistically, more startups fail than succeed in the market.

Tiwari is a proponent of asymmetric risk because he mentions it more than once in the presentation. Asymmetric risk means you invest a relatively small amount of money in a security and reap a disproportionately big return on it. This, he says, also means that you don’t risk your money.

It is also worth pointing out that at the beginning of the presentation, Teeka Tiwari warns that there aren’t enough shares of the private company he is touting and that more will be available subject to a filing with the SEC that could be approved in two to four weeks. They will then create a wait list to buy shares on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Is Teeka Tiwari's 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom Legit? 7

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