Snapcash Binary Review – Another Scam?

Snapcash Binary is a new binary options system that recently launched so I’ve been taking a closer look at it. It didn’t take me long to conclude that it’s a complete scam, and one you definitely need to stay far away from. The internet is full of fake reviews saying how amazing it is, but that’s not what you’ll see here.

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Snapcash Binary – What’s It All About?

Snapcash Binary is a binary options trading system. Although in reality it’s just a scam, that’s certainly more accurate since this will not make you any money from binary options, it will only cost you money. The way the scam works is simple and I’ve detailed on this page exactly how it works. Essentially it starts with you visiting their website, watching their fancy sales video and getting sucked into the hype of making a lot of money. You then go ahead and sign up and make a deposit of $250 which is usually the minimum amount, and then you have access to their software. The problem is the software doesn’t actually work properly and is a scam robot, it will trade away your money to nothing leaving you high and dry.

It’s no different to other well known scams like Orion Code. They promise you can make a fortune with little to no work at all and in reality it’s a complete lie.

Snapcash Binary – The Software’s Bogus

The real scam with systems like Snapcash Binary is that the software/app/trading robot you get access to doesn’t work. In fact it’s even worse, it’s actually designed to lose! You see the people behind the scam get paid to refer you to binary options brokers. They brokers pay out referral commissions basically to get you in the door. Once you sign up and make a deposit, the owners of Snapcash Binary get paid their referral commission and just like that they are done with you. Their job is purely to get you to sign up and make a deposit, they don’t care about your results. Once you make that deposit they get paid!

After you make your deposit you can then use the software to start trading binary options, however this is where you will technically lose your money because the software is designed to lose. The scam brokers need you to lose in order to make money so they rig the software to lose. If you were to go and make a fortune they would be out of pocket! They operate like casinos and the edge is always towards them so that they win, and you lose. To make it certain that you lose they distribute these losing softwares to scammers who re-brand them as systems like Snapcash Binary. Each time a new system launches, whether it’s Orion Code, Snapcash Binary or Push Money App the software stays the same, it’s simple re-branded to look new.

Snapcash Binary – Fake Testimonials & Fake Reviews

So you might be thinking, “but what about all those amazing reviews and testimonials?” – They are fake! The creators of the website for Snapcash Binary hire actors to give testimonials. Usually they come from a website called Fiverr where people will give fake testimonials and reviews for $5. The people saying how they’ve made millions are usually so broke that they have to give testimonials for $5 a piece, it’s really quick sad! Next up you have the reviews on blogs just like this one, but the majority say how amazing the software is. The reason they do this is because they are affiliates for the system and they get paid when someone signs up to it, so of course they are going to tell you how amazing it is. I’m not an affiliate for scam systems like this, therefore I can tell you the real truth and not some BS lie to get you to sign up.

Snapcash Binary – My Conclusion

Another scam system that doesn’t deliver on it’s promises! You definitely should avoid this system unless you enjoy losing money. If you really want to make money online and you’re serious you need to follow a proven system and not some software hype! See what I have to offer below.

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