Affiliate Advertising Club Review: Legit or Scam?

A new paid advertising program called Affiliate Advertising Club is garnering attention for its affiliate-based business model. The system focuses on selling advertising services to other marketers, touting them as more receptive targets.

Affiliate Advertising Club operates as a membership community where you earn commissions when your referrals purchase ad products. On the surface, this referral-driven structure seems reminiscent of pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing programs.

In this Affiliate Advertising Club review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Affiliate Advertising Club works, its compensation structure, and whether it truly offers a viable business opportunity or just invites recruitment of participants. We’ll cut through the buzz and provide an objective analysis to see if it delivers real value versus simply perpetuating itself.

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Key Takeaways

  • Joining the Affiliate Advertising Club is a simple process that involves researching, visiting their website, and signing up for a membership.
  • The club offers different types of memberships with unique benefits and costs.
  • As a member, you can purchase high-quality traffic packages like solo ads and banner ads to boost your online visibility and sales volume.
  • You also have the opportunity to earn money through the club’s complex compensation plan, which includes reselling traffic packages or earning commissions from referrals.
  • VERDICT: Affiliate Advertising Club preys on newbies struggling to get traffic who don’t understand how affiliate marketing and traffic generation works. The only people who will earn from this system are experienced affiliates who already have traffic and email lists. I recommend other business models over this.

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What is an Affiliate Advertising Club?

The Affiliate Advertising Club (AAC) is a “membership program” by a guy called Clay Montgomery where you make money by recruiting members.

Affiliate Advertising Club

It is built on a model of paid advertising whereby members pay to get access to targeted traffic.

And who makes up the targeted traffic? Other members (which is a huge red flag to begin with and basically affiliate advertising club traffic).

The idea is that you sign up for the digital marketing program and you start recruiting other people to become members. Then you make money when your referrals purchase advertising from Affiliate Advertising Club.

The paid advertising never goes out to the general public which means that the ads circulate within the membership of AAC.

That to me looks a lot like a multi-level marketing scheme or even a pyramid scheme because it is not a sustainable model.

I will get into that later. First, let’s take a closer look at how it works (as Clay Montgomery describes it).

If you prefer the video version of this review here you go:

How Does Affiliate Advertising Club Work?

The Affiliate Advertising Club revolves around four types of advertising products and they claim to guarantee views for all of them:

  • Rotating high-visibility text ads: They are on almost every page of the website.
  • Graphical banner ads: They come in varying shapes and sizes and they are placed strategically throughout the website.
  • Login page ads and logout page ads: They have a timer to ensure they are not missed.
  • Email solo ads: They are sent directly to the recipients’ inbox and they have high open rates.

Advertising products are purchased in the form of monthly recurring traffic packages with each having a set number of ad credits.

The cost of each product varies based on its type, exclusivity, and effectiveness. But they all use credits.

There are five traffic packages available starting at $10, $20, $40, $80, and $160.

When you buy a traffic package, you get ad credits to drive targeted traffic to your offer, you get a position in the activity rewards program equal to that purchase value.

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How to Make Money With Affiliate Advertising Club

You make money in two ways:

Ranked Affiliate Program

There is a ranked affiliate compensation structure that pays up to 20% commission on your referral’s purchases and repurchases. Every AAC member starts off at the rank of Pearl where they earn 10% commission.

Ranked Affiliate Program

Any member who joins with your referral link and purchases advertising earns you 10% of the purchase amount.

When your total referral purchases reach $20,000, you move on to the rank of Ruby. As a Ruby affiliate, you earn 15% commissions.

When your total referral purchases reach $50,000, you move on to the rank of Diamond. As a Diamond affiliate, you earn 20% commissions.

Activity Rewards Program

The Activity Rewards Program gives members the chance to double their advertising credit.

It rewards members who have bought a traffic package and they get a position equal to their purchase amount.

It works like a straight-line, first-in-first-out matrix whereby every traffic package a member buys goes to the bottom of the activity rewards pool.

New positions added to the bottom push yours up until it reaches the topmost position of the pool.

