AMZDFY Review: Is Kevin David Legit or Scam?

Have you ever heard of AMZDFY? It is basically a platform that conducts your online business for you thus making money without you lifting a finger.

In this AMZDFY review we will take a deep dive into what this business model is really all about.

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AMZDFY Review: Is Kevin David Legit or Scam? 10


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What is AMZDFY?

AMZDFY is an Amazon Done For You online business. It basically a solution for conducting your Amazon FBA business. This program is not a training course per se and is more of a mentoring and solution providing business model.

Speaking of Amazon FBA training courses, we have covered a couple of them that are quite good and worth looking into.


It is an automated business model using Amazon that purportedly that find products for you, negotiating costs for you, pays the fees, charges inventory, ships products and ensures you are getting good feedback.

Kevin David is the face of the business and owns the business with his fellow Amazon FBA Guru and friend David Arnett.

Kevin David and David Arnett will do all these tasks needed for you at a fee while you sit back and supposedly enjoy all the financial freedom on your end. They will also handle everything for you like picking products, shipping and more while all you have to do is fund your campaigns to continue to get results.

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Who founded AMDZY?

Kevin David and David Arnett

Kevin David is the founder of AMZDFY and the guy holds multiple titles such entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor and coach to thousands of entrepreneurs and students around the world.

You might be wondering how he attained all these accolades just from AMZDFY. Well Amazon FBA is not his only online business models. As a matter of fact, it is not his first.

Kevin started his first business when he was 14, selling baseball cards. When he was older and done with school, he worked a 9-5 job as an accountant but later realized that that was not the type of work he wanted to do.

On his search for financial freedom, Kevin began selling products on Amazon in 2015 and since that year there was barely any competition on the platform, he made enough to quit his job.

From then onwards, he has found multiple ways to scale his internet income through course sales and developing software services under his ZonBase brand. Furthermore, he is an established You Tuber with several coaching programs running before this one like fb ninja and Amazon FBA Masterclass. His You Tube channel has over 1.27 million subscribers.

He has done well for himself by making money online in millions from these various avenues although it is claimed that he exaggerates this to some level. He seems like a legit person with multiple positive reviews on many platforms.

With all those programs running, Kevin David works with David Arnett running AMZDFY and maximizing on their strategies of generating money online.

David Arnett started selling physical products online since 2014 on Amazon & eBay. In 2016, David proceeded to launch an FBA Experts Training course that teaches you how to sell on Amazon. In 2017, David invested in a warehouse to store products and ship them to Amazon.

It was in 2019 that Kevin and David began their joint venture, AMZ Automation. Kevin provided the promotion and marketing for the business with his huge social following while David provided the fulfillment using his warehouse.

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What does AMZDFY entail?

As I stated before, AMZDFY is a Done For You System where the team builds an Amazon FBA business for you. Kevin and David will run your business for you and for that you have to pay them to do it and give them a cut of the profits.

They then proceed with the following steps:


To begin with, the team will research on the best possible products for you. According to your established interests, Kevin and David will use their expertise and network to supposedly build and come up with a database on what are the best products to venture into and what will make money or not in the current market.

Once this is done, you go ahead and buy them yourself.

Supplier provision.

After the products have been identified, they proceed to finding suppliers for the same and negotiate the costs for you.

The team claims to have good relationships with a lot of brands therefore they assure good pricing to their members.


Once the products are bought, they will go ahead and store products in their own warehouse instead of Amazon Warehouses.

Selling and shipping

Once the physical products are at their place, they handle customer inquiries, sell items and arrange for shipping the customer orders.

This is a very effortless way for you to make money.

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How much does AMZDFY COST

Now that we have established the services offered, lets dive into how much it will cost you as the model itself is not free.

From a general perspective it will cost you between $5,000 – $40,000.

The amount stated above is just rough estimate and more specific numbers are indicated according to their different packages.

  • Amazon FBA Automation Emerald, and it costs $30K
  • Semi-Automation, which cost $10K
  • Amazon Done With You Silver Package with a price tag of $5K

For these packages the launch service expires and it will cost extra to stay on board.

The added advantage applies for the Emerald package where you will be required to pay $500 or 30% of your profits for Kevin and David’s team to continue running your business model for you.

How to join AMZDFY

From my research, it seems there is no dedicated website for AMZDFY therefore it would be advisable to access the services through the individual owner’s platform.

For example, you can check with Kevin’s YouTube channel as technically it is a Kevin David Course. Also check out Arnett’s social platforms such as his Instagram account for updates or details on how to join the Academy.

