Astro Flipping: Josiah Grimes Legit? [2023 Review]

If you’ve been considering starting a real estate business, Astro Flipping is a name you may have encountered on the internet researching the industry.

It is a company that provides you with the tools, guidance, and education to do real estate investment right whether you’re an investor already doing deals, but are struggling to scale or want to start a real estate business.

In this AstroFlipping review, we cover what the program is meant to offer to help you decide if it really is the best real estate flipping course that is worth trying. By the end of this, you should be better positioned to decide whether real estate flipping is the right online business for you.

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Astro Flipping: Josiah Grimes Legit? [2023 Review] 7

Astro Flipping Review

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What is Astro Flipping?

Astroflipping is a real estate investing program or a real estate education mentorship that teaches you how to create and scale your wholesaling business using constructive resources, proven methods, and straightforward strategies. You can sign up regardless of your experience level.

When you talk of real estate flipping, names like Tai Lopez with his Real Estate Flipping Program come to mind.

Astro Flipping

Astro Flipping was created by real estate wholesaling master Jamil Damji who ensures that you don’t just practice real estate, you define it.

Jamil decided to name his platform AstroFlipping because he was thinking of space. He argues that when an astronaut starts flipping, they can’t stop. Therefore his goal was to create a streamlined wholesaling business that flips properties non-stop.

Since inception, the Astro Flipping community has been growing steadily. it comprises hungry entrepreneurs from all stages and walks of life. The people at Astro Flipping don’t just think of it as world-class education, they think of it as a group of real investors doing real deals all over America.

Before we go any further with what Astro Flipping entails, let’s take a closer look at how real estate investing works and whether you can make money with it.

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How Real Estate Investing Works

Real estate investing is a kind of investment that involves the purchase, management and sale or rental of real estate to make money. If you actively or passively invest in real estate, you are referred to as a real estate entrepreneur or a real estate investor.

In some cases, you may choose to actively develop, improve or renovate properties to make more money off of them.

Astro Flipping houses

In traditional real estate investing, the ability to purchase additional properties is one of the most challenging things a real estate firm has to deal with; the process of looking for new properties with the goal of flipping them i.e. profitably selling real estate is a process where one must continuously be on the lookout.

Astro Flipping is meant to teach students how to acquire properties in an efficient way; the most effective manner possible. In this course, the goal is to cover the best ways to obtain properties, from driving through neighborhoods, reviewing local MLS listings, contacting real estate agents, engaging in cold calling, and building solid relationships. It is not unlike a course like Origin Investments and RealtyShares which also focus on that.

According to Jamil, when acquiring properties, you should ensure that you purchase the property cheaply and sell for a profit. This usually involves finding a home in a bad condition in a nice neighborhood with a great school system and a host of local attractions and important local businesses.

The goal of the course is to assist you when it comes to determining the most critical variables to consider when purchasing a new house. If someone wants to start a professional wholesaling real estate business, this course covers the steps involved in the acquisition.

According to some people online, although the course is informative, Jamil and his partners make it look too easy to acquire properties, which they think is a bit misleading.

The consensus among seasoned real estate investors is that most real estate investments are not straightforward deals and they require a lot of research to find.

Then you have legal hurdles to deal with and those are always a headache.

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Is Real Estate Wholesaling Profitable?

When you buy things on wholesale, you are purchasing them and then reselling them at a profit. It is a common business practice that is lawful in practically every industry, which makes real estate wholesaling legitimate.

Real Estate Wholesaling

Real estate wholesaling is basically when you are in the business of purchasing distressed homes and selling them in packages or individually to investors at a somewhat higher price than the purchase price and holding cost. It is simply selling multiple properties above market value whenever you can.

The guys at Astro Flipping advocate an ethical method of real estate wholesaling.

Sometimes, they also go for a situation where you acquire properties, increase their worth through improvements, and then sell these properties for more than what you paid for originally. This is what’s commonly called flipping and is another example of a legal and ethical wholesale real estate strategy.

If you are looking for a way to make money, real estate is a hot industry and one of the most dependable forms of income. You will find that unlike other forms of investment like the stock market, real estate is a bit more predictable and reliable upon because its value does not degrade.