When there are enough revenues coming in, that topmost position will pay out at double the purchase value.

To ensure the sustainability of the ARP, members are required to perform some activities (5 daily activities and a weekly activity).

The five daily activities are:

  • Log in to your account at least once a day
  • Read and click on two text ads a day
  • Read and click on two banner ads a day

The five activities get 5 ARP points.

You have to do those activities or your positions get pushed down the pool. You get punished for inactivity:

example of punishment for inactivity in the ARP

Besides, it is designed so that active members can leapfrog inactive members in the pool.

The weekly activity involves email solo ads. Some of the email solo ads come with an activation link and you have to click on one such link per week to keep your membership active.

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Is Affiliate Advertising Club Legit?

Affiliate Advertising Club is legit but I would not recommend it.

It has all the makings of a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme but you cannot call it that, technically. Let’s just say that Clay Montgomery skirts the rules here.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a legitimate business model involving the sale of actual goods or services by participants who earn commissions from their sales as well as from the sales made by the distributors they recruit.

However, some pyramid schemes may masquerade as MLMs. The Federal Trade Commission advises people to steer clear of MLM promoters who make extravagant claims about potential earnings, emphasize recruiting over product sales, pressure individuals into joining without providing detailed information about the company, or create a sense of urgency to join.

Additionally, a red flag is when existing distributors are buying products solely to qualify for rewards without any intent to sell them.

Whatever Affiliate Advertising Club is, it is not sustainable because you don’t get good traffic quality because you don’t target the general public with the ads and you are not selling tangible goods or services that people can pay for.

Affiliate Advertising Club Reviews

There are overwhelmingly positive reviews on the AAC website.

Affiliate Advertising Club ReviewsAffiliate Advertising Club ReviewsAffiliate Advertising Club Reviews

While the reviews on the Affiliate Advertising Club website may paint a rosy picture of the program, exercise caution and consider the possibility of bias. Given that these reviews are often tied to affiliate marketing, where individuals earn commissions for promoting products or services, there could be a vested interest in presenting it in an overly positive light.

It’s not uncommon for affiliates to receive compensation for driving sales or sign-ups, which might influence their reviews.

To gain a more objective understanding of the program’s effectiveness and suitability for your needs, seek out independent, third-party reviews and do your research from a variety of sources.

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Cost To Join Affiliate Advertising Club Reviews

It is free to join but you must participate in activities (as a full-time internet marketer) to keep your membership.

Affiliate Advertising Club Verdict

While not an outright pyramid scheme per se, Affiliate Advertising Club’s compensation structure bears many resemblances found in multi-level marketing programs. The focus on referring others to purchase ads rather than sell services to the public raises sustainability concerns.

Additionally, reports of distributors buying ads solely to meet sales thresholds hint that the incentive system may be driving internal consumption more so than genuine demand. This indicates a potential lack of underlying value being exchanged.

At the end of the day, any business opportunity requiring substantial recruitment versus providing real goods or services merits caution. While the ads are technically a product being sold, their purpose appears geared toward qualifying for rewards rather than marketing to new customers.

We cannot definitively classify Affiliate Advertising Club as an illegal pyramid, but business models that primarily compensate for enrolling other members rather than satisfying public demand are often precarious.

We urge you to carefully assess joining any opportunity where true market viability remains questionable. Besides, there are other legit ways to make money online for affiliate marketers.

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1. What is the Affiliate Advertising Club?

An Affiliate Advertising Club is a group where affiliate marketers earn rewards and commissions by promoting incentivized traffic packages.

2. How does the Affiliate Advertising Club work?

The club operates by offering ad impressions that affiliate members promote, with the club’s compensation plan revolving around the quality of traffic generated. You can also resell traffic packages.

4. Who can participate in this type of advertising?

A professional digital marketer interested in earning commissions through online marketing can be part of an Affiliate Advertising Club. But it is mostly targeted at affiliate and network marketers.

5. Is there any initial hype related to these clubs?

Yes! Clubs like these often experience initial hype when newly launched; however, it’s important for prospective members to remain skeptical until they’ve done their research on how exactly the club operates.

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