Aurum Tech Scam – My REAL Review!

Aurum Tech (aka AurumTech software) is another huge scam from some of the biggest scammers in the binary options niche. They have really gone all out with the Aurum Tech scam by hiring limos, private jets, fake company offices and a bunch of actors! Fortunately for you I’m sharing one of few real reviews and exposing Aurum Tech as scam that it is! Keep reading and get all the details below.

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Aurum Tech – A Big Fat Scam

I’ve got to say these guys have gone all out with the Aurum Tech scam. They’ve hired actors, fake office premises, supercars and even a private jet! They are really trying to convince you that they are a legitimate opportunity. They have even called their scam Aurum Tech which after doing some research is actually a real registered company! However please don’t be fooled into thinking that this douchebag on the sales video is actually the real CEO of the real company Aurum Tech. The scammers have simply used that name to appear legitimate if anyone actually looks up the company but in reality it’s a complete scam and you won’t make a penny with it.

So how does this scam work? The truth is the owners of the AurumTech website are scammers who make money by referring people to binary options brokers. When someone visits their website and then goes ahead and signs up at the binary broker they recommend they will get paid a commission. This is why they are able to spend $10,000’s on their website, actors, and flashy private jets because it’s all done to convince you to sign up to the binary options brokers. They will scam 1,000’s of people out of millions! They will make millions from this scam website so that’s why they’re able to spend a bunch of money on actors, private jets and the rest of the BS you see in their video.

I’ll be honest the guys behind this scam are clearly serious about it because they have gone to great lengths to make their video convincing. They’re not just hired an actor to play the roll of the owner of the company but they’ve even gone and hired a bunch of staff too and an office. Bravo to the scammers, you’ve tried but unfortunately you won’t be scamming anyone who visits review and learns the real truth.

Aurum Tech – Fake Endorsements

Another thing I noticed about the Aurum Tech website was the fake endorsements. I think the endorsements are GEO-based meaning they will change depending on where you are located so you might see endorsements from a different website.

I am located in the UK so they showed me an article from Sky News endorsing the Aurum Tech App which is clearly a fake article!

aurumtech fake endorsements 1aurum tech fake endorsements 2

Aurum Tech – Binary Broker Scams

A few years ago binary options started to get big and the scammers who used to sell get rich quick products realised they could make more money by becoming affiliates for binary options brokers. The brokers are the ones that actually allow you to make the trades. When you open a binary options account you can place trades on companies like Apple and currency pairs like GBP and USD. The thing about binary options though is that when you place trades you are never actually investing. All you are doing is placing a bet. So you are betting on whether a stock like Apple will go up or down. If you win you make money and the binary broker loses money. If you lose money the binary broker makes money.

Like I mentioned a few years ago binary options started to get big and the brokers realised they could partner with scammers like the owners of Aurum Tech website who have been behind countless other scams like Click Money System and The Cash Loophole. Aurum Tech is simply their latest scam website to launch. The binary brokers will pay large referral commissions to people who can send them new customers. So the owners of the Aurum Tech website put together a website and sales video full of lies in order to get you to sign up to the binary brokers and the brokers pay them really big commissions whenever a new person signs up. Here’s the thing though, the binary options brokers only make money when you lose money, so why would they partner with Aurum Tech and pay them money if you then went and made millions like they claim you can? It wouldn’t make any sense!

The reason the brokers do partner with the scammers behind Aurum Tech and other scam websites is because they know that they will make money from you because you will lose when you sign up. The truth is you will get access to a software that will trade binary options for you but it won’t actually make winning trades. The software will even be branded with the Aurum Tech logo to make it look legitimate, but unfortunately this will simply make terrible trades until your account balance is reduced to zero. Yep it’s a BIG fat scam!

Beware of Aurum Tech…

Unfortunately the scam doesn’t even end with you losing your initial deposit of $250. Sure the software will trade away that money to nothing but if you’re not careful you could find yourself losing far more money to these scammers. First off the binary options broker will call you up and they will try and get you to make a bigger deposit. They will lie to you and tell you that you can make a fortune and all you need to do is deposit more money. They will say things like if you deposit $1,000 or more they will give you access to the real winning software that will make you rich but again don’t be fooled they are liars!

Aurum Tech Conclusion & Recommendation

I am not recommending Aurum Tech as it’s a complete scam. Avoid it at all costs!

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