Is Jeff Brown’s ‘American Exodus’ Pitch Legit?

Jeff Brown’s American Exodus pitch is the latest from the well-known tech analyst.

Jeff Brown talks about a shocking new trend that has led to the biggest money migration in US history – worth up to $40 trillion. Jeff is even confident that this new trend can create a completely new class of millionaires.

Let’s take a closer look at the presentation to find out what Jeff is teasing and what I made of it.

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Is Jeff Brown's 'American Exodus' Pitch Legit? 7

Jeff Brown’s American Exodus Review

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Introduction to Jeff Brown’s American Exodus

Jeff Brown is all too familiar for his talks about new promising tech companies operating in various niches and in this pitch, he talks about a groundbreaking technology that can make everything possible.

This is a totally new kind of technology that can create a whole new financial market as well as fix certain problems that America is already facing right now. This technology is all set to make the next generation of financial services, starting from banking and lending to investing.

Jeff Brown says that Forbes has named it the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Jeff Brown's American Exodus

Jeff points out that over the past year or two, there has been a new trend within the country that has seen many people move out of major cities or certain states and into suburbs and other areas. He calls it the American Exodus.

For example, a large number of people have left California and New York and moved to states like Texas and Florida.

But Jeff Brown doesn’t just stop there. He says that there is yet another form of American Exodus that is being perpetuated by investors.

Tech insiders are moving their money out of the banking system and the stock market and into this revolutionary technology that he says has the potential to hit a value of $40 trillion.

Companies involved with this pioneering tech are already making investors a lot of money in the stock market. An example is a company called AVAX that has gone up over 2,000%

Jeff Brown's American Exodus

So, what does Jeff mean by “revolutionary technology”?

He is talking about the Blockchain.

Jeff expects it to change everything from banking to real estate, healthcare, entertainment, science, the way we work, and much more.

He says that when it reaches its tipping point (which could be months away), it will create a new class of millionaires.

Jeff Brown believes that we are headed towards a “pseudonymous, decentralized, censorship-resistant society powered by blockchain technology.”

More importantly, he thinks that there are investment opportunities in Blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies.

That’s why he has a “four-step plan” for his followers to invest in the blockchain. Before we get to it, we should take a closer look at the man behind it all.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is one of the most recognizable names in the world of financial newsletters. He is the founder and chief investment analyst for Brownstone Research.

Before he started writing and talking about investments to an audience, Jeff Brown worked as a high-tech executive for big technology companies; he worked for Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks.

With his years of experience in the technology industry, Jeff branched off into angel investing where he is always looking for small tech startups that are likely to succeed. He leverages his experience and expertise to help everyday investors discover companies that are on the verge of exponential growth.

He writes about them frequently for people who read his free e-letter, The Bleeding Edge.

He claims to have identified the #1 performing tech stocks of 2016, 2018, 2019 & 2020. 

Jeff has an undergraduate degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University and a master’s degree in management from the London Business School.

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Jeff Brown’s Four Step Plan

Jeff Brown has been planning for the American Exodus (in an investment sense) and he has a variety of investments he thinks you ought to consider going for. Let’s take a look at what he is planning.

Step 1: Invest in Blockchain Stocks

Since Jeff Brown thinks blockchain is a revolutionary technology, he wants you to invest in it. He has identified three relatively unknown stocks that are involved with the Blockchain revolution.

Two are pick and shovel companies that are essential for blockchain tech to function. Jeff expects them to grow exponentially soon because they are vital to how most cryptos, including Bitcoin operate.

Jeff believes that the third company is a real game-changer, taking advantage of the decentralized internet format he calls “Web 3.0.”.

Brown says that this company has remained coy about its involvement with Blockchain and it explains why most people don’t realize its value. It will decentralized social networks and will cause a massive disruption of the global monetary network.

Jeff has a report about this company. The report is called Web 3.0 – How to profit from the biggest wealth creation event in history

Jeff Brown's American ExodusIn it, he reveals everything he knows about the three companies and explains Blockchain technology in finer detail.