Jamil insists that when you invest in any real estate, it will improve in value and, consequently, increase your earning potential. But there is a caveat; although investing in real estate is a nice way to make money, you must know the market (and that’s where this course comes in).

If you are unsure about your investment skills, you can enroll in a real estate education course like Astro Flipping.

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Who is behind Astro Flipping?

Astro Flipping is a platform created by Josiah Grimes and Jamil Damji. Both of them co-founded KеуGlее and KеуGlее Investments, and now Josiah serves as the CEO of both companies.

KeyGlee AstroFlipping

KeyGlee is designed to deliver the most streamlined and user-friendly process for anyone to sell their home and KeyGlee Invеstmеnts provides small and large investors access to discounted real estate

Josiah grew up in Chandler, Arizona, and graduated from W.P. Carey School of Business with a degree in Finance.

Jamil Damji, on the other hand has been in real estate since 2002. He is often seen as the face of the company as he’s the one you’ll find on most promotional material for the course.

Jamil Damji

Since Jamil Damji entered the business of real estate, he’s mastered the art of Wholesaling Real Estate. He, together with Josiah, successfully built KeyGlee into a National Franchise with over 100+ employees.

The company is now in over 180 US markets. Jamil also runs Astro Flipping where he teaches multitudes of entrepreneurs how to be successful in their own wholesaling businesses.

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What is Included in Astro Flipping?

If you’ve ever taken real estate investing training courses, you’ve probably heard of the “Big 3” investing types. These are Flipping, Wholesaling, and Long-term buy-and-hold

Free course

Irrespective of the kind of investment you choose, there is a lot of potential in real estate investing and that’s because it is considered the world’s oldest wealth-builder.

Astro Flipping is a real estate education course that is designed to cover everything students need to know about investing. It also helps newcomers understand the process of real estate investing.

Astro Flipping is designed as a guide for real estate investors through the full process of purchasing and selling real estate. If you are interested in beginning a professional wholesaling real estate business, as an aspiring investor, you have to consider this instructional course.

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How Does AstroFlipping Work?

As a KeyGlee Investments LLC subsidiary, AstroFlipping provides a dynamic real estate education course. The content that they offer to new and experienced real estate investors is designed to help them with establishing and scaling a professional wholesaling business.

AstroFlipping was founded in 2018 as a state-of-the-art online course designed to teach anyone how to wholesale properties. Since then, it has helped people become better and more successful when entering all real estate ventures.

And as we mentioned earlier, the company’s name is the embodiment of its vision; when astronauts start flipping, they don’t stop.

You will find this concept replicated in the knowledge behind the real estate education courses AstroFlipping offers. The goal is to provide real estate investors with immediate knowledge, allowing students to scale their businesses if they are already involved in the industry.

More and more real estate investors have received education from Astro Flipping. Jamil and his partner are often reminding us that their students have not only limited themselves to education but also moved ahead and indulged in profitable deals all over the world.

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Astro Flipping Courses

According to Jamil, when you make an investment in any type of real estate, it is guaranteed to increase value and, ultimately, improve your earning potential and goal.

He insists that the real estate market is a great way to make money but only for people who are knowledgeable and have a clue as to what they need to do to succeed.

AstroFlipping Courses

The Astro Flipping course comprises ten hours of information delivered to you every day for six weeks.

In the first week of the project, the instructors teach you about mеntаlitу, in the second week, they give you a real estate foundation, and in the third week, they describes the Astrо Fliррing approach in detail.

There is a course bonus that will be sent to you via email. The bonus walks you through the process of how to contract models and manage each issue for every transaction.

You will be having live calls with KеуGlее CEO Josiah Grimes or Jamil and they help you develop business. This aspect is beneficial because you get to talk to an investor who has completed hundreds or even thousands of transactions.

With that out of the way, here are the courses that Astro Fliррing has to offer:

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Astro Accelerator

This course is meant for you if you are already working in the field and would like to grow your business to six to seven figures.

The way it is crafted, this course is for anyone who wants to develop and grow a full-scale acquisitions and dispositions wholesale organization.

When you sign up for it, they require you to “schedule your strategy session” which means talking to a consultant about your goals for the course to determine how to help you get the most out of it.

