Brownstone Research Reviews: Legit Institute? [2022 Update]

Looking for Brownstone Research reviews?

Brownstone Research is an investment advisory firm that was recently launched by Jeff Brown.

If you are subscribed to any of Jeff Brown’s services, you may have heard about it because it has been getting a lot of attention lately.

You probably have a few questions about the new firm, so I decided to write this review to help clear the air about it.

I will be taking a closer look at the services they offer, the people who produce those investment services, and its strengths and weaknesses.

Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will be better placed to decide whether it is worth trying.

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Brownstone Research Reviews: Legit Institute? [2022 Update] 5

Brownstone Research Reviews

Introduction to Brownstone Research

Brownstone Research is a boutique investment research firm launched by Jeff Brown in 2020. It publishes the insights and investment recommendations that Jeff wants to share with subscribers through the services he and his team offers.

Technically, Brownstone Research is a publishing firm that provides its readers – retail investors – with what Jeff believes is the best investment research. He claims that his kind of research was previously reserved for high net worth clients, private equity, hedge funds, and investment banks.

Brownstone Research Reviews

Brownstone Research allows Brown to centralize his published content, sell his investment newsletters, share his own research, and provide his readers with a full archive of his free e-letter The Bleeding Edge.

His flagship service, the Near Future Report, focuses on big technology companies that still have the potential to grow and deliver outsized returns. In 2022 he has also added a crypto service known as Unchained Profits. We will take a closer look at it later in this review.

By availing his proprietary research to individual investors, Jeff Brown hopes to give them an edge in the market. He also intends to deliver unique and profitable investment research found in few other places.

Although it is smaller, it is similar to publishing firms like the Motley Fool and InvestorPlace that have been targeting retail investors with their content.

In addition to the Near Future Report, he also publishes his content via highly specialized research services like Exponential Tech Investor, Early Stage Trader, Blank Check Speculator and most recently Unchained Profits. 

Jeff Brown is not the only investment analyst because Jason Bodner recently joined the firm . Jason is an expert stock picker whose research service, Outlier Investor, focuses on growth investing.

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Bonner & Partners 2.0?

Brownstone Research is part of Bonner & Partners, which is, in turn, part of The Agora.

Before CEO Jeff Brown created it, most of his work was published by Bonner & Partners but now it appears Bonner broke it up into two branches; the other is Rogue Economics.

Here is how their website looks now:

Brownstone Research Reviews

Who are The Agora?

As Wikipedia states,

Agora was founded by Bill Bonner in 1978. Agora began with one flagship publication in 1979, International Living. Throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, Agora expanded to include publishing subsidaries, real estate holdings, and restaurants. As of 2015, Agora’s publications have around one million readers throughout the world.

The Agora has a hand in most of the newsletters that are being published today because they own a majority of the publishing firms.

They offer subscription based services across numerous niches.

What kind of research do Brownstone Research newsletters offer?

A majority of the newsletters published by Brownstone Research are tech-based, which makes sense because Jeff has a hand in all of them (except Jason Bodner’s Outlier Investor) and he has been involved with the tech industry for close to 30 years. The flagship investment newsletter is the Near Future Report.

Typically, he covers things like Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Autonomous cars, electric vehicles, and other trendy topics in the technology niche.

He knows quite a lot about the industry and writes about it extensively via his free and paid newsletters. For example, The Bleeding Edge, Early Stage Trader, Exponential Tech Investor, and the Near Future Report are largely technology-centric.

However, it isn’t always about technology because Jeff has also been going in on the biotechnology industry, particularly since the pandemic began.

He did a slew of presentations in 2020 where he discussed the potential of the biotechnology market.

For example, in a presentation about a Miracle Cure Antibiotic, he was talking about a company making a strong antibiotic (a “miracle pill”) that he felt was one of the biggest innovations in the biotech field of the past 30 years.

Jeff Brown Miracle Antibiotic

He was saying that since this new antibiotic was so good, the FDA had allowed the small company behind it to skip phase 2 trials completely to fast track it to the market. It had the backing of the Department of Defense and a few other significant names.

He has done a few others where he has touted gene editing as the next frontier in the medical field; a way to understand (through advanced genome sequencing) and treat illnesses in a non-intrusive way.

He has also been writing about pre-IPO investment opportunities that involve SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) and even launched a newsletter.

special purpose acquisition company

This is where you invest in a company that was formed solely to acquire private firms that want to be listed on the stock market through a reverse merger instead of an IPO.

Jason Bodner, on the other hand, focuses on the movement of big money in the market. He preempts the flow of big money to identify stocks that are likely to go up and invests in them before they escalate.

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Who are the experts behind Brownstone Research?

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is the founder and chief investment analyst.

He got his undergraduate in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from the University of Purdue, which is known for training astronauts.

He has a master’s in management from the London Business School.

london business school

Although he began his career in America, he spent more than 20 years living and working abroad and much of that time spent overseas was in Tokyo, Japan. Jeff believes that the time he spent there gave him a unique global perspective and taught him a great deal about the tech industry.

