Is The 5G Volta $8 Stock Legit? [Keith Kohl]

Keith Kohl of Angel Publishing released a presentation with a header that reads:

Urgent: This Tiny Company Could Skyrocket After August 23

“5G-Volta” Could Fund Your Retirement

Below: The 5G Story NO ONE Is Talking About. It Could Turn Every $1,500 Into $120,135

Keith claims that it is the most lucrative 5G story of the year and it all has to do with an $8 company that may soar after August.

If you would like to learn more about this potentially lucrative money-making opportunity, you have come to the right place because after siting through it, I have put together an honest review of the presentation covering all the details you need to know to determine whether you should consider the opportunity.

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Is The 5G Volta $8 Stock Legit? [Keith Kohl] 5

5G Volta Review

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Introduction to 5G Volta

This was a presentation by Keith Kohl concerning an investment opportunity he considers more lucrative than most other 5G opportunities doing the rounds in the newsletter circles.

I have covered my fair share of those in the past couple of months here, including The Final Wave of 5G Millionaires (John Pangere), The Untold Truth About 5G (Matt McCall), and Devastating 5G Flaw Exposed (Stephen Leeb).

5G Volta

He starts the presentation by introducing us to a tiny module…

But right now, a fleet of trucks is leaving this highly secure, nondescript warehouse in upstate New York.

Inside these trucks are tens of thousands of tiny modules.

Each one is tiny, no bigger than 10 grains of salt.

And this brand-new hardware is a vital component for the 5G revolution.

You’ve probably heard about 5G over and over. But what I’m about to share is the 5G story that hasn’t been told.

Because this is NOT about faster internet, better smartphones, or greater cell coverage.

It has NOTHING to do with the usual suspects such as Qualcomm, Apple, or T-Mobile.

This is about a government-mandated program I call 5G-Volta.

5G-Volta could be your shortcut to tremendous wealth in the year ahead.

Because this program is expected to be as big as $1.5 trillion.”

He claims it is about an application of the 5G network that few people know about. It’s not about faster internet, greater cell coverage, or better smartphones. In fact, it has nothing to do with the usual companies like Apple, Qualcomm, Skyworks Solutions, or network operators like T-Mobile and Verizon Communications Inc. either.

Instead, it’s about a government-mandated program that was launched during the Trump administration in May 2020 with bipartisan support. He calls it an essential upgrade to “the world’s biggest machine.”

And, as I found out after going through the presentation, Keith was talking about an upgrade to the power grid — he was referring to the power grid as “the world’s biggest machine.”

He says that our national defense, vital emergency services, critical infrastructure, economy, and very way of life depend on the successful rollout of the program.

He says that the upgrade could be 24,866% bigger than the “standard” 5G because it will need at least 101.64 million transmitters and the new technology will roll out to 128.58 million homes, 840,321 industrial customers, and 18.6 million commercial customers.

The government is expected to spend up to $1.5 trillion on this infrastructure upgrade according to Keith.

5G Volta He says that even if they only spend $500 billion (a third of the money), it will still have an impact.

What does this have to do with 5G?

Keith says that the power grid needs an upgrade; as demand grows, it needs technologies that allow engineers to identify and isolate faults quickly and protect it from cyber attacks. In the presentation, he cited examples of this, and I quote:

Hostile forces like North Korea and Iran are preparing to attack our power grid as we speak.

Wired recently reported, “[An Iranian] state-sponsored group called Magnallium has been probing American electric utilities for the past year.”

Government officials are well aware of the threat…

Janet Napolitano, former secretary of Homeland Security, says the chances an attack will be successful are ‘very high — 80%, 90%.’

And a declassified report to the Department of Homeland Security predicts, “Assaults against key facilities could… cause catastrophic results.”

Hackers already caused “blind spots” on March 5, 2019. Operators couldn’t see what was happening in the grid for about 10 hours.

His argument is that for the past few years, the country’s grid has been struggling to keep up with modern challenges. Therefore, the overhaul will create replace old network architectures with new ones to make it safer and capable of handling modern challenges.

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How Will of 5G Virtual Routing Protect the Power Grid?

To achieve that, he says that the government is launching a project that will see all key elements of the grid fitted with sensors that will detect faults and relay that data through segment routing.

That network will be serviced by a wireless technology that has lower latency than the network infrastructure we currently have. And that’s where 5G comes in.

Introduction of Multiple Virtual Routers

Here is how Keith explained this in the video:

That’s why an effective grid upgrade entails two critical components…

First, sensors on all potential points of failure.

Second, millisecond-level precise control of the network.