Astro Accelerator

The course comprises of the following:

  • 6-week training
  • Acquisition focused
  • Disposition focused
  • Microflip focused
  • 78 step-by-step videos
  • Downloadable contracts
  • Lifetime access
  • 2 Group training calls per week for 6 months
  • Live comping assistance
  • Active community

In addition to that, when you are a new entrant to the real estate industry, you get a deep insight and a real-world understanding of the industry.

The Astro Accelerator course runs for six weeks. The training program has 78 step-by-step videos and lifetime access.

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Astro Accelerator Executive

The Astro Accelerator Executive course is meant for people who consider themselves disruptors with a solid executive mindset. It is for people who want to develop a team and make a lasting impression.

It is perfect for you if you dream of scaling to a seven-digit sum.

This course assists you to grow in all aspects of real estate, including having customized staff, systems, and websites and building a professional team. The goal is to create a business that will survive the market and grow exponentially.

Astro Accelerator runs for 7 weeks and offers intense training with 88 step-by-step videos. It also comes with lifetime access. It comprises:

  • Active community
  • Workflow automation
  • Team build-out & organization
  • Live comping assistant
  • Downloadable contracts
  • Acquisition focused
  • Disposition focused
  • Microflip focused
  • 9 Live calls per month with Jamil Damji
  • Lifetime access
  • 2 Group training calls per week for 6 months
  • Two custom websites included
  • Full CRM setup included

It is designed to help students grow and teaches them skills such as creating custom websites and the full CRM setup.

With an ever-changing market and perpetually shifting economic conditions, the course enables you to survive changes and even thrive before you reach new heights of success.

It is comprehensive and highly synchronized with course content that is based on current trends in real estate. It is designed to help students succeed and grow in business.

Since the real estate industry is governed by laws and legal protections, you ought to be aware of them to enhance your survival in the business. Therefore, it is important to have access to a course that gives you a well-structured and complete understanding of all the regulations.

On top of that, the only way to survive in a highly competitive market is to never stop learning and growing, and to do so this course will challenge you.

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This is a free video course offered by Jamil Damji.

Mastermind by Jamil Damji

When you take this short course, Damji teaches you how to scale your business to the next level, whether you’re currently doing 2 deals a month or 10 deals a month.

He not only shows you what systems and processes he uses, but by the time you leave the Mastermind, he says that you will have learned to organize your business schedule to your specific business needs.

Is Astro Flipping A Great Way of Making Money?

Although AstroFlipping is designed to help you make money, the courses are quite expensive.

Ultimately, you can make money real estate flipping, but it takes a lot of time and effort to make that work.

It is not easy working a real estate flipper because there are a lot of pitfalls along the way. For most people who fail, the lack of knowledge is the biggest impediment to success.

Fortunately, Astro Flipping gives you access to mentors who assists in your quest to become a successful real estate business owner and seller.

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Is Astro Flipping Legit?

Astroflipping is legit because the insights you learn from it enable you to make money real estate flipping. However, it doesn’t work as easily as the marketing material makes it sound.

You have to put in a lot of work upfront with no real guarantee of success. However, the actual profit margins on those real estate investments are still relatively small.

AstroFlipping is legit and the mentoring they offer is on another level. Even the support you get is exactly what you’d expect for such an expensive course.

What are the alternatives to Astroflipping?

There are many resources that teach you how real estate investing work. And, besides real estate investing, there are other business models to pursue if you are not into flipping houses. There are some you can chose that will get you started on making money online.

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Astro Flipping Verdict

When you decide to join AstroFlipping courses, you will be provided with knowledge in real estate investing. This is not just about running a digital real estate business (which unlike traditional real estate, you can do it remotely).

It is a real estate education course platform that teaches investors everything about investing and helps to understand the best way of investing in real estate. There are many courses offered by Astro Flipping that can assist real estate agents to grow.

As a student, you will be taken through the entire process of acquiring and selling properties in a way that few other instructors do. Therefore, if you want to start a рrоfеssiоnаl wholesaling real estate business, this educational course is quite resourceful.

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Astro Flipping: Josiah Grimes Legit? [2023 Review] 7

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