Jeff Brown has spent most of his career in the tech industry. He has learned about semiconductors, IT networking and security, automotive and consumer electronics, broadcasting and video technology, and an assortment of other subsectors in the industry.

He has worked as an executive at Qualcomm, NXP semiconductors, and Juniper Networks.

In addition to running companies, he has been an active and successful angel investor who specializes in early-stage tech startups on Silicon Valley.

He claims that being in the industry for as long as he has been means that he has information that the public can never get access to. He considers himself a Silicon Valley insider.

He believes that it gives him the ability to see new developments months before the market sees them making him a more accomplished investor. For example, he recently talked about a project called SAV and a Tesla secret supplier behind it claiming that very few people know about it.

Towards the end of 2021 he started to push the idea of 2 types of investments in tech. The first being G.T.E specifically about blockchain and NFTs and the second being S.C.G. which he claims is the iPhone Killer. We’ve covered both as well as his other predictions.

He uses his knowledge, experience, and connections to uncover companies that are on the verge of becoming key players in their niches. His goal is to invest in them before they fulfill their potential.

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Jason Bodner

Jason Bodner is part of the editorial team at Brownstone Research.

Jason Bodner

Before he joined, he was working for Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Research Group.

Bodner has experience working on Wall Street — he was employed by Cantor Fitzgerald for 12 years, starting from 2001. He was the head of equity derivatives in North America.

In addition to working for Cantor, he has started hedge funds and launched a research firm designed for professional money managers. He specializes in building technical systems that scour the market for new investment opportunities.

Nick Rokke

Nick Rokke is an investment analyst at Brownstone Research. After graduating from college, he worked for a Big Four accounting firm where he was a CPA.


He then joined a hedge fund and while working there, he learned how hedge funds work and trade.

He took the CFA exams and passed all three at his first attempt, a feat less than 10% of CFA candidates manage.

Since pretty much every review out there focuses on Jeff Brown there was not a lot of information about Nick, however I don’t see any complaints about him, which is good.

Joe Withrow

Joe works as an analyst at Brownstone Research.

He started his career in finance in corporate banking. He worked as a credit risk analyst.

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, he worked in loss mitigation and found himself managing a portfolio in the division of the special assets of a top American bank.

He discovered Bitcoin in 2014 and started talking about it being a viable investment opportunity when few other people saw it that way. In 2021 we have seen the price sky rocket and early adopters have grown their investments significantly.

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What services does Brownstone Research publish?

The Near Future Report ($199 per year)

The Near Future Report is the flagship investment newsletter of Brownstone Research.

Near Future Report

Jeff Brown’s report focuses on large-cap tech companies that show signs of growth.

Such growth can be attributed to trends that are “right around the corner” and are nearing mass adoption like self driving cars.

He writes about such trends, and it goes further than just the United States.

What does the Near Future Report cover?

The Near Future Report focuses on new investment trends that are on the cusp of mass adoption. Examples are 5G, AI, cloud computing, driverless cars, just to mention a few.

To better understand how the newsletter works, we can examine a presentation he did promoting it. It was about a project by Tesla called SAV. It was about how Tesla would be pursuing driverless vehicle technology.

Elon Musk SAV

His research was directed at a small company that he said was supplying Tesla with some of the components needed to make their cars autonomous with revenues and earnings that are expected to rise faster than those of Tesla.

That company was symbolic of the companies he goes after that tend to have a competitive edge that allows them to trounce their rivals. He’s since done the same with another presentation targeting something he refers to as GTE Technology.

He is also known to focus on large companies that are, at the same time, growth stocks because they have growth potential yet they are relatively safe.

These are the kinds of opportunities he explores via the Near Future Report and as a subscriber you gain access to those insights.

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Is the Near Future Report legit?

Absolutely, the Near Future Report is a legit newsletter.

The investment research that he makes available with a subscription is not information you can simply get by doing a Google search.


He spots trends and shares world news and insights on people like Elon Musk, Tesla and interesting projects like Project XI.

With a subscription to the Near Future Report you can access a wealth of knowledge and insights from someone who knows the industry quite well.

Exponential Tech Investor ($4,000 per yr)

The Exponential Tech Investor focuses on the micro-cap companies behind some of the most explosive trends in the technology industry. Examples of those trends include 5G, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and biotech.

Jeff Brown's Exponential Tech Investor

In each issue of the newsletter, you receive new recommendations along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to execute those recommendations.

Jeff Brown also provides comprehensive breakdowns involving some of the most innovative stocks in the technology space.

Whilst it may sound similar, it is not the same as the Near Future Report because it focuses on small companies as opposed to large ones.

Early Stage Trader ($5,000 per yr)

The Early Stage Trader is the most expensive newsletter Jeff offers. It focuses on biotech companies that are working on new ways of curing human diseases.

Early Stage Trader

Since these companies are unproven, it means that you expose yourself to greater risk when you invest in them. However, if Jeff makes the right call, they can deliver massive returns in a short period.