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AMZDFY Reviews

To assess AMZDFY’s legitimacy we will take a look at what people who have had an encounter with Kevin, have to say about him.

Although there have been claims that some of the reviews are fabricated stating the Kevin pays to get positive reviews, the only evidence to back this is only one negative review and the fact that most reviews are short and brief with very little specific details making it hard to prove.

Nonetheless, most of them are glowing positive remarks and we have no choice but to take their words.

His average review score on Trust Pilot is 4.6 out of 5 stars which is quite impressive considering 96% percent of the reviews rated a 5 out of 5 star score.

AMZDFY Review: Is Kevin David Legit or Scam? 11

Here are some of the reviews;

I have availed Launched and PPC Service, got my listing suppressed during the Launching and man, I can’t believe my PPC manager immediately heads me up, emailed me many times by giving me insights on what to do in order to fix the issue asap. You are really good help to a sellers with no knowledge guyz. Worth it! Thank you.

– Paul Joseph Tabudlong

Bought Kevin David’s course 2 years ago and I must say it helped me a lot when I was still preparing myself before starting my Amazon business. The course isn’t perfect but I did my due diligence to help myself. The community that Kevin created helped me big time! Will be forever grateful to you!

-Jr Sprewell

The Amazon course I purchased from Kevin David a year ago ran without a hitch. My third inventory was about to be ordered for my established Amazon store. You and your team are amazing! I’m grateful.

-laquanda humiliton

Kevin David well known for crypto currency’s and amazon passive income techniques which plays a major role in this competitive world. I’m here to share my experience with Kevin who helped me with his earning techniques to fulfill my short dreams and to acquire my long term goals .

Every one needs a teacher like him as money has totally changed to digital

-akhil raj

Kevin covered ways to make money and what I need to do to get started. It’s too good to be true? I’ve seen so many videos on Instagram and youtube and subscribed and the investments were always out of my budget at the time.


In really incredible all that I wach video different poeple is amazing and I’ll will be part off them I know am not perfect am new sudent learning many things I hope I’ll succeed just patient, time and learning
And one more thing about kevin DAVID wanna thank for joining the team am greaful am ready to learn step by step plz if u reading my comment contact me in WhatsApp always use alot my

-Jowte Jamac

Completely unhelpful. I’ve sent multiple tickets for help and support is not communicative. Refuse to get on a call with me and solve an issue that’s now been going on for weeks. There is minimal support. Requested a refund.

-Lisa Lemon

I was convinced by Kevin David and his team in Zonbase one year ago to start an Amazon business as they were claiming that it will be easy to make money. I paid $4999 for the course and invested around $6000 on the product they chose for me. I lost everything as the competition on Amazon for that product is huge and I am still trying to close that business and paying more money on that.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

what is the amzdfy scope?

Sometimes it is easy to misinterpret just how much work Kevin and David will handle on your behalf and at what point you are required to step in as the business does not mean that you give over full control of your enterprise.

The AMZDFY team will set up the automated program for the technicalities as per your liking and at optimal operations while the major decision making and tasks needed are up to you for example paying suppliers and the likes.


Well technically speaking, AMZDFY is not a scam. It is possible to make money online from the forum however it is not as easy and straightforward as Kevin and David make it look or sound like.

In addition to this, you will be required to part ways with a lot of money in form of investments, launching packages, extended subscriptions once these packages expire.

Unfortunately, all this comes with no solid or assured guarantee of success. Meaning, all this effort into the work to be done upfront might flop in the end and be in vain. Considering the fact that you need to move tons on tons of volume to make actual or rather real money online.

Taking all this into consideration, it would be more advisable especially to small business owners to find alternatives such as learning online business models affiliated to this Amazon business solution and running with it on their own.

What is the difference between Amazon Automation And Amazon FBA?

A lot of people are unable to differentiate between Amazon Automation and Amazon FBA, where the main contrast lies in whether you have to buy your product or not. For the Amazon FBA business model it needs more responsibility from the business owner, there is higher risk, and typically costs more because you have to purchase the products yourself.

On the other hand, the Amazon Automation Services assigns a team of experts to build a seller page for the business owner, and the owner is not required to own the products and services they post. So it is less risky, costs less and will definitely demand lesser effort from the business owner.

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Pros of AMZDFY

These are the benefits that AMZDFY will provide you that will place you in at an advantage over your competitors and also improve you business model from the previous entrepreneurial position

The owner’s expertise.

