Is Altimetry Legit? [Unbiased Reviews]

In today’s review we will be taking a closer look at the boutique financial research and publishing firm called Altimetry.

Since I have reviewed a couple of research services offered by it, I thought it only makes sense that I delve into the publisher itself.

If you want to learn more about the firm, you have landed on the right page. Here, I walk you through everything you need to know about the publisher if you are considering subscribing to its newsletters. 

Before I start…

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Is Altimetry Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 7

Altimetry Review

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Introduction to Altimetry

Altimetry is an independent boutique financial research and publishing firm that is aimed at providing retail investors with unique investment insights. It does so by publishing newsletters and webinars that offer general investment advice.

It was founded by Professor Joel Litman, who also runs another firm called Valens Research. The two are linked because it says on Altimetry’s logo that it is “powered by Valens Research.” The firm has a collection of over 100 accounting experts in its employ that analyze data and provide their insights.


If you are an individual investor and are looking for investment insights based on the analysis of market data, Altimetry is designed to meet your needs. Note that Altimetry is the consumer arm of Valens Research. 

Professor Litman and his team position themselves as a source of rational investment insights. 

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Who are the experts at Altimetry?

Altimetry has an editorial team that is made up of investment analysts who are led by Professor Joel Litman. He is also the chief investment strategist, the president, and the CEO of Valens Research.

Professor Joel Litman has profound knowledge and experience in corporate credit, equities, and macroeconomic strategy. He is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a BS in accounting from DePaul University. He also has an MBA/MM degree.

Joel is a member of the CFA institute and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Litman has appeared on CNBC and been featured by Barron’s, Forbes, and Institutional Investor. He is a mainstay at SeekingAlpha and has published in Harvard Business Review.

Another member of the Altimetry team is Robert Spivey who is the Director of Research at Altimetry. He is actively engaged in delivering equity and credit analyses. He is responsible for managing Altimetry’s analyst team. He previously worked for companies such as Legacy Capital Management, Gillette, Credit Suisse, and The Abernathy Group.

The chief information officer of Altimetry is Paolo Gutierrez. He has solid experience and expertise in building web-based products and applications. He is part of Altimetry’s management team where he heads a team of IT specialists, information managers, and software engineers. Paolo Gutierrez has Bachelor in Science degree from De La Salle University.

Last but not least Sam Latter is the editor in chief of Altimetry. He currently oversees and manages all of the paid and free editorial newsletters of Altimetry. Sam has more than a decade of experience in the investment newsletter publishing industry. He obtained his degree in print journalism from the University of Maryland.

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What Newsletters Does Altimetry Publish?

The Altimeter

The Altimeter is an advisory service that is based on a “stock truth detector,” or a software that determines whether a stock is correctly valued to find undervalued ones that may make money if you invest in them.

To determine the “true value,” a team of accounting experts run a forensic analysis of company earnings to find out whether there are disparities between the reported numbers and the actual numbers. This is based on the proposition that the rules that make up the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) do not do enough to ensure that the financial reports published by companies are entirely truthful.

According to Litman, they have found more than 130 inconsistencies between the reported numbers and the real numbers. Therefore, when the team experts analyze a company’s financial documents they usually look for those inconsistencies.

The first step is deconstructing the publicly available financial documents applying something referred to as uniform accounting. Then they load that data into the stock Altimeter to show the true earnings.

Then they compare those uniform numbers with the “as-reported” numbers to find the inconsistencies. Then they use that information to find undervalued stocks.

Altimetry’s Hidden Alpha

The team of analysts follow the same procedure as with The Altimeter but with this one, they narrow down the number of stocks under review to 200. They then run an “earnings call forensics” to determine whether a company published financial information that was tailored to create excitement or deceive the public.

The list is reduced to just 30 stocks that are usually large cap stocks that may deliver the highest upside potential while offering the stability that comes with investing in big companies.

Altimetry’s High Alpha

The team of accountants and financial experts, led by Litman, follow the same process as with Hidden Alpha and Altimeter. They break down the financial statements and put them together in an agreed upon uniform format. They then whittle down the list to the 200 that show the greatest disparity.

They run earnings call forensics to reduce that number to 30 but this time, they pick small cap stocks. They then find the one recommendation out of those 30 that has the highest probability of doubling or tripling your money and send it to you.

Microcap Confidential

While Hidden Alpha is about finding the large cap stock that still has it in them to generate big returns and High Alpha targets mid-cap and small-cap stocks that can generate high returns, Microcap Confidential targets the tiniest companies.

Every month, they publish the stock that stands to generate multibagger returns based on the same process as with the other services, only that this one focuses on very small companies.

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Is Altimetry Legit?

Altimetry is a legit boutique investment research firm.

Professor Joel Litman is an accountant and an academic with years of experience evaluating the financial health of companies to determine their true value. He has a team of accountants and powerful trading software that help with the process which drastically improves his chances of picking the right stocks.

That being said, there are no guarantees that his stock picks will be outright successes. Remember that although you can make money investing in the market, you can also lose it; particularly with the riskier investments in small, unproven companies.

That being said, I think you will derive value from his insights if you decide to join one of the three services he offers.

Altimetry Verdict

Altimetry is an independent publisher that doles out financial advice to retail investors via its newsletters. Headed up by Professor Joel Litman, all the services rely on forensic accounting technique to evaluate companies to find discrepancies between the “as-reported” financials and the “real financials.”

Through that technique, he seeks to find disparities between the true value of the stocks and the actual value with the aim of finding companies that are undervalued. The bigger the difference in value between the true and the perceived, the higher the potential returns that a company can generate once its true value is priced in.

As long as you understand that investing comes with risks (no matter how skilled Litman is), you will not join one of his advisory services hoping to become rich quickly. The use of forensic accounting is not widely used in the world of investment newsletter and there is a novelty attached to it.

Ultimately, you have to decide whether joining one of the services offered is right for you and hopefully this review will help you make a more informed decision.

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Is Altimetry Legit? [Unbiased Reviews] 7

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