Step 2: Protect your investments

Jeff claims that the best way to protect your assets is to allocate part of your portfolio to cryptocurrencies.

Jeff Brown believes that cryptos, are a great store of value so he wants you to invest in them.

He has a special report about this called How to Make a Tax-Free Fortune With Cryptocurrencies.

Jeff Brown's American ExodusInside this report, Jeff Brown will walk you through everything you need to know about opening your first cryptocurrency IRA, picking your coins, and how much money you should allocate to each of these coins.

With the IRA account, you don’t have to create a wallet or even use a computer if you don’t want to. The IRA brings all the tax benefits you typically get with such an account.

Step 3: Invest in stocks that are at the center of the new “online America”

Jeff Brown claims that the lockdowns made people realize that they no longer have to in cities and commute to work anymore because they were forced to do more work virtually. Therefore, the remote work culture became even more prevalent.

Even with the lockdowns lifted, Jeff notes that 70% of American workers are not keen on going back to the office and are willing to take a pay cut to keep working remotely. This has forced employers to shift their attitudes towards remote work. This was the subject of a presentation called Office Doomsday by a guy called Joel Litman where he was urging people to invest in companies that thrive in a post-pandemic world.

Jeff Brown's American ExodusJeff Brown has identified five stocks that benefit from this shift. He wrote a report titled 5 Plays to Strike it Rich in On-Line America.

In it, he reveals their names and ticker symbols.

Step 4: Make a Fortune from NFTs

The success of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has taken many people by surprise. Jeff says that NFTs could be one of the most explosive technological trends of the last decade.

He wrote two reports about this: 5 Turbo-Charged Token Companies Set to Explode ASAP and Your 101 Guide to Striking It Rich in the NFT Gold Rush.

Jeff Brown's American ExodusIn the two reports, he shows you how to make money off of one of the most explosive technological trends of the last decade.

NFTs are powered by the blockchain revolution and the trend has been defying critics who thought that they were a fad. In these two reports, Jeff explains how best to invest in NFTs.

In the first report, Jeff Brown pinpoints five tiny token companies that may explode in the coming months. In the second one, he explains how to successfully navigate the world of NFTs so that you can emerge from it earning profits.

To get these reports for free, you have to sign up for The Near Future Report.

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What is included in the Near Future Report?

When you sign up for the Near Future Report, you receive:

  • 12 months of Jeff’s best investment ideas.
  • Access to Jeff’s model portfolio, with all the current open positions
  • Exclusive members-only email alerts
  • 24/7 access to our members-only website
  • Support from the customer support team

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Is Jeff Brown’s American Exodus Legit?

Jeff Brown’s American Exodus pitch is legit.

Jeff Brown is a credible investment analyst who has worked in the technology industry for a long time. He has been through it all: working for big companies as well as monitoring budding startups. He is the person you’d go to for insights on the technology industry.

And that’s without taking into account his track record of picking winning stocks over the years. Therefore, when he says that the blockchain is the next major trend, you can take him at his word. Besides, he is also not the only analyst saying this and the cryptocurrency market is a good indicator of this.

That being said, his past experiences and successes are not a guarantee that he will be right about the market this time. He may be wrong and all his recommendations may flop. Therefore, you should be open minded, but with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Jeff Brown’s American Exodus Verdict

It feels like everyone is talking about the cryptocurrency market and the Blockchain these days. And you can’t blame them because cryptocurrencies have gone through the roof in the past one or two years.

Jeff Brown was among the last people to talk about the Blockchain but in releasing the “American Exodus” presentation, it is safe to say that he is all in on these investments.

In this presentation, he tries to cover  a lot of what seems to be getting people’s attention in the world of cryptocurrencies. He talks about blockchain stocks, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. He even goes a bit off topic (?) when he talks about companies that cater to people working remotely.

If you are a fan of Jeff Brown’s work, this is worth taking into account. But as I said earlier, you should approach everything with a healthy dose of skepticism because it is not personal advice. You have to factor your personal situation in before you take anything you read on board.

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Is Jeff Brown's 'American Exodus' Pitch Legit? 7

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