Judging from their current positions in the global market field as successful amazon marketers and previous success in this program and several courses they are involved in, it is safe to say you are in good hands when it comes to working with Kevin and David.

There is a level of relief and hope when you know you are working with professionals who have excelled in the particular practice compared to doing simple google searches and learning how to do the same by yourself.

The workload relief

We have already learnt that using this program, almost all the workload is lifted from your shoulders.

One of the big reliefs is Inventory management. Since they will contact supplier, store inventory, take orders and ship them on you behalf the whole task involving the supply chain of inventory is re assigned to them

Now, you might be wondering whether Amazon Automation can do the same which is more or less true. However there are a couple of key points where AMZDFY has a better advantage over Amazon.

To begin with, for Amazon Automation, you are responsible for bringing the items from the supplier to their warehouses which is a task already covered under AMZDFY’s scope.

Additionally, for Amazon Automation you will also be required to carter for your own packaging, labeling, and registering products if you are preparing the products yourself. Mind you they have a really strict procedure and rules that all sellers have to follow when preparing products for their warehouses which means you can easily be stuck for long periods of time at this step.

AMZDFY on the other hand has you sorted with all this and you need not worry on the same. This saves you a lot of time and energy. You also have the option to get an Amazon prep center but this means you need to share up to 40% of your product with them including paying Amazon fees so you’re only applicable to very thin profit margins.

Another workload relief point comes in the product selection step in building your business models.

In E commerce, items rise and fall the hot radar day in day out and you need to be up to date as an Amazon seller account.

This is not the easiest work there is as you need to be constantly monitoring market trends across different platforms to remain relevant. any slight deviation will place you business at a position and possible going obsolete.

AMZDFY offers this service and you are able to keep calm as you are aware that you are in the hands of a team that has extensive network reaches and basically do for a living.


Since all the business is being done for you, it is very easy to join and start profiting from as long as you have the capacity to pay the costs it comes with.

Even a beginner doesn’t require any skills or training course to figure their way around.

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Cons of AMZDFY

We can now dissect why this is actually not the best idea yet.

It is extremely pricy

The expenses tied to the AMZDFY program will really make you question if it is really woth it multiple times while deciding whether you want to join or not.

To even have a small chance at having huge success in this avenue, you need to make away with a whole fortune and go all in.

30% of your profit is a really huge margin for them to munch on considering you paid the launch fee on your package.

It is a tough business model

Kevin David and his team want you to believe that you can build, run and make profitable an automated e-commerce business that is constantly generating revenue within a few weeks from scratch.

That is basically an impossible dream as you will still have to put in a few hours and part with a lot of money.

It is High Risk

So, at this point you are pumping capital to purchase inventory that you yourself will not handle at any point in the chain.

There are a million and one things that could go wrong and you will surfer your loses and all the risk alone as it is your own business.

Keep in mind that since you are the one who is fully catering for acquisition, all the risk tied to the inventory is one you.

Risk such as damage, stock outs and even having dead stock since your product is not selling will be solely bared by your company without implicating AMZDFY in any way possible.

On their end, they have already earned their income form you just simply joining AMZDFY as they have technically sold you their product. The additional cut on on your profits is just an additional income for them. This is possibly why this is not a training program and is a business venture so that you can be at their mercy.

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Time to Profit is long

The time turnaround time to actually enjoy the fruits of your investments is crazy.

The cycle between purchasing your first orders, storage and selling is well between 4 to 12 weeks. And this is only to make a sale which means you need to wait even longer to have a chance at breaking even.

Even though all new investments have a similar nature, this is extremely disadvantageous and discouraging to beginner entrepreneurs.


According to my opinion, AMZDFY is legitimate , though it is a hustle to some level.

We are not going to deny the fact that it is a legally practicing business, but the fortunes and returns promised are quite dubious. Furthermore there has been quite a speculation that Kevin David is faking his reviews which not a good representation of trust.

A lot of innocent people might fall for this and make bad financial decisions that are hard to recover from since they do not know what they are really in for.

All things considered, AMZDFY’s target audience is for individuals who have dispensable USD 5,000 to USD 40,000 regardless of your prowess in the business model.

On top of this, their terms and conditions explicitly advise that they do not offer or grant refunds therefore its a ride or die relationship you will be getting into.

AMZDFY requires critical assessment on what you have and what you are willing to lose before even considering to take it up.

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AMZDFY Review: Is Kevin David Legit or Scam? 10

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