Algo Trading Robot – A Complete Scam!

Algo Trading Robot is a complete scam. I’ve been taking a closer look at it and it’s got all the signs of a binary scam. You can read my full review below and learn the truth about this system.

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Algo Trading Robot – The Truth

The truth about Algo Trading Robot is that it’s another binary scam. It’s no different to other scams that recently launched like the Orion Code and Snapcash Binary. To be honest I’m sick of seeing scams like this launch. Every month literally 20-30 new scams launch and they are all by the same group of people. They operate like a syndicate taking turns to launch a new scam and each helping to promote and spread the word about the new scam system.

The Algo Trading Robot claims it can help you make easy money but in reality that’s a lie and you won’t make a penny from it. Sure you can sign up “for free” but you’ll need to make a deposit of at least $250 to use the software and when you do the software won’t work as it claims. In fact the software will make losing trades on purpose and trade your account balance to zero. Also you’ll be bombarded with phone calls and emails from the binary options broker trying to get you to deposit more money!

Algo Trading Robot – How Does The Scam Work?

The scam starts with you watching an advert or receiving an email about the Algo Trading Robot software. The email or advert will usually talk about money and how you can make a fortune with this software. You’ll go ahead and check it out and visit their website where you’ll watch the sales video. The sales video for scams like this are always super hyped up and tell you how much money you can make and that all you need to do is sign up for free and make a deposit at the binary broker they recommend. The deposit is $250 minimum although you’ll be encouraged to deposit far more. But all you need to do is make the deposit and you can make money. The truth is the owners of the scam are affiliate for binary options brokers. They get paid when you sign up and make a deposit so all they care about is convincing you to sign up and deposit money. They will tell you a bunch of lies about how much money you can make as long as it means you’ll sign up. These guys don’t care about your success, they just want to get paid by referring you to the binary options broker. The software they give you doesn’t work, in fact it’s usually designed to LOSE. Since the brokers need you to lose in order for them to make money!

Algo Trading Robot – Fake Actors / Testimonials / Reviews

You might be thinking that you saw some great testimonials and reviews about this system. The truth is the testimonials on the Algo Trading Robot are fake and made up. Usually the owners of scam systems will actually hire actors to give fake testimonials saying how they made a lot of money but they’re fake and a complete lie. Also the person you see on the sales video is NOT the creator of this system, again they are a made up person, an actor!

Often when searching Google you’ll find a bunch of reviews saying how amazing software systems like Algo Trading Robot are but again these are fake reviews. The people who write these positive reviews are either paid to give the review or they are most likely affiliates of Algo Trading Robot who get paid when you sign up so of course they will say how amazing it is because they want to make money when you sign up.

My Conclusion For Algo Trading Robot

Algo Trading Robot is a scam and you should avoid it. I’m not recommending it. I’ve reviewed 100’s of systems like this over the past few years and not a single one has resulted in any profits.

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