As an angel investor himself, Jeff knows more about the industry than most other analysts. He also exploits a little known anomaly that enables him to pinpoint the best times to buy and sell to maximize returns.

Blank Check Speculator ($4,000 per yr)

Jeff brown recently added another service known as the Blank Check Speculator.

Blank Check Speculator

As the name suggests, this newsletter focuses on special purpose acquisition corporations (SPACs), also known as blank check companies, which have the potential to deliver incredible returns.

That being said, since this is a relatively new newsletter, the jury is still out on it.

Outlier Investor

Introduced via the Outlier Investment Summit, Outlier Investor is Jason’s inaugural investment advisory service.

Outlier Investor

Jason recommends relatively unknown companies that may be the subject of big money interest. He has a proprietary algorithm that helps him with that.

Unchained Profits

Unchained Profits

Unchained Profits is a relatively new service that he first promoted via a presentation known as the NFT moment which of course is to do with cryptocurrency and specifically non fungible tokens. It walks you through getting started in cryptocurrency right from step 1 to investing in various projects and coins.

The service is a premium one starting from around $2,500 a year.

Day One Investor

Day One Investor is the culmination of more than six years of extensive research. It is an advisory service where Jeff focuses on private investments to regular investors.

The goal is to invest on “day one,” or when a private company goes public, which is when he believes the biggest gains are possible.

Day One Investor

Jeff is a big fan of private investing, considering he has been an angel investor in 260+ deals. Through this newsletter, he reveals the best Reg CF and Reg A/A+ deals.

Neural Net Profits

Neural Net Profits is a crypto-trading advisory service.

It is different from all his other research services because he uses artificial intelligence tools to find crypto trading opportunities that are invisible to us unaided.

Brownstone Research Reviews: Legit Institute? [2022 Update] 6

He has a proprietary neural network called “The Perceptron” that allows him to identify cryptocurrencies on the verge of explosive moves in 60 days.

It is meant for engaged cryptocurrency investors that are seeking to profit from short-term moves in the cryptocurrency market.

Brownstone Unlimited

Brownstone Unlimited is a subscription plan that allows you to access all of Jeff Brown’s current and future newsletters FOR LIFE.


Brownstone Research Reviews: Legit Institute? [2022 Update] 7

It is the most exclusive plan offered by Brownstone Research.

If you join Brownstone Unlimited, you will receive new announcements about everything happening within Brownstone Research. You will also be allowed to join any new publications for free.

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The Bleeding Edge (Free e-letter)

The Bleeding Edge is a free e-letter that Jeff uses to discuss early-stage companies that are likely to pioneer the next generation of cutting edge technology.

The Bleeding Edge

Bleeding edge technology involves products or services that have been used by very few people. Such products are untested or aren’t market-ready, although that is not always the case.

For example, some of the technology used by the military can be considered bleeding-edge because it is unavailable to the public.

Jeff talks about investment opportunities in this category of companies via the e-letter.

Is Brownstone Research Legit?

I think Brownstone Research is legit because it shares investment recommendations that are arrived at after careful consideration.

It is still a relatively new company as I write this so there isn’t much to write about it.

However, if you examine Jeff’s track record at Bonner & Partners where he edited his content before branching off, it shows that he is a credible source of investment advice.

Besides, I have reviewed each of those newsletters individually and concluded that they were legit.

So, there’s nothing strange about me saying that they are okay collectively.

Pros of Brownstone Research

  • It brings together all of Jeff Brown’s investment newsletters under one platform.
  • Jeff and his analysts have impressive credentials.
  • There is a diverse range of services to suit different investment styles.
  • The Near Future Report is a well known service.
  • You can buy with a credit card.
  • If you don’t want to spend money you can join his free newsletter with just an email address

Cons of Brownstone Research

  • The subscriptions are quite expensive.
  • Not all services have a refund policy.
  • There have been some complaints filed via BBB

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Brownstone Research Verdict

Brownstone Research is led by Jeff Brown and it serves as a platform for all the services he offers to his readers.

He has a team of analysts to assist him and that’s just about it. He may add a few more services or editors in the future if he plans to expand the company.

Although services like the Near Future Report are legit and he has a good background, if you invest in any of his recommendations, ensure that they align with your investment strategy.

Investors looking to learn from an expert may benefit from the advice he gives because although the website is relatively new, Jeff is quite experienced.

Whether he’s spotting the latest supplier to Tesla (like his SAV pitch) or jumping on a trend to do with Jeff Bezos, you can trust Jeff Brown to share everything he knows about a particular trend. Self driving cars, 5G, SPACs, and biotech have been a few of those trends.

The content that the company puts out is suited to investors of all skill levels. Therefore, beginner investors can benefit from his stock picks, not just experienced ones.

Overall, if you are on the fence you could simply check out his free Bleeding Edge newsletter as he shares a lot of useful content there for free that will allow you to level up your investing. You only need to provide an email address to start receiving his tips. And then if you decide you like what he offers you can take things to the next level with a subscription to his premium research services like the Near Future Report.

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Brownstone Research Reviews: Legit Institute? [2022 Update] 5