There was just one problem until now…

There are 1.58 million high-voltage transmission towers, more than 100 million utility poles, and 55,000 substations in the U.S.

That’s a total of at least 101.64 million sensors needed.

And this estimate is highly conservative since most transmission towers, utility poles, and substations will need a lot more than just one sensor.

And this necessitates the need for a better mobile network infrastructure than the technology we currently have, as Keith mentions in the video…

Today’s existing wireless network supports only a few thousand devices per square mile. This limitation is the reason we couldn’t deploy millions of sensors across the power grid.

Millions of vulnerable points across the power grid simply couldn’t be monitored and controlled.

But this is about to change as we speak…

Because the new 5G network is capable of handling up to 1 million devices per square mile.

That’s about 1,000 times as much capacity.

This means we can finally deploy sensors at every single vulnerable point across the power grid.

And 5G has much faster reaction times than our current 4G network. In fact, 5G is up to 60 times faster…

What he is implying is that the power grid will be retrofitted with multiple virtual routers that will allow faster fault detection. 5G will make virtual routing possible because it has lower latency than 4G.

What Mobile Network Operators Are Investing?

So far, mobile network operators that are known for providing network services are spending vast sums of money in 5G networks.

There are examples like Verizon ($18 billion) and AT&T ($23 billion). These companies are working on new network architectures that will boost the project infrastructure for the future and allow the market to experience growth.

That is why we have seen 5G stocks soar as mobile devices are able to tap into this new technology.

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Another Application of 5G Volta: An Energy Cloud

Not only will the upgrade be designed to protect the power grid, it will also allow connectivity. Growing demand and supply has led to decentralization, as Keith explains:

Today’s energy system wasn’t designed to handle such wild load swings. That’s why we need a system that distributes energy to exactly where it’s needed when it’s needed.

Our “dumb” power grid can’t do this.

But 5G-Volta takes our power grid and gives it a brain.

5G-Volta will link together power plants, solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicle charging stations, batteries, and end users within a unified Energy Cloud.

5G-Volta units will collect information and use it to adjust the production and distribution of electricity. This will save energy, reduce losses, and enhance the reliability of the power grid.

So, what this means is that the upgrade will cater for the changes that have come about over the years.

Is The 5G Volta $8 Stock Legit? [Keith Kohl] 6

Renewable energy has meant that households and places of business no longer have to rely on the grid. They can generate their power and when they have more than they need, they can deliver some of that to the grid.

Keith actually gives an example of this:

Let’s say you have a solar panel on your roof…

A 5G-Volta unit connected to the panel will either sell your electricity by feeding it into the grid or charge your electric vehicle — whatever makes you the biggest profit based on the supply and demand in your neighborhood.

And if the sun isn’t shining, 5G-Volta will let you wait until electricity is cheap before turning on your washing machine, keeping your utility bill as low as possible.

With a more efficient system, customers make better use of their power. Many countries in the world are adopting this as they plan for a future where more users aren’t reliant on mains electricity.

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Who is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is the man behind the presentation. He is best known for sharing his insights into America’s mining and energy industries through his advisory services. He is not a Wall Street veteran like most other analysts.

He considers himself as one of the very first analysts to pick up on the U.S. shale boom. He learned about it as he was traveling across the country. He alerted his followers to take the trend seriously and those who did earned significant returns on their investments.

During his travels he usually looks for under-the-radar investment opportunities in the stock market that can offer big gains.

This time, he has set his sights on a little-known government-mandated program and a tiny company that stands to benefit from it.

This is not the first time he is doing this as I have reviewed previous presentations from him, including American Superpower Payday and Endless Clean Energy.

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What is Keith Kohl’s $8 Stock?

He could easily have recommended a network company or a one that owns a cell site or cell towers but he chose to go with an outlier.

He wants you to invest in an under-the-radar company that is providing the critical component for a massive tech revolution. And he has identified one company in the stock market where you can tap into the growth of their service.

It is the company making the RF filters in those sensors and he wants us to invest in it before it takes off; before the project kicks off.

Here is what he had to say about it:

At the center of it all sits an off-radar company using patented technology to help make it all come true…

In a stroke of visionary brilliance it has implemented not one, not two, but 32 patented technologies that are posed to transform the way we produce and consume electricity.

We are talking about complete and utter dominance over this massive infrastructure upgrade, the likes of which we’ve never seen before and may never see again…

Because the $2.9 trillion grid revolution will not be possible without this tiny module…

This module is a so-called RF filter.

Every 5G-Volta unit will need an RF filter to communicate with the wireless network.

That’s because this component separates 5G radio waves from all the other radio waves traveling through the air. Without this RF filter, 5G-Volta simply cannot exist.

This little-known module is the driving force behind the huge revolution that 5G-Volta is going to be…

The tiny module is quite small, as this image shows:

Is The 5G Volta $8 Stock Legit? [Keith Kohl] 7

And he wants you to invest in it while its share price is low and before it grows its market share.

For example, he says that if it gets 0.005% of a $500 billion budget, which is a tiny sliver of the market share, it could grow its revenue by 1,296%. The adjusted earnings with a bigger budget are even more.

Potential Growth

He doesn’t stop there because he shares a few more details about it:

Consider this company’s market cap… I’m talking about the total market value of all outstanding shares… It’s just $314 million.

A giant such as General Electric with a market cap of $76 BILLION could swallow this company without giving it much of a second thought.

Insiders are already making their move…

Members of this company’s senior management just spent substantial amounts of their private wealth to buy shares.

Its chief product officer secured an additional 50,000 shares and now holds a total of 249,127…

The executive vice president upped his position by 25,000 shares and now owns 193,421…

And the CEO sits on a staggering 2,962,062 shares after recently purchasing an additional 50,000.

Let that sink in for a minute… The CEO owns nearly 3 million shares already.

The senior management clearly knows something about the future of this company that isn’t in the news yet.

This all points to an imminent major buyout announcement, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the share price double, triple, or even quadruple on the news.

If you invest in this stock, he projects that you can 40x your money. The company in question is not widely-known although he thinks it will significantly contribute to the project’s realization.

As an under-the-radar stock, the share price is relatively low but it has enormous growth potential. It is also not one of those companies with a large market cap.

Keith intends to reveal the name of the stock and its ticker symbol to a select few.

If you wish to learn more about 5G Volta and the company being teased, you should read Keith’s special report that contains all the information you need.

This special report is called 5G-Volta: Retire Rich on the Power Grid’s Upgrade of the Century

It documents every detail you need to know about the stock, including its name and ticker symbol. You can get this report for free if you sign up for Keith’s advisory service, Energy Investor.

What you get when you join Energy Investor

Energy Investor is an investment research service published by Angel Publishing and headed up by Keith. He uses it as a platform to write about stocks in the energy business

As a member of the Energy Investor newsletter, you will receive monthly investment recommendations (typically growth stocks), investment updates, special reports, 24/7 portfolio access, a free subscription to Energy and Capital, and access to a customer care team.

You will also receive two additional special reports, namely The Hidden Grid Giant for 10X Gains and The Energy Cloud’s Financial Plumbing.

Subscription Price

The annual subscription fee is $99.

Refund Policy

The newsletter has a six-month money-back guarantee.

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  • You learn about a new application of 5G (upgrading the power grid) that is different from what other gurus recommend.
  • Keith has an idea of the best stocks to buy.
  • The newsletter has a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • The investment opportunity, though great on paper, may not pan out as expected.

Is The of 5G Volta Presentation Legit?

Yes, it is a legit presentation.

Using cellular networks and complex software to monitor the power grid has been studied by engineers and deemed feasible. An article by Ericsson even highlights how 5G can facilitate automated protection, which Keith talks about in his presentation.

This shows that Keith is on to something legitimate and that you can learn something from him without necessarily following his investment recommendations.

The way he puts it, he believes that as 5G technology ushers in future growth, you can make a lot of money in a short period if you are among the early investors in the right stocks. He even suggests that it could be the biggest 5G story of 2021.

That being said, there are no guarantees that his recommendation will be the best stock because the stock market can be quite unpredictable.

Verdict on 5G Volta

5G is one of the emerging technologies that have caught the attention of investment analysts. I have reviewed dozens of presentations by investment gurus recommending 5G stocks over the past few months.

If you are looking for a stock in this niche that is not linked to the usual use 5G stocks most gurus recommend, Keith wants you to consider one that is linked to the energy market, such as the one he teases in the presentation.

He doesn’t want you to focus on how 5G will revolutionize mobile networks, instead he tells us that 5G will be used to upgrade the power grid and that this will create an investment opportunity via a small company making the RF filters used in the sensors.

Therefore, you won’t be investing in companies that build 5G networks or fiber optic networks.

The company he is recommending could be a good opportunity because few people are talking about it (you can get in on the cheap and wait for it to take off). However, you should be cautious before you invest because it may not work out as well as Keith wants us to believe.

A good rule to abide by is to do more research about the opportunity and only invest an amount of money that you wouldn’t mind losing. Ultimately there will be numerous 5g stocks that could soar as the technology develops so you shouldn’t put all your eggs in 1 basket.

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Is The 5G Volta $8 Stock Legit? [Keith Kohl] 5

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